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~Takes place while Hiccup is just getting to know Toothless~

It was a typical day in Berk, the island that the Hairy Hooligan tribe had claimed as their territory many years ago. The air was chilly, but nothing a Viking couldn't handle. Astrid was walking out towards the southern woods; she needed to train, as her skills were beginning to get rusty. During the dragon raid two nights ago, she had managed to get a few hits in, but it still wasn't good enough. Between the flames and the cries of fear and anger, she noticed the chieftain dragging a boy about her age by his shirt.

"No dad, I'm being serious!"

Astrid narrowed her eyes in an effort to see through the darkness. As her eyes adjusted, she scoped out the boy's face. She sighed; it was just the son of the chief: Hiccup.

Astrid had nothing concrete against the guy, but from a very young age, she had everyone telling her that the great Stoick the Vast's boy was nothing but a clumsy, un-Viking like burden. Soon enough, she also began to view and treat Hiccup the same as everyone else had.

Hiccup spent most of his days in the forge working with Gobber, so Astrid never saw him much. The few times she did however, he was always buried in a sketchbook, working away at the orange, glowing furnace making repairs to weapons, or generally in everyone's way. It was because Astrid had been raised to live by the way of the Viking, that her resentment towards Hiccup grew. Anyone who was a liability, who wasn't strong, who couldn't fight the beasts that plagued the village every so often and stole their livestock was destined to be treated like the scum on the bottom of your boot. And sadly, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III fit that description to a tee.

As Astrid arrived at the entrance of the woods, she took out her trusty axe from the pouch on her back. Avoiding tripping on any rocks, shrubs or roots, she found her usual spot inside the labyrinth of trees. Around her were trees with splintered trunks, branches on the ground, and rocks chipped away to such a degree that it looked like a Timberjack had gone on a rampage.

Readying her arm, Astrid let out her signature battle cry. A shriek filled the woodland air as Astrid sent her axe flying into the nearest tree.

A satisfying thunk was heard and the blonde Viking had a triumphant smile on her face. "Hmm..." She pulled the axe out of the tree, "I managed to make it go deeper this time... still not good enough." She continued with this until the sun had begun to dip below the horizon. 'I have to get home; don't need anxious parents on my case.'

Placing her axe back into its pouch, which rested upon her back, she began to walk towards the village.

"Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa, not so fast! I won't hurt you!"

Astrid stopped dead in her tracks; the voice sounded like it wasn't too far off.

"Relax...Just lemme-!"

The voice sounded familiar. Astrid strained her ears to hear more, but suddenly a single sound made her blood run cold.


Astrid took off in the direction the deafening cry. As she was running, she got a quick glimpse of a huge black creature. 'That's got to be it! A dragon!'

She stopped a few feet before her destination. Camouflaging herself in the nearest foliage, she cautiously craned her neck up to see what was happening.

The dragon was holding something under its foot. Astrid kept silent and pulled her head carefully back into the bush. It was unlike anything she had ever seen. Slowly letting her head rise, Astrid took a closer look.

The dragon was a very dark color, almost completely black, except for the shimmering midnight blue scales in the sunlight. The body was streamlined and its legs were small and slightly stubby. The wings were quite large in proportion to the dragon's body, and they looked almost bat-like. Whatever this dragon was, it was obvious that it could handle some serious speed.

This dragon was different from anything Astrid had seen or heard of. However, what had really thrown her off was what the dragon was focused on. A person was under the dragon, partially out of view. Black wings were shielding the person from her line of sight.

Astrid could almost feel the intensity of this beast as it growled menacingly. Its green eyes were intently focused on what Astrid knew was going to be his future lunch. Its pupils narrowed into slits as it pushed the person harder into the ground.

Straining to see who this unfortunate soul was, the female Viking crept closer to the lake. It was hard to maintain her balance, as this particular area of the island appeared as if someone had scooped out a portion of the Earth out with a shovel.


Astrid's head snapped up. "No. No, no, no. By Thor, that could not be Hiccup!" Ignoring the fact that she had possibly given away her position, she quickly prepared herself for battle.

Blue eyes scanned for any opening she had for rescuing the helpless boy. It's not as if she actually cared about Hiccup, but it didn't mean she could watch him become a burnt, bloody mess either.

Taking in a deep breath, Astrid slowly slid down the rocky cliff. She landed on a fairly big boulder. Quietly, she slipped her axe out of its pouch and held it firmly in her grip. 'What am I going to do? If I interfere, then the dragon will just kill him! But if I don't he's dead anyways!' She definitely didn't like her odds. As she prepared for a strategic rescue plan, something made her stop dead in her tracks.

After an intense stare down between the dragon and Hiccup, the dragon did something completely unexpected; something that made her heart drop right into her stomach in anxiousness and relief:

It walked away.

'It let him go. I- it let- I can't believe it. That dragon let him go?'

The dark scaled beast ran off and tried to fly away from Hiccup. Sighing in relief, Astrid saw the young Viking was no longer in harm's way. Astrid fell to her knees and with a face painted with confusion, shock and slight (only slight!) happiness that Hiccup was safe, she ran off into the towering forest. Unable to process the information, she only pounded her feet harder against the dirt.

One thought went through Astrid's mind:

'I have to tell someone about this.'

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