A Twin for a Twin

Summary: Skyler gets an unlikely request by authorities to repaint a stolen car just as he was about to leave town to search for his missing brother. He never expected to be kidnapped by it, and find it was an alien robot. What? It's searching for its twin?

Rating T: For violence, language and other things...

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~ Chapter 1: 'Pimp My Ride' Con Man, Distressed Egoistic Warrior Mech ~

Con man Log Entry 1.01: Missing and… a Stolen Car?

Town outside of New Orleans, Louisiana, US.

I called up Uncle Rob/Bob to find he was off on a job in Washington. I suppose the Bureau has been busy these days so that he forgot to leave a message to me he'd be absent for the next few weeks. He was probably my only blood related uncle I could call now, but it seemed I was out of luck. None of my other relatives were in the state either.

So instead I called 'Uncle D' today to hear him tell me that he had a 'Mark' on a certain government official D.G. with his shills. It was obvious he was going to be busy for the next long con, that I didn't have the heart to tell him my younger twin brother was missing. I had lost contact with Steve for over a month and had been trying to get back in touch with no success as he lived in Kansas City and I lived in a small town somewhere in Louisiana or about a state away.

Like any older brother (even if it was only by 7 minutes), I was worried and set out to find him. I had everything ready to go, until Officer Reed came to me and said the police had found a stolen car. He wanted me to do a paint job on it as it was in a wreck, and he simply didn't want any trouble facing some rich guy or whoever owned it yapping at him about insurance and blaming the police department for the damage.

Well I did owe Reed a couple of times a while back, so, I agreed. What I didn't expect was that it was one HELL of a sports car. Now I understood why he gave it to me to do the job. The others had denied Reed completely, they didn't want to risk in getting into trouble (paint costs and who'd be responsible if they screwed up) and there was little chance to find another person in town who had my expertise.

So, he managed to tow the car to Bill's garage and let me do the work. But he actually warned me that there were some weird problems with the car.

That at some points it would seem to come to life and suddenly just stay silent.

The tow truck man said it was rather… spooky.

~ Sky

Skyler Knight was a young man with many talents. Many of course had known him and dubbed him as the 'Pimp My Ride' dude, and he was known throughout the town as a person who did amazing paint jobs and fixes on cars. With dark brown spiky hair and cobalt blue eyes, he was tall, yet rather lean and had a decent build, not much to intimidate anyone but he easily blended in with the rest of society. Skyler preferred it that way, and it was safer that way.

His family name 'Knight' was another identity he came to embrace since he was young. His father had always reminded him when he was little that it was important to play the role and it just sounded cool. Considering he was still just 4 at the time, he took it with no hesitation. Now he was older, and he understood that his father and pretty much the rest of his family weren't very normal for that matter. And family also counted the numerous adopted 'uncles' and 'aunts' that had no family blood ties.

Long story short, his 'family' is an integrated group of Con Men and shills (accomplices).

Also known to be the scammers of humanity who were behind most, if not, all the high-end heists, thievery, and frauds. But his family's circles of friends were considered to be the top rulers or one that had famous if not infamous individuals. One of them in particular was Daniel Ocean, whom Sklyer and Steve had always known as 'Uncle D'. In 2001 he committed the best if not craziest and most stunning heists of all time, robbing three casinos in Los Vegas which were the Bellagio, the Mirage, and the MGM Grand with about $150 million out the door.

Though true that they were people who stole and scammed, there were rules set by the group. That the people, who they set as the target or 'Mark', were greedy, dishonest, and any person who had had the kind of power that they trampled upon the weaker. Ruthless drug dealers, casino owners, greedy businessmen, and even the egocentric hotel owners were their targets. It was a thrill to exploit the weak minded as long they weren't so good themselves, or as the saying goes in the Con man world, "You can't cheat an honest man."

Skyler was smart and well aware that he still had a lot to learn, but he had managed to do some short cons himself a few times without getting busted from the cops. He had built links of people across a few states that he could trust who had their own specialties and had taken a lot of knowledge like a sponge from his so-called 'uncles' and 'aunts'.

Now, back to macro…

On that very week, Skyler had been intent on leaving the town for good. He resigned from his job at Bill's Emporium Car Garage as the head paint job designer and manager, had his apartment emptied, and he prepared to even as to take the fastest plane trip, train, bus, or whatever available transport that would get him to Kansas City yesterday if possible. Being a son of con man also had its disadvantages as his dad did make a few enemies along his lofty career, and Skyler was worried that Steve's disappearance might be connected to one of his dad's former enemies.

Yet, 'funny' fate had other plans for him.

Just as he was about leave, Officer Reed called him to say he was in dire need with a car that needed a serious paint job; even though the cop was aware that Skyler had quit from where he was working. Bill even went to the point of actually telling him that he could use the paint and facilities at his garage, that food and even his hotel/motel money would be taken care of. With those two acting that way, there was no way of leaving the town without a decent fight. Curious and highly suspicious, Skyler went to the garage to see the car that the two were raving about. And when he did…

Skyler felt like someone had just yanked a carpet from beneath his feet.

