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Temperance Brennan sat in her tent, it was beginning to get dark. She had been at the dig site since first light this morning and was tired. The Maluku jungle was hot and sticky. The short trek back to the camp site was enough to make her long for an air conditioning unit and a cool shower.

Along with eleven others, Tempe had been on the island of Maluku for a little over a month. Normally she would focus entirely on her work stopping only for food, sleep and toilet breaks. This time was different though, her thoughts wandered and she often caught herself wondering about her partner half way across the world in a war zone.

Sergeant Major Seeley Joseph Booth kicked the sand under his feet as he walked. Coming to a standstill in front of his tent, he turned upon hearing his name. Clarkson approached holding an envelope out in front of him "Mail Sir". Booth frowned; he hadn't been expecting any post and wondered who it was from. Taking the envelope into his tent he turned it over in his hand looking at all the stamps and post marks; he smiled 'Bones'. Booth flopped down onto his cot and opened the letter he had been sent.



It feels so strange to be writing to you, I guess I'm use to seeing you face to face. Daisy and I are both well, although I get the distinct feeling that Daisy is upsetting the local doctors here. Her youthful exuberance does not seem to be appreciated.

Our camp is small and we are well sheltered from harsh weather, though I am gaining quite a tan. The humidity is rather stifling and causes lethargy quite quickly.

I had a large snake in my tent two nights ago, and considering we both know how I feel about them, you can imagine my reaction. My scream did nothing to the snake; however the locals have taken to calling me cobra. I prefer Bones.

How is the heat in Afghanistan? I imagine you would be acclimatized now?

I'm unsure how long my letter will take to reach you, or if it will, but I do hope to hear you are well. I think of you often and wonder of your welfare.



He read the letter a dozen times, hearing her voice speaking the words she had written. It was good to know how she was doing and that she was safe. The last five years he spent a huge part of his life ensuring she was not harmed and that was a hell of alot harder with the distant between them now, taking out a pen and an empty note book Booth began to write.

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