(some details aren't true…=D but please bear with me )

Purikura Scandal

Horikita Maki

Ikuta Toma

Yamashita Tomohisa

Kitagawa Keiko

Finally, after being successful beginning from their last series together, this spring blooms a new movie prepared for two idols who are continuously gaining fame after a drama and another. Probably if the fan girls knew, this will be a dream come true or rather fruit of their hard works suggesting letters to both the dream couples jimusho. Finally, a ToMaki movie was decided, featuring Hanakimi's Ashiya Mizuki and Nakatsu Shuichi, Horikita Maki and Ikuta Toma respectively.

Here comes the beginning of the truth behind the scenes….

(So this is my forewords….gomen I'm kinda used to the format in Winglin, unfortunately I can't make an account so I'm kinda forced to write my fanfic here but anyway it's kinda convenient to work in …=D. Well about my story it's kinda corny and it's somewhat a vision I saw while I'm day dreamingand things that I still wonder about)