Playing With Knives

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Pairing: Draco/Harry (though it won't be for a long time, they're only eleven!).

Hello my pretties. First off before we start this story, I've got stuffs to say. Although Harry is no longer technically vision impaired, I will not be omitting his glasses even if no one has seen him since he was a baby; I still believe his glasses make him who he is, if that makes any sense… Also, I don't really know if writing 'mom' instead of 'mum' is a bad thing. If you look back, I never stated whether or not Harry lived in the UK, so there! (He does, but that's not the point). Er, anyways, I'll try to rectify things like that in the future. And last, as I said in the last chapter, I have no idea why I named it 'Vulture' in the first place and that the title is subject to change.

Chapter Two

The day had come; Harry Potter was coming to Hogwarts. Dumbledore had been terrified at the news just a few years ago when muggle authorities had found the tortured and mangled remains of the Dursley family down in their home in Surrey. Aurors had immediately been sent to the home and the situation had turned dire when they found the briefest trace of Vampire Magic within the home. Vampires were very distrusting and spiteful of the wizarding community as a whole; if they had Harry Potter, the magical world was doomed. When Harry's letter had returned, signed by Harry himself, Dumbledore was beyond relieved. Surely if Harry had been taken by vampires, he would've already been dead or they wouldn't have allowed him to come. Dumbledore assumed this meant that Harry had been in the vicinity when the Dursleys had been attacked and that the only problem now was to figure out who raised the boy. He sincerely hoped it was a muggle family or perhaps a Light family like the Weasleys; if not, he was sure he could find a way to rectify it.

Dumbledore smiled jovially as the new first years were led in by McGonagall. His eyes quickly scanned over the lot of them before landing on a small black haired boy. His smile, if possible, grew even wider; he'd recognize that messy Potter hair anywhere. This boy was Harry Potter. Dumbledore's smile faltered a bit once he saw who Harry was talking to. The white blonde hair, pale skin, and aristocratic features were a dead giveaway; a Malfoy. Now, Dumbledore didn't truly have any prejudices against his students and gave them all a fair chance; people like Severus were proof of this, but he considered that the circumstances were a bit different in Harry Potter's case. Harry was the Boy Who Lived, a figure of the Light and for him to be seen with someone from a predominantly Dark family didn't send out a good message at all.

The Great Hall became silent as the Sorting Hat began its annual song; surprising most of the new first years and gaining gasps from the eleven year olds. After the hat finished its song, everyone cheered. McGonagall took her place standing beside the hat and read off the names of firsts off of the scroll in her hand, calling them up to be sorted. Each House hollered and clapped for every new first year that joined their House, while the other three Houses clapped politely. It was no surprise when the Malfoy boy and the Parkinson girl got sorted into Slytherin. Then the moment they'd all been waiting for, Harry Potter was called up to be sorted.

As soon as McGonagall said his name, everything had become eerily quiet before whispers broke out. It hadn't been made a secret that Harry Potter's family had been murdered, not for lack of trying to keep it under wraps, but the Daily Prophet was very good at weeding out information from the ministry. After the Daily Prophet had released their terribly over exaggerated version of what happened to the Dursleys, the news had spread like wildfire across the nation. Luckily, the fact that there had been Vampire Magic found at the scene hadn't been released. Dumbledore could only imagine the pandemonium that would ensue at that. But, that was no longer a problem as Harry Potter was here and that was the past.

A solemn expression swept over Harry's features, masking the anxiousness he felt. The fact that everyone in the Great Hall was now staring shamelessly at him made him feel a bit queasy. He was somewhat used to the attention; especially since after he had recovered from what the Dursleys had done to him his parents had made sure that he was always surrounded by people who loved him and the parties he and his parents attended were always filled with vampires curious about the scar on his forehead. But, the stares he was getting here were unnerving. The vampires were simply curious about him, nothing like the hero-worshipers he saw in here. It was disgusting really; him being famous because he survived and James and Lily Potter had died. He was a baby for Pete's sakes! He didn't even want this so-called fame! Those stupid wizards had another thing coming if they thought he was going to put up with their blatant stares and save their sorry asses from Voldemort when the psycho resurfaced.

