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Warnings: slash later on in the story, mentions of child abuse, and OCs (the only important ones you need to know are Xavier and Alexandra, the others will just be random vampires, unless stated otherwise later on). Oh yes, and the title is subject to change sometime in the future because I no longer remember why I called it 'Vulture' in the first place and I don't think it fits the story.

Summary: After being abandoned and left for dead by the Dursleys, Harry is raised by vampires and enters the wizarding world with a whole different perspective.

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Chapter One

The vampire smiled down softly at his young charge. Six years they had been together and the little child had grown on him. Harry, as the boy was known as, had filled the empty void in Xavier's life and had taught the cold vampire how to truly love someone. Xavier remembered the day he had found the boy. Alone, broken, and close to dying, flung to the side of the road like a rag doll was how Xavier had come upon him. Contrary to popular belief, vampires most certainly did not enjoy killing mindlessly or sucking the blood of humans; it was in their nature to do so, it wasn't entirely their fault and if they didn't feed they would die, or worse, go on a rampage. And although the scent of blood tempted him, Xavier wasn't that heartless as to kill a child. Instead he had saved the child's life and had gained a son.

Harry, far from being the small timid child he once was, was now going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Xavier was proud of his son who was just as good as any vampire he ever met. What he couldn't do with speed, he made up with agility and skill. And, although still being small due to the torture his relatives had put him through, Harry was definitely not one to mess with and was strong. Xavier didn't trust wizards or witches, mostly because of their prejudices against supposedly Dark Creatures, but he knew he couldn't teach Harry what he needed to know as a wizard. Yes, some vampires from their coven had taken to teaching Harry Vampire Magic and Harry was able to use it pretty well, but Harry needed to know how to use Wizarding Magic as well, and the vampires knew very little about Wizarding Magic other then a few easy charms and hexes. So, with a heavy heart, he would send his son to Hogwarts.

"WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP!" With a yelp, Harry leapt up from the bed, only to get himself tangled in the sheets and fall to the floor. Xavier had a wide grin spread over his pale face and mirth dancing in his piercing blue eyes. From the floor, Harry glared up at his guardian. "Good morning, little one." Xavier greeted. Harry groaned in response. Not even bothering to get up from the floor, Harry pulled the sheets over his head and tried to resume sleeping. "Aw, don't be that way! C'mon, up and at 'em!" Seeing as Harry wasn't going to be moving from his position any time soon, Xavier took matters into his own hands.

Leaning down over the boy, Xavier quickly snatched the sheet away and started attacking Harry's sides with his spindly fingers. Xavier soon had the eleven year-old laughing and begging him for mercy. "Stop! I surrender!" Harry cried as he continued laughing. The vampire pulled away, satisfied with his victory. "I'll get you back for that." Harry said, mock glaring at Xavier.

"You may try, but you won't succeed!" Xavier threw his head back and let out a bellow of laughter. His laughter was cut short as he felt a tingling at his sides; the tell-tale sign that Harry had cast a wandless tickle charm on him. The child always was good at wandless magic. 'Dammit,' was Xavier's last thought, before he fell to the floor laughing hysterically, clutching at his sides. "This is war!" Xavier yelled pouncing on the boy and bringing Harry back down on the floor. "Release me, you fiend and I might just let you live!"

"Never!" Harry cried defiantly. The two "battled" for a while, before a voice interrupted them.

"What on Earth are you two doing?" A stern voice snapped from the doorway. The two immediately gulped and turned to face her. The woman had long, wavy, dark brown hair that went down to her waist and ever-changing hazel eyes which often changed color with her moods. Her eyes were currently a dark green; that wasn't a good sign, though; at least they weren't black that would be much worse. She was dressed in regal clothing; a beautiful burgundy gown that accented her curves nicely that had gold trimmings.

