Destiny's eye

When I thought it was all over my heart sank again the feeling of pain, misery and vomit filled my lungs of eternity. I should have known it would happen again but I didn't know when or how but I wondered but I didn't find the answer, it jumped upon me without a signal, without permission, it suffocated me with its love but then turn against me.

This thing you may ask is the most acceptable creature in the human life, the faith of mankind and Mother Nature: he was the start of this pain but he was a living god of love...

... but made my life a nightmare, he trapped me with a single, simple lopsided smile, tinkle in his eyes and a swoosh of light reflected hair as he turned around, this move enclosed me into a dream of passion but no one could imagine the future.

He talked so softly that made you drift off into a daydream of lust and happiness but it changed after five years. The sound of the wind blowing the golden brown leaves n the invented smell of freshly cut drew grass enter my nose n taste buds without the intention of hope, made my dream a reality of sadness. He promised me that he will love me and nothing would change our happiness but that promise got broken!