The car was a yellow LP 570-4 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera that just recently been released in March 2010. Considered to be the lightweight of its class and fastest current Gallardo production model to date. While Skyler had 'uncles' and 'aunts' who had several of their own top rides, he was never happier than to see this one up close and personal. If only it didn't look as it did right now.

It was in a state of crap shit.

He realized that he was in for a long job.

"Hell, Reed didn't say it was this ******** trashed!" He exclaimed as he started inspecting the exterior of the sports car. "I'm starting to doubt if I'm actually going to be doing the job as charity," Skyler scratched his head in slight regret.

Covered in scratches, dents, dirt, and mud; the paint was in such a bad condition it looked like parts of it had peeled off. It was as if the car had gone into a war zone or something. Skyler was very amused and somewhat convinced that maybe the car was parked at the wrong place at the wrong time in some Hollywood action movie set. Maybe it was parked in a James Bond one…that should explain a whole lot. Then it had gotten stolen by some car maniac who happened to be around the place. That could also explain the few places where the paint looked like it was burnt from explosions or the fact that it had smoke dust covered all over on the hood and that the police didn't want the trouble to go to just another ordinary paint job guy.

Not to mention the fact it had been stolen. Who wouldn't be furious when a car like that was stolen?

He was to the point of thinking of ditching the job and making a run for it.

Yet, Skyler was just too proud to run away from the job. To him, fixing any sort of paint job that required his hands to make it better and making it look like a 'wow' factor shackled his feet to the ground. The state of the car in front of him just screamed at him that it was his responsibility to get it back to be good as new. He somewhat cursed it that he'd inherited the trait from his dad of never running from a chance to knock people off their feet when it came to a job, especially one that he was so passionate about. Steve for one also had inherited said trait, and Skyler knew that Steve would probably pester him for months if he quit the task just like that.

So, with every single cleaning utensil he had on hand, he set out to do his job. Skyler went to his first phase of his task, which was getting the car cleaned, and with a water jet pump going at room temperature, he started to soak the car carefully, making sure everything that was mostly visible and looked like dirt came off. He went so far as inspecting the interior to find it was unscathed. Confused, he shrugged it off. He wasn't an expert mechanic or someone who was an expert in car interior either. The fact that the car was still in one piece was more than enough for him to fix it up even if it looked very fishy.

As he wiped off the front, he found a somewhat odd mark that looked like a square-like face in red where the usual Lamborghini logo should be.

Skyler paused as he looked at it.

He couldn't really imagine anyone actually requesting the company logo to be peeled out or anything. The paint job con man figured maybe its owner was a custom freak or something. Then, as the bottom side of the front door of the car came into view as the sand came out, the place where it should have the metallic text 'Superleggera' something else was written instead.


The young man blinked a couple of times as he thought it over. Definitely a custom freak and that was probably what the owner named this car. Skyler shook his head a couple of times. Well, it wasn't in his place to criticize anything that didn't belong to him. But at least it did give him a solid clue as to what type paint and design that would please the owner if he was looking for it and expecting it to be back in one piece after all the crap it went through. In its current state the car's yellow color looked hideous, some parts of it were pale yellow and while in other areas the scratches were just so severe that it looked whitish yellow with bits of orange.

"So you're Sunstreaker, huh?" Skyler said as he scrubbed the text, making sure all the dust and dirt came out.

There was a sudden jerky movement that looked like the car shuddered and its wheels started to roll back. Sklyer in panic mode went to the rear of the car and stopped it before it could crash to the wall. He didn't need any more damage and scratches on the car! Damn it! He sighed in a great relief as the car finally came to a halt. But afterward, he wasted no time to check through the windows that the main brakes had been in place.

For some reason he now felt spooked out.

There was no friggin' way the car moved on its own right?

The young man was starting to get goose bumps; he was very sure he had set the brakes to lock AND made sure they were working when the car came into the garage. Skyler then remembered what the car pick-up man had said about how the car was behaving oddly… like it was possessed or something, coming alive on its own. This time he shook his head violently to dismiss it.

"I must be dreaming or something…" Skyler muttered in no one particular. "I guess I should hit the sack after I'm done cleaning. The paint job will have to wait for tomorrow." He looked at the wall clock indicating that it was 1 in the morning. It was 2 am when he was finally satisfied that he'd cleaned everything. While there was a couch in the room, Skyler was not planning to get spooked out on whatever time he had left till morning to sleep. He made sure that everything was in place and pushed the car into a lock stand and clamped it up three feet above the ground so it wouldn't move anywhere. While it might seem a bit paranoid, he just didn't want to add more damage to the car.

He closed the garage, retired for the night, and his footsteps were sluggish on the way to the hotel.

Skyler looked to the night sky hoping that his brother was going to survive another week without him.

Hang in there, Steve. I'll find you when I get there, no matter what.

With the whole building finally empty, the Lambo car revved its engine and vented out with strange noises of sonorous sounds that would have confused the human ear.

But for any Cybertronian it was full of curses, anger, and growls.