"Good morning, dear." Xavier said pleasantly, trying to keep himself from laughing for the tickle charm still hadn't been taken off. Alexandra was his darling mate, whom he had found just a few months after finding Harry and she had only made their little family all the more perfect. She had immediately taken a liking to Harry and had accepted him as her child. Since Alexandra couldn't conceive children, she was more than happy than to have a beautiful child like Harry as her own.

Alexandra did not look amused. "Come along, Harry dear, let's go get you dressed and then get you some breakfast before you have to go."

"Yes, mom." Harry replied obediently before getting up from the floor and heading to the bathroom which was adjoined to his room to get ready.

"And take that charm off your father!" She yelled after him. Xavier sighed with relief as the charm was dropped, but with one look at his mate, he knew that it wasn't over yet.

"We were only having fun, Alex. You know we won't see him again until Christmas." Xavier said sadly. "I just want to spend as much time with him before he has to go off and join those other wizards." He sneered, not liking the idea of his son being surrounded by a bunch of wand-wielding dunderheads at all. If they ever found out that their "savior" was living with vampires they'd no doubt try to steal Harry away from them. Harry was theirs by law because of the blood adoption they performed, but considering who their little boy was, those bastards could probably think of a way to get around it.

"Aw, Xavier…" Alexandra came forward and engulfed her mate in a hug. "I know it will be tough, but we'll make it through. Harry will come back for the holidays and we'll make sure he has the best Christmas ever. And don't worry; Harry knows not to tell anyone we're his parents. Harry is a smart kid and can handle himself."

"You're right, just like always, but I'm just worried for him. So much has already been put on his shoulders and they'll be expecting a lot from him, but, he's just a child. He has a right to grow up just as every other normal child." Xavier said.

"I know, love and he will. We'll make sure of it." Alexandra replied, kissing Xavier's forehead softly. "For right now, just make sure our little man gets dressed and gets downstairs for breakfast."

"Yes, dear." Xavier said. Alexandra kissed him once again before getting up and heading out of the room. Sighing, Xavier got up and went to make sure all of Harry's things were packed in his trunk. Five minutes later, Harry emerged from the bathroom.

Ever since the adoption, his once messy raven black hair had become more tame and was now a dark dirty blonde just like Xavier's; his skin had become paler and his eyes were like Alexandra's, most of the time they stayed their original emerald green color but they still held an eerie glow about them. The blood adoption had improved his eyesight and hearing tenfold. Technically since Harry now had their blood running through him, he was a half-vampire and if he choose to, he could become a full-vampire, but his parents weren't about to force that onto him. If Harry wanted to live out his life and grow old like a human, Xavier and Alexandra wouldn't stop him, though they would be terribly depressed once he passed away.

"Hey kiddo, you ready to go?" Xavier asked, leaning down to Harry's level.

Harry gulped, before throwing his arms around his dad and hugging the vampire tightly. "I'm scared, dad." Harry whispered.

"Don't be, Harry. Everything will be fine. You'll make lots of friends and have a great time." Xavier reassured, hugging Harry back.

"What if… he comes after me?" Harry asked quietly.

Xavier tightened his hold on the boy, his blue eyes changing into crimson. "I'll kill him." The threat rang clear throughout the room and Harry instantly relaxed. His dad would protect him so the bad man wouldn't get him. After taking a few deep breaths, Xavier had calmed down and pulled away from Harry. "Here," Xavier pulled out something from his pocket and handed it to Harry. It was a rose pendant; the rose stood for Xavier's family and showed that Harry was his heir.

Harry's eyes widened and he looked up at his father uncertainly. "Why are you giving this to me?"

"First, you are my heir and any other vampire who knows what's good for them, will protect you. Second, I've placed a fairly strong glamour charm on it which will, when you put it on, make you look how you used to look; messy, untamable hair and all." Xavier placed his hand on Harry's head and ruffled the boy's hair.

Harry frowned. "Even my terrible eyesight?"

