~Rose of Decade~{Chp.1} Will my savior come?

Hizaki P.O.V

Cold night wind blowing past my face as i waited for my savior. Would my problems be solved after i was saved? Will i even be saved? I kept on thinking many questions as i tried to keep myself together; Trying to hold my sanity.

It is rather funny to be judged only because you love another, superior being. A being greater than the well known society of humans! They fear our love, thus I now am cursed and captivated in this small, stinking hole they dare to call prison. Tomorrow they will pile their wood, and i will wait for the time they force me upon my Death hill; Watching them curse at me while they slowly start a fire.

With those thoughts I managed it fall into a somewhat deep slumber; probably the silence before the storm as men say. The next day I was awoken rather harshly; Pulled up by my hair and soon being dragged up the stairs. In the end I stood there; In front of my own little death hill where i was supposed to burn on. In a weird, probably masochistic way i managed to smile as they read my crimes out loud to the crowd, hearing gasps and whispers. Why was it wrong to love another man? Why was it wrong to dress as a female while your gender is male? Why are those reasons to say i was a witch? It confused me so much, but it did not mind. I had faith in my savior and if he decides to let me down; Then so be it. I would have never imagined how scary it is to walk up on that unstable wooden trash. I think that was the point where i realized that i really was walking towards death. The people I once dared to call 'friends' were even there! Not to say their fair goodbyes or to mourn, no, they were gathered and whispering things to each other, while waiting for me to burn away because of my so called 'sins'.

To me, the worst thing that could happen did not happen; Thus I stood on the pile of wood and watched them put the lowest parts on fire. The red-golden flames, that soon turned into wild, red-golden beasts, were slowly advancing to my tied body. It was horrible to feel such a heat coming closer and closer, soon coming so close that I was sweating. Of course that was not the worst part! The smoke that was arising from it all was filling my lungs! It was truly a horrible and cruel experience; Feeling as if you were suffocating! The people who were standing around me started to clap, there had been ' another witch' burned after all! By now I was desperately gasping for air, my confident smile long gone and turned into a true troubled and scared expression while I was trying to survive; The will of living taking over. In only a few seconds, which seemed like hours, I had tried everything I could; trying to escape my fate. Unfortunately it did not take long for me to realize that I was doomed, tears of frustration, helplessness and total defeat slid down my face. I had given up and did not believe in my savior anymore. Mentally I tried to cope with the idea of burning to ashes; Failing badly at that as I was scared to death of such a death! How could anyone possibly cope with such a death? I closed my eyes and tried to black everything out; The noisy people, the smoke, the fire, not to forget the heat of the fire and even my own thoughts.

One last thought I had was about the beautiful red roses my savior once had given me. Strangely enough I did not feel any pain at all; By now I should have felt myself burn! Though this was a different feeling; Happy, as if flying and being able to touch the sky. Had I died already? I just had to open my curious eyes, my brain taking a rather long time to registrar the fact that my savior; My master, lover and now also my hero, had rescued me from such a horrible fate as burning. I tried to talk but before I could do so I heard him silence me. I easily submitted to his wish and smiled slightly; Knowing I only had him now, not minding that at all! Belonging to him, Kamijo; Such a strong and fearless vampire, made me feel lucky and proud in a way.

Never could I repay him for risking himself to save me and I felt happy to know that he did save me; Swearing to myself I would do my best to help him. Even if it does cost my life.