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***One day before genin exams***

Sitting in the back of a filled classroom is the blue-eyed blonde Konoha loves to hate. His name is Uzumaki Naruto, and hefs wearing a black t-shirt with fishnet trim on the neck, arms, and bottom. The bottom piece is camo-striped cargo pants in black and dark blue. Completing the ensemble is an opened burnt orange jacket going down to his knees. On the outside are kunai and shuriken pockets on each side, with a bevy of seals littered on the inside (mostly self-repairing and weapon seals). Sifting through the pages of a book on advanced seal theory, he tunes out the perpetual droning of his chunin senseis Iruka and Mizuki. Not that Naruto has anything against them; he simply doesnft see the point of wasting precious time on frivolous curriculum such as language arts or history. Adjectives and pronouns have never played a significant role in combat, to his knowledge. This is supposed to be a ninja academy for crying out loud. At least the Old Man would point him in the proper direction in his free time. Too bad Narutofs instructors arenft so kind.

gNaruto! Do you care to explain why youfre not paying attention to todayfs lessons?h

Never looking up from his place in the book, Naruto answers the question. gSure Iruka-sensei. Itfs a waste of time.h

gLearning the history of Konohafs founding fathers is a beneath you?h

gThat isnft what I said. But if wefre going to travel down this road, what significance does a long-winded tale of hero worship have to do with our combat abilities or training?h

gThis is a lesson on the importance of Konohafs ideals, what we stand for...h

gI know, I know. The eWill of the Firef and all that jazz. Again, not the point. Wouldnft we be better off learning battle tactics and techniques instead of the usual patronizing bullshit?h

Seeing this line of argument was getting him nowhere, Iruka opts for diversionary tactics. Looking at the blondefs unwavering attention with his book, Iruka questions Narutofs current focus.

gAnd pray tell what exactly are you learning from the book in front of you?h

gHand seals and their corresponding chakra manipulation.h

Never one to miss a chance at ostracizing Konohafs favorite demon container, Mizuki sneers at Narutofs answer. gAnd what exactly would you know about that, brat? Sense youfve deemed our class lessons unworthy to one such as yourself, why donft you take a crack at it.h Not really expecting an answer, Mizuki gets a smug look on his face.

Looking up from his current spot on the page, Naruto closes the book with a sigh. gThe point of specific hand seals is more a matter of standardized teaching than proper function. The average ninja uses the typical designated hand seals for spacial or elemental chakra manipulation. Higher level ninjas can use single hand seals or even make their own for personalized attacks.h

A pin drop could be heard across the classroom. Itfs safe to say neither Mizuki nor anyone else was expecting such an explanation from Naruto. Sputtering at being made a fool of by young Uzumaki, Mizuki continues his harassment of the boy. gYou seem to pay more attention to that little book of yourfs than what Iruka or I have to say, so why not give an example?h

Rolling his eyes, Naruto could see this coming from a mile away. gSure, why not? The Tora sign for instance usually pertains to fire manipulation. So starting a sequence of hand seals with the Tora is likely to be a katon jutsu. The position of the hand in that particular seal lends itself to the way in which fire elemental chakra travels through the bodyfs tenketsu points. That good enough?h

*cricket sounds* c. *cricket sounds*

gUmmm, thatfll be all for today. Class dismissed.h

***Streets of Konoha***

Mulling over the information gleaned from his book on elemental seals, Naruto disregards the usual stares and whisperings on his way back home. Such lovely mutterings as gkyubbi brat,h gdemon child,h or gmurderous bastardh seem to be the soup du jour of the afternoon crowd. Pantomiming a kiss, Naruto tells them glove you too.h Just another day in paradise.

Having reached his new apartment, not that rundown hellhole of old, Naruto runs a slightly bloody thumb over the protective seals on the door to his spacious 3-room loft. Oh, the wonders of a complex array involving blood, thumb print, paralysis, and elemental trap seals. Seeing no break-in attempts according to the surveillance readout, Naruto is slightly perturbed by the lack of unwilling guinea pigs. Whatfs the fun in experimental trap seals without a test subject or two? Oh well. Naruto heads for his miniature library on the bottom floor. After picking up a couple of raiton scrolls, he walks over to the adjacent room that doubles as an armory. Walking to the back of the room, Naruto grabs one of many wooden practice swords (all of which contain a master seal that prevents long term effects) on the back wall and heads upstairs to the master bedroom. He walks over to the closet on the far right from the entrance and places a hand on the door knob. A snapping sound changes the simple walk-in closet into an untraceable 10x10 pocket space for the sole purpose of experimental seal testing. Containment and security seals line the floor, walls, and ceiling. Todayfs lucky contestant involves raiton chakra being contained within a physical medium, which happens to be a bokken in this case.