"Yes, even you're terrible, blurry, human eyesight." Xavier replied, at this Harry glared at him. "Fortunately, I've thrown away the glasses you came here with and have gotten you much better looking ones now." He handed Harry the more modern-style glasses that he had used to replace the ghastly thick, round ones the boy used to own. "You can thank me later. Now, let's get downstairs before your mother decides to come up looking for us. Hell hath no fury like woman scorned."

"I HEARD THAT!" Alexandra yelled from downstairs.

Harry snickered as his father's pale face became even paler. "I was just kidding, dear!" Xavier yelled back. "Hurry, lets go." He ushered Harry out the door and led him downstairs to the dining room.

The family of three walked through King's Cross Station, making their way to Platform 9¾. Alexandra and Xavier were wearing glamour's, just like Harry that not only changed their looks but lessened the effect of the natural allure vampires had on humans. Xavier was pushing Harry's trunk while Harry carried the birdcage which was for his owl familiar, Hedwig whom, as of right now, wasn't in the cage. Harry had decided to let her travel to Hogwarts by herself instead of being forced into a cage for the whole ride. He wasn't worried about her though; she always knew where he was and always came back to him.

Harry eyed the family of red-heads which were currently making their way through to Platform 9¾ and frowned. They were making such a ruckus; it was a wonder none of the muggles around them noticed how they were running through a wall. Surely a bunch of red-heads like them would at least catch some attention. Harry shrugged; he knew how ignorant muggles could be especially with something that was unknown to them.

They waited patiently for the family to make their ways through, before going through themselves. Harry stared at the great scarlet train known as the Hogwarts Express and felt nervousness creep up his spine. His hand instinctively tightened around his mother's as they walked forward. This would be the first time in six years that he would be separated from them and he didn't know what he'd do when he couldn't see them all the time. Alexandra looked down at him, her own resolve crumbling. She pushed away the want to wrap her arms around him and take him back home; she knew that they needed to do this.

"Harry," Alexandra said softly, calling the boy's attention to her. "I know you're scared, love, but it'll be alright. Remember, your father and I love you, and will always be here for you." Harry gave his mother a bright smile and hugged her around the waist. Alexandra rubbed his back soothingly with one hand while the other carded through his now messy, raven hair. They pulled away and Alexandra started rearranging his clothing; tucking there and pulling here, before moving on to try to tame his hair. Try being the operative word.

"Okay, okay, stop coddling him, Alex." Xavier said exasperatedly. Alexandra glared at him causing him to gulp, and continued with what she was doing.

"Mom," Harry whined.

"Fine," Alexandra huffed. "Make sure to write us every chance you get. And don't hesitate to contact us if someone is bothering you. Mommy will kill anyone who messes with my baby."


"Well, it's true." Alexandra said, crossing her arms over her chest. "Anyways, I want to know everything that goes on; what classes you have, your friends, etcetera."

"Yes, mom." Harry said.

"Good." Alexandra smiled.

The train's whistle blew, signaling it was almost time to leave. "Time to go, kiddo." Xavier said, pulling Harry into his arms to give him a brief hug. "Like your mother said, write to us. It'll be terribly boring without you in the manor." Xavier sighed. "I can only prank your mother so much before she goes ballistic and kills me." He added in a whisper. The vampire yelped in pain as Alexandra smacked him upside the head. "Ow… A-anyways, we'll miss you, Harry."

"I'll miss you, too, dad." Harry replied.

"You better get going now." Xavier said as he pulled away. Harry nodded, taking his trunk from his father. With a heavy heart, Harry headed towards the train. Taking one last look at his parents, he waved goodbye to them before going into the train and going in search of an empty compartment. Luckily there was one near the end of the train which had no one occupying it.

Harry cursed his short height as he tried putting his trunk on the top rack. Muttering to himself, he used wandless magic to lift it up onto the rack instead. It was just about there when the compartment door slid open, ruining his concentration. He quickly moved away as the trunk fell to the ground. He turned to look at the person who had come in. The boy was a few inches taller than himself, with platinum blonde hair, almost white and silver eyes. He stared agape at Harry, before a mask of indifference fell over his features.

