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'Indigo! Indigo can sort this mess out!"

But even as she thought this Mara remembered his fall from the window and panicked. Was he even alive?

Just then a frightening image flashed across her mind.

It was Indigo's dying body.

With a sickening realization she saw that the assasin was with him as well as his soldiers.

Anger boiled her blood as she realized that they were the ones who had injured Indigo.

'Why would they hurt Indigo? They're his men!"

Fear froze her blood. Poor Indigo. Poor Selluriah.

Maybe...she could save him. Save at least one person she loved.

Her goal in mind, Mara Shin marched quite deliberately to where the hurt Indigo was.


Blood painted the walls, coating the room with the freshly splattered vital fluid.

Mara ignored the unconscious bodies littered on the ground. Getting Indigo to safety was her main focus.

Grabbing what she needed: the boots, her bag, Selluriah's bag, Toto, etc, she dragged the half-alive warrior and her ass out of that place.

"Ya didn't need to come back for me."

"What should I have done? I couldn't leave you behind."

"I'm gonna die anyway, ya know."

Mara swallowed the terror and bile rising in her throat. That was true...if she didn't get him some help soon...but right now, they needed to get to safety. The damn soldiers were still after them.

Reining in her worry, she simply gripped his arm harder and increased her speed.


It was cold and wet. Shivering, Mara looked at the still bleeding man in her lap. He was fading fast. It was a miracle that he lasted this long. Quickly, she ripped the arm of his shirt and used the material to bind his wound tight. Wrapping the cloth around his chest and waist, she managed to stop the flow. Unfortunately he had already lost a lot of blood. Shit. Using her own handerchief she wet it with rainwater and washed his face.

"It's no use. I'm done for."

"Don't be ridiculous, its just a scratch."

Managing to avoid his incredulous stare by reaching in her bag for some snacks, she offered him one, but he refused, too tired to eat.

No matter what happened, even if they were to eventually part, she would figure out a way to keep Indigo alive. He almost died protecting Selluriah. She would die to protect him.

As exhausted as he was, he tried to stay awake to watch over her, but soon drifted off into a dark, peaceful slumber.

Mara smiled sadly at the man's sleeping face.

He - no, they, would be just fine.

Somewhere down the yellow brick road there was a kind person who would be willing to help him.

Somewhere down the golden path they would find sympathy and comfort.

Feeling a sudden need to utter the cliche line, the words were whispered softly, reaching no ones ears, but her own:

"Just follow the yellow brick road."

Far from elated, she laughed for the hell of it.

"Yes, follow the yellow brick road."

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