Such experiments in the past have paid for Narutofs housing. A rather lucrative deal with Tentenfs family weapon shop has lead to the likes of low level senbon with poison-activated seals and many others. A favorite of most ANBU is the ninjato with a layer of wind chakra coating the edge, making for much cleaner cuts and a boost in kenjustsu combat. Such daily items are usually offered with 30-, 60-, and 90-day elemental enchantments whereas the charge on single use items as shurikens or kunai typically last only once. Todayfs first experiment involves another commercial endeavor; a low-powered take on the Raijin.

After grabbing some ink, a blank scroll, and a brush off a supply table, Naruto goes about drawing a circle that holds a triangular array in the middle. The first is a containment seal that molds the shape in which chakra can be added to a medium. The second is an elemental seal that turns a userfs pure chakra into raiton energy. In the last corner is a blood seal that prevents theft or an enemy nin from turning the userfs weapon against them. In the middle is a time-based blocker seal that only allows the seal to be activated for a set amount of time. It all sounds easy in theory, but takes precise measurement for each individual part. Nobody wants to suffer a self-induced electrocution. The same goes for chakra depletion. And last but not least, the blood seal not only pertains to the user, but also works as a kill-switch should some foolish attacker make an attempt on Narutofs life using a weapon of his own design.

Having drawn up the total components for his new toy, Naruto lays the wooden stick on the table and measures out the necessary parts from the master seal and makes tiny adjustments for the upcoming experiment. Instead of a sharpened point for a fuuton blade, raiton chakra will encompass the entire area of the blade by an inch on all sides. Simply blocking such a weapon would cause damage. Having finished the particulars, Naruto summons two shadow clones to test out the blade. One to wield it, the other for shock therapy. It just so happens that the clone on the right has a tiny portion of the Kyuubifs chakra. Handing the clone on his left the practice sword, the clone on his right gives him a scowl.

gI hate you.h

gThe feelingfs mutual. Operation Old Sparky is all systems a go.h

Taking this as his cue, the clone on the left lightly bonks his fellow clone on the head. Not enough to dispel the hybrid clone, but certainly enough to send a jolt of pain through its tenketsu points if the litany of expletives is any indication. A sign of success in Narutofs book, he motions for the clone to hand over the bokken. Naruto makes a quick hand sign to dispel the two clones and hefs greeted with a rush of knowledge and growl of indignation in the back of his mind by the Kyuubi. A radiant smile graces Narutofs lips. Itfs always the little things that make life worth living.

After picking up another blank scroll from the materials on his desk, Naruto makes a quick copy of the original, and places the duplicate in a mini pocket seal on the inside of his jacket. He then identifies the name and date of the original scroll, and adds it to a larger master scroll from one of the cabinets in his desk. This particular scroll has the name, date, and any deviations from the original. Placing the scroll back in its proper drawer, itfs time for something far more in depth. Narutofs current pet project is a kinjutsu seal in which a plant or animal spirit can be contained within a host. How else could such weapons as the Samehada (shark spirit) or Raijin (eel spirit) exist? His current experiments involve a tetsubo and ninjato; in which a small shark and a sakura tree could be channeled respectively. Hefs been making headway on the shark project with Samehada as a prototype, but the sakura tree has been much harder with no data to build on.

Making up his mind to finally bite the bullet, Naruto begins creating a new array for his shark spirit tetsubo. The outside circle has a pentagon in the middle with each point leading to an open shape that connects with a small line to the circle. Going clockwise from the starred circle (hex mark) at the top, we have the life seal in which the shark spirit will exist in stasis. The next space is for the energy absorbing properties. The third point is a physical containment seal. Fourth is a suiton elemental seal. And last is a gravity seal to multiply or nullify the weight of the sword. All points of the pentagon lead to the center where a protective seal identifies the userfs blood and finger prints.