Sitting down at the stool, Harry waited patiently for Professor McGonagall to place the hat on his head. Shock broke through the mask he was wearing when the hat began speaking to him. "Ah, Mr. Potter I've been waiting for you, but it isn't Potter anymore, is it?" Harry felt his stomach drop; he had known that a hat sorted him but he didn't know that the hat could look through his mind! Otherwise he would've prepared himself better. The hat chuckled within his mind, causing Harry to bristle. "How else am I to sort you? Do not worry; I cannot relay anything of what I see in students' minds to anyone. Your secrets are perfectly safe with me. Now, where should I place you?

"Let's see, let's see, plenty of courage I see, though you do not tend to throw yourself headfirst into situations, so perhaps not Gryffindor. Very loyal to your family and those who have been able to gain your trust, but the idea of placing you with a bunch of innocent Hufflepuffs just seems terrible and I'd feel guilty for letting you loose on them. Not a bad mind and very intuitive, but hardly the studious type. Where shall ever will I put you?"

'Slytherin!' Harry replied before he could stop himself. Well, the hat had asked.

"Slytherin, eh? Slytherin could help you on the way to greatness, no doubt about that. Well, since you did manage to slip past the wards without being detected as a dangerous creature and came all this way to Hogwarts, I guess you do deserve a reward. Brace yourself, young one, for the road that lies ahead of you is a dangerous path indeed and there will be many obstacles to stop you in your endeavors. Better be, SLYTHERIN!"

The hat's last word was yelled out across the entire hall. Silence befell the room, as they all watched the Boy Who Lived shakily remove the hat from his head and placed it on the stool. Suddenly, the whole of Slytherin table erupted in cheers, students from Ravenclaw clapped politely while students from Gryffindor and Hufflepuff were still in shock. Harry smiled at his new friends and sat beside Pansy at the Slytherin table. After regaining her composure, McGonagall started calling more first years up again. Soon Blaise joined Draco, Pansy, and Harry at the table and sat beside Draco.

Dumbledore stood up from his spot at the head table and expertly masked the shock from Harry's sorting off of his face. "Welcome!" He said. "Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts! Before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words. And they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!" Everybody clapped, though Harry wasn't sure what to do after the headmaster's odd choice of words and instead took to watching as food appeared on the tables. Various assortments of food were lined up and down the tables; though Harry wasn't sure he'd be eating much of it. Human food made him somewhat nauseous now, his stomach didn't entirely bode well with it anymore especially with food like this which was covered with House Elf magic. He was already feeling a bit sick with all the light magic which practically seeped from the very foundations of Hogwarts; he didn't need to consume it as well.

Harry picked disdainfully at his food, moving it this way and that over his plate, occasionally eating a bit of it. When the food was replaced with desserts though, Harry happily dug in, uncaring if it made him sick or not. When he had lived with the Dursleys, he had been deprived of sweets and never knew of the sugary goodness, but as soon as Xavier had given him some chocolate, he had gained somewhat of a sweet tooth. The sweet tooth carried on in him after the adoption and his parents quickly figured out that if there were to be sweets in their house, then they would have to be well hidden from their son with several disguising charms over them which would render Harry's sensitive nose for sweets, useless. Unfortunately, Xavier wasn't as good at hiding candy as Alexandra was and occasionally forgot to disguise their scent; Xavier's secret stash had never been so low.

As Harry enjoyed his dessert, his sharp ears couldn't help but pick up the whispers that spread across the hall about him. It was quite annoying and Harry resisted the urge to yell at them all. He knew it had been a shock that he was placed in Slytherin, but it was their fault for assuming things in the first place. Just because James and Lily Potter had been in Gryffindor, didn't mean he would be a lion. Don't get him wrong; he loved James and Lily, for giving him life and loving him, but he had barely even known them. How could who they were influence him if he could hardly remember them?

Ugh. All these whispers were ruining the enjoyment of his dessert, especially the nasty rumor from Gryffindor saying that his new friends were tainting him and turning him dark that was spreading quickly to Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.

"So, Harry," Pansy started, pulling Harry out of his thoughts. "What do you think of Hogwarts so far?" She asked.

"It's great." Harry replied, smiling.

"You know, I was half expecting you to be sorted into Gryffindor." Blaise stated softly. "Didn't know you had it in you, Potter."

Harry groaned. "I wish people would get over that. I mean, I know my mum and dad were in Gryffindor, but I didn't even know them."