"Do you mind if I sit here?" The boy asked. "Everywhere else is full."

Harry shrugged. "Sure. I'm Harry."

"Malfoy, Draco Malfoy." The boy introduced. Draco walked into the compartment and sat down. Harry turned back to his trunk and frowned. He pulled out his wand from his robes and muttered a "Wingardium Leviosa," levitating the trunk onto the rack. He tucked his wand away again and plopped down onto his seat with a sigh. "So, what house do you think you'll get into?" Draco asked.

"I'm not sure. I never really put much thought into it before." Harry pondered, scratching his head.

"Well, no one's really sure until they get there, but I know I'll be in Slytherin. My whole family's been in it." Draco replied confidently.

"Sly and cunning, eh?" Harry asked, smiling.

"Better than brash and stupid." Draco huffed.

"Touché," Harry said, laughing.

"I wish first years could play Quidditch and have a broom. It isn't fair we have to wait a year." Draco said angrily. "Do you play Quidditch?"

"No, but I'd like to." Harry replied.

The boys continued talking like that for a while before Draco's friends came looking for the blonde-haired boy. "There you are, Draco!" A girl squealed as she threw open the door. She immediately went to Draco's side and threw her arms around him to give him a tight hug. Another boy walked in, sighing at the girl's antics. "Blaise and I were looking everywhere for you!"

"Get off me, Pansy!" Draco said, pushing the girl away. The girl, Pansy, feigned a hurt look and pouted. "Don't look at me that way, Parkinson."

"Fine," Pansy rolled her eyes. That's when they noticed Harry. "Oh, hello!" Pansy greeted enthusiastically. "I'm Pansy Parkinson."

"Harry." Harry replied. He learned long ago, that it was better just to give people his first name rather than his whole name.

"And I'm Blaise Zabini." The dark skinned boy introduced.

"Nice to meet you." Harry said, smiling to them. Blaise sat beside him while Pansy sat next to Draco. The four began talking about the houses, classes, and Quidditch. Harry was happy to see that none of them seemed to notice the scar on his forehead, and if they had, they didn't act like it and for that, Harry was grateful. Sometime later in the ride, a bushy-haired girl appeared in the door asking if they had seen a toad because some boy named Neville had lost one. They shook their heads and then the girl was gone.

"We'll be arriving soon, we should change." Blaise said suddenly, interrupting the comfortable silence that had fallen over them. Harry put down the book he had been reading, watching as Pansy left to get changed elsewhere. Sighing, he pulled out his uniform and started putting it on as did Draco and Blaise. The nervousness from earlier crept back up Harry's spine as the scarlet train neared its destination. He had never really put much thought into what House he would be in before, all four had their pros and cons and were each good in their own right. Gryffindors were brave and heroic, Hufflepuffs were loyal and true, Ravenclaws were intelligent and witty, and Slytherins were sly and cunning. All in all, any of them would've been a good choice, but Draco, Blaise, and Pansy were all dead set for Slytherin what with coming from dark families, it was expected they get into Slytherin. But, what if he didn't get into Slytherin? Would they still be his friends if he didn't?

The more he thought this over, the more he dreaded the sorting. Hogwarts: A History said that an old hat sorted them into their Houses, so maybe he could persuade the hat into putting him into Slytherin or something along those lines. He somehow doubted that would work; the hat would place him in the House that suited him the best, not listen as he moaned and groaned about how he wanted to be with his new friends. Besides, he refused to beg the hat to put him in Slytherin; he'd just have to grin and bear it.

As the train came to a halt, Harry gulped. Following Draco and Blaise, they went to find Pansy and then got together on one of the boats that the giant had instructed them to board. Harry could barely contain his awe as the small boat moved forward on its own (although he had seen and used magic many times, it still awed him to see it performed) and didn't even try to as Hogwarts came into view. The large castle was beautiful. Lights shown out through the windows, reflecting on the surface of the water, and Harry could feel the magic pulsating around him. It was wonderful.

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