Naruto summons a couple more shadow clones for the upcoming experiment. One to go down stairs and retrieve the shark from his living room aquarium, while the other creates a small sphere of water made out of suiton chakra. While hefs waiting, Naruto draws up the kinjutsu array on the floor. The first clone takes the squirming shark and places it within the confines of the ball of water. Naruto himself takes a 3-foot long steel-on-wood tetsubo off the top of his desk and places it on the floor beneath the shark, in the center of the kinjutsu array. Ready to take the dive, he begins a blood oath incantation while charging chakra into the center of the seal leading outwards. The room begins to glow a light blue and the shark starts to flicker in and out of existence as the chakra from the seal traces a maze-like pattern. A couple minutes pass as the majority of Narutofs chakra is sucked into the array. Having finally completed itself, a backlash of light shoots from the middle of the room nearly blinding the boy. Shaking the light spots out of his visage, Naruto focuses on whatfs laying in the center. The previously normal tetsubo is covered from point to handle in white wrapping, but what draws his eye is the constant flexing of tiny dark blue appendages slightly hidden from view. He walks over and picks up the club and initiates contact with a quick pulse of chakra. A slight tickle in the back of his mind alerts him to another presence.

Deciding to make a proper introduction, Naruto sits Indian style on the floor with the new weapon laying across his lap to begin meditation. Instead of the sewers of years past, Naruto has long since remodeled the interior of his mind. Outside of a traditional Japenese mansion is a zen garden with a large forest in the background. Instead of being confined to a restricting jail cell, the Kyuubi has a set of black prayer beads around his neck. Naruto senses his furry friend chasing after fauna out in the forest and heads for a different presence by the edge of the forest. Having found his mark, Naruto is met with a little blue-skinned boy that looks like a chibi version of Kisame.

eIfm Naruto. Nice to meet you.f

Are you my creator?

Yes, I am. May I ask your name, if you have one?f

It is the job of the master to give a name, but I have one in mind if you are willing to listen.

eIfm all ears.f

My ancestors were from the ancient mako species of shark. It would be an honor to carry their namesake.h

eMako sounds like a fitting name. You are the second of your kind. Unlike your predecessor that is based on the spirit of a great white, your physical medium shadows the speed-based nature of your former genus. I hope it is to your liking.f

It pleases me tremendously. We will have to develop a style to complement one another.

eI am currently in the process of making you a companion. Until then, I work on single weapon katas that make use of your speed and abilities.f

Very well. Until my help is needed, I will rest in the confines of your mind. This allow me to acclimate myself to the tendencies and nature of your soul.

eI hope you enjoy yourself. Once youfve gotten comfortable with the place, let me know if there are any alterations you wish to make. This is as much your home now as it is mine. Like Fuzzbutt in the woods behind us, I find it best to work together.f

After finishing up with the initial contact of his new partner, Naruto returns to consciousness on the floor of his test lab. He takes one last glance at the sword in his lap before sealing it away into his left wrist. Naruto is exhausted from the loss of 80% of his chakra during the sealing process and getting to know Mako. He cleans up and shakily walks back through the pocket space to bed for a much deserved nap.

***Narutofs Bedroom***

Naruto wakes up a couple hours later with a quick yawn and a satisfied grin at his success. While his chakra reserves are nowhere close to full again, the presence of half or better will do for the time being. A quick scan of the security matrix surrounding the entire building results in a negative readout for break-in attempts.

gDamn,h he grumbles under his breath. Naruto has grown rather fond of testing out new trap seals, and what better test subject than a hostile villager?

Deciding to polish up on kenjutsu skills, Naruto heads down to his study to pick up two basic training scrolls (offensive and defensive, respectively) and another on chained/stringed weaponry. When making original equipment itfs best to learn basic stances rather than a defined style. Why bend an existing style when a new one will make better use of the weaponfs abilities? This being the case, Naruto walks through the village on his way to training ground 43. This is typically an unused section of the training zone allocated to the village ninja force with its proximity to training ground 44, AKA the Forest of Death. The lack of external interference makes for a rather peaceful location to work with. Making the hand signs for the Shadow Clone technique, Naruto summons 60 clones in the clearing in front of him. Each has a physical representation of Mako in their hands to work with.

gAlright guys, today youfll be working in groups of 20. The group on the left gets to work on offensive katas, the one in the middle gets defense, and the one on the right gets aerial attacks. Get to work, gentlemen.h

gYes sir!h followed by a salute is his reward. Naruto shakes his head and chuckles at their antics.

Walking a short distance away from the chaos of his clones practicing with one another, Naruto plops down against the fence between training grounds 43 and 44. Naruto activates a seal on his left palm and an electric guitar appears in his hands. His 9-tailed friend had long since proven the importance of a relaxing hobby for relieving stress. To that end, Naruto has become quite proficient with playing the electric guitar. Musicians of the previous era have provided a great deal of inspiration. Depending on his mood, Kyuubi could be rather benevolent with the ability to provide song lyrics, poetry, or classical literature. Being a walking pantheon of knowledge from eons well before the birth of the Elemental Nations has its perks. Naruto and Kyuubifs relationship could be defined by shared interests in peaceful diversions and a mutual desire for a continued existence. Not exactly bestest buddies, but they do whatfs necessary to maintain a cohesive unit. In the words of a certain heir of the Nara clan, being tied at the hip can prove to be quite troublesome.

