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I woke up a total mess. The alarm went off and I did not want to get out of bed. I had barely slept four hours and my day yesterday had been eventful to say the least.

I got up with a big yawn and took care of bathroom business. I felt a little bit of a sting and blushed as I remembered what had happened last night. Jacob. Sex. Wow. He´d been so macho and really into it. At first it had hurt, but after I while it was good. I hadn´t had an orgasm, but I wasn´t expecting one, after all it was my first time. I knew there would be many orgasms to come. I smiled at the thought. Yesterday had been naughty and I was a bit sore. But the soreness wasn´t that bad, it actually reminded me of the whole thing.

I arrived at school with only minutes to spare. I sat down next to Mike at the last second and he smiled at me:

"Hi, Bella."

"Hi." I said absent minded. I was wondering if the Cullens would show up today. Edward was gone, but what about the rest of them? I wanted them in school, I was still curios about this whole thing. There hadn´t been any time for me to ask any questions about this. It hadn´t been on my mind while me and Jacob were at it. I had other things to think about then, like Jacobs gorgeous body.

School dragged by. I was really tired and out of it. I saw the Cullens at lunch, the only one of them that recognized my existence was the little pixie. I think she was called Alice. She smiled and waved at me when they passed my table at lunch. When they sat down I tried to keep my eyes from them, but it was hard. I realized at the food in front of them was just for show. It was surreal to see them at school. They were just so different. The blonde caught me staring at them and smirked. I quickly turned away and tried concentrating on what Mike was saying. Jessica suddenly leaned closer to me and asked:

"So, do you want to come shopping with me, Angela and Lauren tomorrow?" She sounded sincere and I couldn´t figure out why. Yesterday she hadn´t exactly acted like I was her favorite person. She wasn´t mine either.

"We're going to Port Angeles." Angela's sweet voice added.

"Um…sure." I said thinking I could use some normality in my life.

When school finally finished I was happy to leave. I wanted to get home to my bed and sleep until tomorrow.

I walked for my truck, but Mike caught up with me. He sure was obnoxious. I hadn´t been able to get him to shut up during the entire day.

"Hey, Bella! Wait up!" he said.

"What Mike?" I didn´t even bother being nice to him, but it didn´t seem to make a difference to him.

"I was thinking…maybe you want to catch a movie or something?" he asked. "Tonight maybe?"

"I don´t think so, Mike." I said.

"Maybe another day then? You can decide the movie!" He sure wasn´t giving up easy.

"Mike, look…"

"She´s not going anywhere with you." Jacob's firm voice interrupted me from behind.

"Jake!" I exclaimed and turned around.

"I think that's up to her!" Mike said, but he didn´t sound so sure of himself anymore.

"Sure it is." Jake said grinning. "But I think she prefers going to the movie with her boyfriend." With that he kissed me passionately. Right in front of Mike and the entire school.

I don´t know what happened to Mike after that. I didn´t care and me and Jacob got in my truck. He drove and I sat next to him with a happy grin on my face.

"Bells, I need to talk to you. What about we head down to the beach?"

"Sure." I said.

We took a walk at the beach in La Push. It was a cloudy day, but no rain so far. We were alone on the beach and I appreciated having Jacob all to myself.

"Look, I´m sorry about last night." He said.

"You're sorry? Why?" I asked curious. "You didn´t…I mend…um…you didn´t like it?"

"Bella! Of course I did! But it wasn´t the best way given it was your first time!" he said and for once I wasn´t the one blushing.

"Oh! Jake, it´s OK I…"

"No, it´s not OK. I was taken over by my animalistic side. I couldn´t think of anything, but having you roughly right then and there. It was pure instinct, but I should've been able to control myself!"

"I´m OK. Really." I said. "I did enjoy it. Sure, it hurt at first, but then it was good."

I tried smiling reassuringly.

"Not good enough." Jake said.

"Well, if you´re sorry, then you should make it up to me." I said boldly.

He looked at me and when he saw I was serious he gently pushed me toward the cliffs. He started kissing me and let his fingers run through my hair. I felt his tongue parting my lips. His fingers left my hair and started caressing my breasts. After a while, his hand slipped under my shirt and he gently squeezed my nipples. They hardened at his touch and I could feel myself getting wet and aroused. Then he let his hand run down my stomach and down my jeans. He touched my center carefully on the outside for a few seconds before unbuttoning my jeans. He pushed them down along with my panties. I was now bare from the waist down while he was fully clothed. He let his hand run over my special spot and applied light pressure. I moaned and bit my lip. He kissed me again. Furiously while his hand did magic further down. The sensation was amazing. I had felt close to it yesterday, but this was much more intense. I stated moving my hips towards him. He smiled and whispered:

"You like this, Bella?"

"Oh yes! It´s amazing! Keep going, please!" I moaned.

"Oh, I intend to."

His lips left mine and he sat down in front of me. His mouth was in front of my nakedness and he kissed me right there. I moaned as I felt his tongue. He sucked and licked and I felt fantastic! And I thought it was good yesterday! I felt something rising inside me and I couldn´t keep quiet anymore. I gasped loudly and screamed:

"Jake! Oh god!"

He kept licking and sucking and let one finger side inside me. I was still sore from yesterday, but I was so wet that I didn´t hurt at all. His tongue left my clit and moved further down. He let his tongue slip inside me for a second. Then it was back at my clit. I continued to move my hips towards him. As I felt the sensation getting more intense it started to rain, but we didn´t notice. It was pouring down, but all I could think of was Jacobs amazing tongue.

"Come for me, Bella." He whispered.

And I did. I came hard and long and I screamed from pleasure every second of it.