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I was not born a St. Trinian's girl, despite my aunt being the Headmistress. I spent most of my life a typical, everyday, 'good girl', nothing special or out of the ordinary.

When I first arrived at St. Trinian's, I begged my father not to leave me there, wanting nothing more than to be back at Cheltnam Ladies Collage, despite the bullying I faced there.

I was alone, unaccepted by the other students, unaccepted by the girls at my old school, unaccepted by my own father. I became a St. Trinian's girl by choice, a conscious decision that had been a long time coming. I stepped up to face down the Minister of Education, punching a hole in his reputation with my statements about Verity, and distracting the press while the other girls hurried to put away our plans for one of the greatest heists of the century.

I was surprised at my answer when Denise asked me what it was like at St. Trinian's, and even more surprised to find that I was speaking the truth. We really were 'One big, happy, if slightly dysfunctional, family'. A family who cared and protected each other, where everyone was accepted as they were, where no one was forced to become something that they were not.

Perhaps it was this choice to be a St. Trinian's girl, to be who I was, that made Auntie Headmistress choose me as Head Girl, or perhaps it was something else.

I didn't get off to a good start, trying too hard to prove that I wasn't chosen because of Nepotism, trying to be a second Kelly Jones. But I finally remembered my first lesson: I was Annabelle Fritton, and I didn't need to be anyone else. I led the quest to find the truth behind the legend of the Fritton Gold, and when I lifted my chin and faced down Lord Pomfrey, I found the confidence to be the Head Girl that Kelly and Auntie Camilla knew that I could be.

We have our airheads, we have our Geeks, our Emos, our Chavs, and our First Years. We have our own unique personalities, or, as Beverly would probably put it, our 'state of being'. Many would think that the responsibility of being Head Girl is a very unfeasible task, if not outright impossible.

But this is St. Trinian's. We don't know the meaning of the word 'Unfeasible'.





A/N: So, Annabelle is up. I always found her an interesting character, because she was the only one to become 'St. Trinian's' by deliberate choice. The other girls... well, you could see why they were there, but it couldn't have been more obvious that Annabelle didn't fit in if she had a neon sign over her head. When she stepped out of the door to face the media, you could see the resolve on her face, and I think that was her first step.
Anyway, constructive criticism is very much appreciated, but you don't want to know what the girls of St. Trinian's will do with any flames.

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