After about an hour or so, Naruto senses a non-hostile chakra signature approaching from the Forest of Death. Feeling no malice coming from the stranger, the blonde doesnft bother interrupting his current activities. He figures that if they have something to say, theyfll say it.

A certain purple-haired tokubetsu jounin that we all know and love approaches the exit gate from the Forest of Death only to hear soft musical notes emanating from a string instrument to her far left. The prospect of getting a view of the unknown musician sounds appealing since she has nothing better to do at the moment. Quietly jumping from tree to tree, Anko spots a clearing up ahead. At the edge of the treeline she spots a teenaged blonde sitting with his back against the wall playing a string instrument. A hundred meters or so in front of him are 60 carbon copies working on weapon training. Amazed at both the musical quality and the feat of maintaining so many solid clones, Anko mutters gholy shith under her breath. A jounin level nin would be hard pressed to create that many shadow clones, let alone the kid in front of her. Deciding to enjoy the show for now, Anko sits on a tree branch as quietly as possible. The somber atmosphere created by the music resonates with something inside her thatfs usually blanketed with acts of malice, and she starts to nod off without realizing it.

Another hour goes by without either party disturbing the other when Naruto eventually puts the guitar away and dispels the clones in groups of five. Itfs not much of a problem to go at a quicker pace, but therefs no point in risking a headache from information overload if itfs not necessary. With each group more openings and deficiencies become apparent, which result in minute alterations for any given stance. Itfs only basic strikes and parries, but a solid foundation has been paved in the process. Working on intermediate katas will likely be on tomorrowfs agenda. gTomorrowh being the key word. The time for practice has come to an end after putting in more man hours in a single afternoon than most do in weeks. That out of the way, Narutofs interest is piqued at finding out the identity of his audience. Walking over to the forest, he sees a female about 4 or 5 years his senior resting up on a branch. Naruto summons a new clone to go about rousing the woman from her rest. Most ninjas sleep on a hair trigger, so itfs best not to take the risk himself. His forethought results in the clone being stabbed in the chest on reflex.

gWhozzat?h Anko asks while yawning. Looking around to get a grip on her bearings, she spots the blonde from earlier on a tree 10 feet in front of her.

gNaruto. You?h

gAnko. Thatfs some pretty impressive work with the shadow clones. Most ANBU would have a hard time producing that many.h

gGiven your age, Ifm guessing you already know about my tenant. This is simply one of the perks that go along with it.h

Taken aback by the blunt nature of the boy in front of her, Anko certainly wasnft expecting that sort of answer. Letting curiosity get the better of her, she asks how he found out about the fox.

gHow on earth did you find out about the demon? Itfs a well-known law not to discuss it with your generation.h

gThe Yondaimefs seal doesnft allow Fuzzbutt any control without my permission, but he is free to talk within my mind. I can tune him out, obviously, but I was more than willing to listen as to why the people of this village despise me.h

gFuzzbutt, huh? You actually get away with calling him that?h

gThink of it as a term of endearment. I certainly do. He doesnft, but thatfs beside the point.h

Laughing at the audacity of the Kyuubi container, Anko shares a quick laugh at the foxfs expense. Surprisingly, Anko is able to let her guard down since shefs able to identify with a fellow village outcast. Feeling at ease with the teen in front of her, Anko decides to ask if he wants to tag along while she satiates her usual dango fix. Did I say dango? Thatfs right, I said dango. Cue evil monkey in closet pointing at me with an empty stick. (AN: oh noes)

***Dango Stand***

On the way back through town, our little pair is met with the customary glares along with a random gdemon brath or gsnake whoreh peppered in. Disregarding the usual civilian behavior, they take a seat in one of Ichirakufs Dango Shop booths. In between munching on delicious dango, Anko decides to ask Naruto about his relationship with the nine-tailed fox. Shefs a professional interrogator, what do you expect?

gNot meaning to pry, but do you mind telling me how long youfve been in contact with your host?h

gSince the age of five. It happened on my birthday, to be exact. I would wager that a mental block was originally in the seal.h

gDo you get along with it? I mean to knowingly call the Kyuubi efuzzbuttf has me wondering.h

gThe shared need to survive kind of forces our hand in the matter, but I have a better working relationship with him than 99% of the people in this village. Necessity makes for interesting bed fellows. You can meet him, if youfd like.h