"Yea, but you're also the "Boy Who Lived"." Draco said mockingly, smiling as Harry rolled his eyes. "You know, "The Chosen One", "Wonder Boy", "Savior of the Light", "The—"

"Shut up, I get it!" Harry snapped, mock-glaring at his friend.

"Just saying."

"As for that load of rubbish, they can believe whatever they like, I honestly don't care. I was a baby for Pete's sakes, if anything; Lily Potter should be the hero, not me." Harry said as he picked up another treacle tart from the tray. The other three nodded in agreement. Soon, the food disappeared, and they were sent off to their dormitories. As they were led through the hallways by the Slytherin prefect, Marcus Flint, Harry took the time to look around and remember the way.

Along the way to the dungeons, he was introduced to more of the Slytherins in his year. Theodore Nott, Millicent Bulstrode, Daphne Greengrass, and a couple of body guard-looking type of eleven year-olds named Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle. Crabbe and Goyle didn't speak much, and had only grunted in response when Draco introduced them. Theodore, whom insisted they called him Theo, wasn't very talkative either, preferring to just listen, now and then adding his own input. Millicent reminded Harry a bit of Crabbe and Goyle, though she wasn't as near as dimwitted as they were. Daphne, on the other hand, had plenty to talk about and was everything the pureblooded witch she was bred to be.

"Alright, little firsties, this is the entrance to the Slytherin dormitories." Marcus explained, gesturing to the blank expanse of wall behind him. "The password changes every two weeks or so, and you best remember it because if you get locked out, no one is going to open the entrance for you." Whispering the password just loud enough for them all to hear him, Harry watched as the wall pulled way to reveal the entrance. Once Marcus led them inside, Harry studied the Slytherin common room curiously. Comfy-looking chairs were littered all over the room, as well as a few couches, along with tables in which students could do their homework on. Warmth radiated from the large fireplace, illuminating the room in its soft glow.

Just then their head of house, which Draco had explained was the strange professor that had been glaring at Harry, Severus Snape, walked in. The first years all quieted down and began to listen as the dour man spoke. "Welcome to Hogwarts, as I am sure you are all aware, I am your head of house, Professor Snape and I am the Potions professor. Unlike other houses, I will not condone bad behavior from any of my snakes." Harry bristled as the man looked at him as he said this. Harry had a feeling that he would not like Professor Snape at all. "While you are here and away from home, you shall be family and will treat each other as such. Fighting against each other outside of Slytherin house will not be tolerated, for as most of you know, many of the other houses carry often times false prejudices against us snakes, and we must show a united front to them." He explained. "I expect all of my snakes to receive adequate grades and if you ever need help, then feel free to come to my office or please go to one of the prefects. And the most important thing to remember, is if you must do it, don't get caught."

With that, the man strode out of the room, his robes billowing behind him. Harry liked that kind of thinking, as long as he didn't get caught doing something bad, he wouldn't get punished. Then again, Snape didn't seem to like him very much and he wouldn't be surprised if Snape decided to punish him anyways. It was just his luck to already have a teacher hate him, and it wasn't even the first day yet.

"Okay," Marcus started, gaining back their attention. "Girls' dorms are to the right and boys' are to the left. Boys are forbidden to enter the girls' dorms and vice versa, unless stated otherwise, to do so will result in a detention with Flich." He threatened. "Two to a room, partner up!" The first years immediately started partnering up and after they were done, a roll of parchment appeared in Marcus' hands. He read off the pairs, telling them where their room was. "As of right now, you are unable to change dorm-mates, unless there are special circumstances that require you to do so or you have written permission from Snape. If you have no questions, head up to your dorms and get ready for bed."

Harry and Draco went up to the dorm that they would be sharing for the next seven years together and bid goodnight to Blaise and Pansy. Entering their room, Harry was surprised to see his trunk sitting at the end of one of the beds; magic really was an awesome thing. There were two beds, each with dark green covers and matching curtains surrounding them. Bed had never seemed so inviting, what with having spent hours in an uncomfortable train seat, Harry just wanted to sleep. Despite the risks he was taking by going to Hogwarts, Harry couldn't be happier with the current outcomes. He knew he had promised to write to his parents, but that could wait until tomorrow, for now he was just going to enjoy himself.

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