E/O Challenge: Dust

100 word drabble for Newspaper Taxis, who wanted hurt/sick Dean in a library with abdominal/internal injuries. Happy Birthday for yesterday - hope you like it!

The Book Of The Dead

The book felt like any other as Sam lifted it from its protective dust-free case; strange to think the cover had been made from human skin.

"Sam … hurry up and torch that thing," Dean shouted, moments before the enraged spirit sent him crashing into a nearby book case.

"DEAN," Sam screamed as the furniture toppled onto his brother, crushing him beneath its heavy load.

Tossing a match onto the spectral-linked book Sam ran to his badly injured brother's side.

"Told ya," Dean coughed, gasping for air as blood trickled from his mouth. "We should've … called … The Ghostbusters."