Not exactly prepared for such an offer, Anko chokes on her rice dumpling. gAre you fucking kidding me?h she asks shakily.

gBy using the Shadow Clone technique I can allow him to stretch his legs every once in a while. I use the minimal amount of chakra to produce a clone, which means he canft go on a rampage if thatfs what youfre afraid of. Not that he would, anyhow.h

gYoufre serious?h

gThe idea of a Shadow or Blood Clone relies on the premise of dividing your chakra into multiple pieces. Spirit energy is one half of the equation, so the possibility of drawing on the Kyuubifs chakra to make a clone isnft that difficult.h

Slightly disturbed at this news, Anko hides her apprehension behind the usual bravado. gWell, why the hell not?h

Naruto checks to make sure nobody is looking their way, and creates the necessary hand seals under the table. After a soft whisper of gShadow Clonehunder his breath, a man with long red hair and red eyes (Demon Eyes Kyo from Samurai Deeper) pops into existence. With what most would consider a regal disposition, the man is wearing a dark red kimono with a pattern of black lightning bolts. With a quick blink of the eyes the Kyuubi realizes that hefs no longer in the forest, but standing in front of his host and a beautiful purple-haired kunoichi.

gAh, so youfve finally taken my advice and found yourself a mate. Itfs a celebration, bitches.h

gCalm down ero-kitsune, this is just a new acquaintance. An intelligent one for a change, but thatfs neither here nor there. Anko-san I would like to introduce you to my free-loading tenant; Kyoshiro.h

gWatch the sass, Kit. Ifll remember that the next time youfre begging me for trainingh he says with a slight scowl.

gAw, I didnft offend your tender sensibilities, did I?h

Amused by their antics, Anko canft help but laugh at the banter. Itfs not every day you see a teenager play a game of wits with an ancient demon lord. gSo, mind if I ask what kind of training you guys do together?h

gMostly fuinjutsu at the moment. Itfs a lost art, and the majority of the ninja population neglects the basic mechanics of how they work.h

gWhen are you finally gonna teach me Kido? Youfve been hanging that over my head for a year now.h

gNot to interrupt, but what the hell is Kido?h

gDemon Arts. Itfs an extremely advanced form of sealing unknown to the human world. And to answer your question Naruto, when youfre good enough with seals to warrant the effort.h

g Yeah, yeah. I need to work on my kenjutsu and assassination skills anyhow. Lord knows whatever jounin sensei Ifm bound to get wonft be of any help.h With that, he dispels the Demon Clone.

gDo you have any idea on who youfre getting?h

gThe team announcements donft come out until tomorrow, but luck typically isnft on my side when it comes to teacher instruction. I would prefer to forgo the bullshit and work with someone thatfs competent. I intend to have a talk with the Old Man on the issue. Out of curiosity, you wouldnft happen to be one of this yearfs jounin senseis, would you?h

gHell no. Me with a trio of brats? Not gonna happen. Most parents wouldnft want their kids being mentored by the gsnake bitchh anyhowh Anko says with a scowl on her face. Advancing up the ranks has obviously been an uphill battle for her.

gWhat about an apprentice?h

gSame issue. Whofs gonna let their kid be mentored by me?h

gHell, I would. Having seen the possible team variations versus the available jounins, I donft like my chances of NOT being screwed over by an inept instructor. My past doesnft lend itself to a fair handshake in these situations. Wefre both looked upon as village pariahs, so whatfs to lose?h

Taken aback by the situation, Anko is slightly surprised by the offer. Itfs not every day that a person asks for apprenticeship with someone in the Torture and Interrogation unit, let alone by somebody with Ankofs checkered past. gAre you serious about this? You do realize that most of what I have to offer involves getting your hands dirty in the assassination and interrogation fields, right?h

gIfve had more threats on my life than hugs. I donft have the option of being ignorant towards what this life entails. Killing and information retrieval make up the overwhelming majority of ninja operations. I would rather receive personal instruction from a professional than a group session that might or might not render results.h

gIf youfre willing, why the hell not? Wefll probably work on assassination and infiltration skills first. Ifll have to discuss the situation with Ibiki to see if you can be cleared for interrogation training.h

gI greatly appreciate this. I would be glad to help with your fuinjutsu and genjutsu in return, if youfre willing.h

gA favor for a favor. Sounds fair to me. Letfs head over to the Hokage Building to sort out the details.h


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