That had been way too close. He'd nearly got himself caught. Not to mention he was locked up off the ground in his alt-mode!

Sunstreaker couldn't help but let out every single thing he had pent up those few days. He was frustrated and even to the point that he was real furious being towed away by organic fleshlings. Anger management was never his thing, and the fact he had his communicator and navigation systems completely wiped out in the fight two days ago did not help at all in his mission to get to the Autobots. Knowing the D'Con he'd fought was still alive was another blow to his pride. Plus, being dirty, soaked with mud, and basically lots of organic matter in most of his body had made him go into a fit that nearly put his disguise on the line. The fleshling who was called the 'truck man' was rough at handling, and managed to add more scratches on his already horrible looking exterior. Making the man scared out of his mind was probably the best thing Sunstreaker could have done in getting the fleshling to pay for his actions.

He sighed. At least the current fleshing was more subtle, Sunny was actually surprised that all the dirt that was in parts that were difficult to clean out was gone through its thorough cleaning. However he was still worried about the paint job that the little puny thing was going to do in the morning. Considering his current situation, he was disdainfully stuck in his alt-mode and in no position to move at all or change into his bi-pedal mode without arousing suspicion as it would be impossible to get back on the stand without literally breaking it. There was no way of escaping what the fleshing would probably do to him in the next few hours or so. Sunstreaker made a note that if the organic didn't do a good paint job, he'd make sure the little critter would dearly pay.

The mech's thoughts soon trailed off to his missing twin Sideswipe, which still left a horrible pain in his spark. Sunny had closed off their link for his younger twin's safety. At the battle of Tyger Pax he had managed to make sure his twin would leave towards wherever their leader was heading in chasing the All Spark. They were severely outnumbered, but he had stayed behind to take on whatever Decepticon stood in his way and somehow he had been captured. The only thing that kept him alive was the knowledge Sideswipe was waiting somewhere for him, but though he wanted to reunite with his twin again, he didn't want his brother to know he was in pain.

The hideous Soundwave had tampered with the bond he had with Sideswipe, so that anything exchanged between them was set to inflict incredible amounts of pain instead of comfort. It was basically having a time bomb in his body that was connected to his brother through him. Sunny wasn't going to let the D'Con get the pleasure of killing them both, so he made sure that Sides knew he couldn't feel him, but would at least know that he was alive or hope that he was still around. The only way he could probably undo it was to find Ratchet - as much as he loathed the medic with every fiber of his being, he didn't necessarily hate the mech.

Somehow, Sunstreaker had managed to barely escape and headed into space to join with the others after receiving a message coming from some far away planet called 'Earth'.

Earth of course had been full of surprises for him. The initial message sent by Optimus Prime was surprising, on how a fleshling had taken down, not just any Decepticon, but Megatron himself. The second message told of the Fallen being on Earth and how he was also stopped, once again with the help of the organics. Sunstreaker had no idea what made these little things such a threat to the Decepticons. Perhaps it was just best to know that they were on their side. Still, the fact that Earth was wet, filled with dirt, and other organic matters didn't exactly make it welcoming for him.

His current state was also depressing for the bot. Even if it was probably no where near what Ratchet could do with his flying wrenches, he utterly had no clue as to where he could find his comrades now that everything that linked to them was gone and he couldn't even get into the fleshy's network that they were raving about called the internet! Pathetic. He had only remembered briefly about how there was a base of operations they had in Nevada. He had no idea where he was now, and certainly there was no other mech around to show him the way.

Pit, don't tell me I have to get a 'fleshy' pet to show me the way.

Sunny growled at the thought. He certainly had no other options. But as long as this was for Sides, he didn't have any other choice.

Now the question was… which fleshling was he going to acquire?

Autobot Mission Log Entry 1.01: Lost and A Plan

Planet Earth, some fleshling town.

Stuck on a rock full of organic matter is real slag. Dirt, moisture, and the whole slagging muck was enough to really make me want to leave the planet. I wasn't sure that Sides was on this planet because I've been closing the bond ever since that son of a glitch Soundwave did that thing. I was only sure that Optimus was here with a few Autobots fighting the D'Cons. At least it was a way for me to find out if my twin was here. If he wasn't I was going to go to Hatchet and get the bond fixed, then continue searching for Sides. I didn't care about the fighting as long Sides wasn't around. It's been too long without him, and I had to reconnect to him somehow.

Now that was fraggin' problem I had now. I am LOST and I HATE to admit it, but I had to somehow get a squishy or organic or whatever you called it to show me the way to get to Nevada. As much as there were so many of them I could simply pluck one out of their pack on the road or literally anywhere around the city, but I wasn't keen on getting one like the 'pickup truck man' squishy or the 'officer' one. Pit, I'm not going to pickup a femme either!

I needed someone who was aware of how things worked around here but no where near to the system or military people who weren't part of the Autobot supporter group that Big Boss mentioned. Problem is I have to stalk around a bit longer if I was to find one. Slag it.

I don't even know the one I pick up would be tolerable to my optics.

I'm STILL not looking forward to the paint job in a few hours more!

~ Sunny


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