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Temperance Brennan sat packing away her belongings, she had just finished cleaning her tools, when Daisy approached waving an envelope around like the American Flag "Dr Brennan, Dr Brennan you have another letter" Bones took the letter and disappeared inside her tent...

"Ladies and gentlemen, please remain in your seats with your seat belts fastened until the plane has come to a complete stop. We hope you enjoyed your flight and Thank you for choosing US Airlines"

Temperance couldn't get off the plane fast enough; she was positively vibrating with excitement. She stood the moment the seat belt light was switched off, grabbed her over head luggage and began the slow crawl out of the plane, Daisy hot on her heels. They entered the main airport and practically ran toward the baggage claim. Standing waiting patiently by the carousel was Sweets, Daisy's bag already in hand.


She squealed through the terminal making people jump at the high pitch tone. Sweets smiled putting the bag down as Daisy ran toward him. Brennan gave them their space and went to collect her luggage. She looked around, happy to see Angela had listened to her last night on the phone at the hotel.

"Hey Ange it's me" she could hear the smile in Angela's voice

"Hey sweetie, how are you, what time should I pick you tomorrow?"

"Well actually Ange you don't need to pick me up, I'm gunna stay and wait for Booths flight to land"

She pulled the phone away from her ear at the squeal Angela emitted.

"Oh my god that's so sweet"

"Ange... Ange"

"Yeah sorry sweetie, right no pick up, but call me if you guys decide you want a lift home... wherever that might be..."

Brennan smiled at her friends tone

"Thanks Ange, I'll see you in a couple of days"

"Night sweetie"

"Dr Brennan, it's good to see you"

Sweets held out his hand to shake, surprised when she hugged him lightly

"Wow oh... ok"

He hugged her back unsurely giving Daisy a dumbfounded look

"Ca... can we give you a ride home Dr Brennan"

Tempe smiled

"No... I ah... I'm gunna wait here for Booth"

They smiled knowingly at her and nodded

"Ok... ok then well ..."

Daisy stood a little unsure how to say goodbye to her mentor after a year in her company, again Brennan broke the metaphorical ice, leaning forward and hugging her

"Well done Ms Wick you were a credit to yourself and the Jeffersonian Institute, it was a pleasure working with you"

Daisy held in her delighted squeal and instead just hugged her idol and smiled.

Temperance watched them walk away and made her way to the service desk to find out where she would wait for Booth. Two and a half hours later Brennan stood as Booths plane taxied across the tarmac, she placed her bag in the corner and walked over to the entry doors to stand with the crowd. All around her wives, girlfriends, husbands and children anxiously awaited the arrival of their loved ones. The doors opened and breaths were held, the first of the sandy coloured uniforms were seen and children pushed forward ready to launch at their fathers and mothers. Tempe stood back, her heart pounding in her chest; she dropped her eyes for a second and looked up seeing his face for the first time in a year. He hadn't seen her yet, and she took a moment to watch him, his head bowed, his strides long as if he had somewhere to be, she smiled wondering if that somewhere was to her where she was suppose to be waiting for him. He walked toward her and looked up as he bumped shoulders with another man "Sorr..." And then he saw her. Frozen in step, his face broke into the biggest smile she had ever seen on anyone, and before she realised it she was running toward him. It was like watching something in slow motion; his bag dropped to the floor, his knees bent as he caught her round the waist as she flew into his arms, her legs instantly wrapping around his hips her arms around his neck. She was crying and held him tighter as she felt his arms pull her closer to his body and breathe into her hair

"Oh god Temperance... I missed you so much..."

She trembled against his strong frame

"I missed you too Booth... more than I've ever missed anyone before"

He pulled back slightly

"Show me your face baby"

She looked into his eyes


He was mesmerized; he had forgotten exactly how stunning she was. Booth used his shoulder to try and wipe his own tears not wanting to release his hold her for a second

"God you're... so beautiful"

She smiled trying to control her tears that were slipping down her face on their own accord. He watched her searching his eyes, she wet her lips and then spoke with the most sincerity he had ever heard uttered, by anyone

"I love you Seeley"

Booths eyes widened in shock, his face softened. He used one hand to gently brush against her cheek, wiping the falling tears while the other stayed under her bottom supporting her. They both smiled

"Oh baby..."

He had waited so long to hear those words from her lips and the feeling it gave him he couldn't describe

" I love you too... I love you too"

They stood in the middle of the walkway for an undetermined amount of time, him holding her and her hugging him. Booth peppered the side of her neck with little affectionate kisses, as she whispered into his ear

"Let's go home"

Booth smiled and pulled back to look into her eyes

"I am home"


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