Hey, I know many of you have forgotten about me, and with good reason. I pretty much left this story and other for dead when I found way less time to type them out fully. I used to do it on my mobile then email them to myself and upload them, but the lack of time and my phone being useless for it when I switched ended up killing my enthusiasm for this story. But I won't lie, I had also become disinterested because of my own laziness and lack of work ethic.

Because of a PM I got asking for my old NBB stories to be finished, I decided to take the dust off of those stores and finish what I started. I also wanted to finish my HTTYD stories. But upon reading, I realized my crossover was way too much to handle and I hadn't really thought the plot through. I apologize but I have since deleted the story from the site. However, I want to finish this one seeing as it was my most popular work and very fun to write.

Right now I am in the process of rewriting the chapters, hopefully improving the writing a bit and making more sense. I had originally written this off the cuff, but now I want to improve is and really finish up the story. Hopefully you'll continue to read, and I'll be replacing the old chapters with slightly different and hopefully, improved chapters. Not sure if the site will show when I replace them, but right now it's just the first. I hope to make some more radical changes than just the wording in order for my story to flow better and have more continuity.

IF you guys still want to read my story, then I would be honored to continue it.

- IdiotThinker