Title: ~Rose of Decade~ 30/100
Author: spookylilly
Rating: G
Pairings: KamijoxHizaki
Genre: Fluff / drama
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I don't own Versailles- philharmonic Quintet-
Summary: Hizaki is a young slave whom doesn't seem to appear what he truly is and his master, the prince, is in for a big surprise! Will love have a chance?

Kamijo P.O.V.

The moment Adelaide walked away from Hizaki I felt worry grip my heart. Sadly she gave me this look which made me just lower my head in realisation of what I had just lost. Our first child was supposed to be a blessing and yet this would haunt us forever!

Perhaps this truly was not meant to be? As I looked over to my princess I noticed he was getting pale and cold and so I quickly warped him in blankets- after Mana cleaned him up that is.

I couldn't bare to look at where Adelaide buried the child. I just wished this had never happened. Hizaki would be devastated and blame himself- I knew he'd do so...

Within moments we were back inside the carriage and I watched the small grave at the side of the road we were on. For a moment I felt a few crimson tears slide down my cheeks- however none of the elders said a thing about me showing my weakness, no they were not as cruel as humans were. They knew I was grieving.

It took a whole day to arrive at Gackt's home and as we arrived we were indeed greeted by many people though to my surprise they were all rather cute or feminine looking boys rather then females or ' whores' as Mana had referred to. There were also a few manly looking men though.

A bit confused I looked at him and he only smiled and shrugged his shoulders, happily greeting his seemingly lover "You darling can you get us some blood? Has everybody been good?" he asked You whilst I stayed behind having my princess warped up in blankets and in my arms.

The male nodded his head and Gackt moved on to...his second lover? I watch him kiss the man passionately " Hyde love please show our guests their rooms" he said before disappearing in his house with another male.

I was more or less stunned by how easily the other had all these men under his control- how did he do such things?

Slowly I followed the man called Hyde and he seemed more or less worried about my Princess however I did not care for his worries- I wanted myself to care for Hizaki and nothing else- i'd ask Gackt to see if he could help me with Hizaki. Adelaide as much as she was my master, I could not always ask her everything and Mana just nearly never talked and when he did he sound rather annoyed.

Once we were lead into the room I placed my princess in his bed. I needed my coffin I could feel myself grow weak however I refused to leave my lovers side- heck I even refused to let Adelaide into my room!

Instead I laid beside my lover, my arms around his waist whilst I softly kissed his cheek and lips from time to time. My poor love, sleep and rest for as long as you want...

You will need it after this heart breaking news. As I closed my eyes I started to notice I could not sleep and so instead I just continued to stare at the beauty in front of me. Slowly I got inspired to sing...i have heard in tales that there would always be a man to sing out his love towards the person he adored so much.

Without hesitation I went to get some parchment and a quill, soon enough scribbling down what I what I wanted to tell the other in the best way possible.

I tried to think of a name for my feelings however one glance at my love was enough for me to realise the title ' princess' I wrote as headline with a smile.

Before I even knew it it was already morning and the sun was starting to greet this small place with it's sun rays. Sadly enough it hurt my eyes and I even hissed as it hurt me. I looked down at my hand noticing the smoke and so I quickly closed all the curtains.

Clearly my body had become weak and I could not even remember when the last time was that I slept in my coffin. With a sigh I walked towards the coffin in the room- I couldn't go to bed, not whilst knowing my lover could wake up every moment!

Just as I was about to move myself in the coffin I noticed or more like heard the other wake up. He was clearly not feeling well and within a split second I was at his side, looking at his now empty and yet saddened eyes.

It broke my heart all over again especially as those crystal clear tears crawled forth from his eyes and slid down his cheeks. Quickly I kissed them away, trying to sooth the other the best i could.

" I failed you" he said softly, his voice wavering with his sadness " no you did not my love" I replied kissing him softly " shh it will be okay" I told him, however I knew it would not be okay.

I could see the emotional scars this would bring upon my lover- I could see that there was something Mana had yet to tell me. Though for now I stayed quiet about that all and just comforted my princess.

Without any hesitation I started to sing the song I wrote for him watching him smile slightly and in the end fall back into a light sleep having exhausted himself by his crying.

My heart was rather heavy in my chest and my throat had a big lump. Now that my lover was asleep and nobody was watching I could finally show my own emotions whilst I rested.

Quickly I moved into my coffin, silently crying there as I felt that I had not only lost my child but also a small piece of my lover's heart.

Hopefully I'd be able to heal that piece trough the ages however it was rather hard for me to think i could do so