Hallo! I had this idea ages ago and, well, I decided to finally write it. It's an alternate universe set in the city of Ilithon, which was once the most lively and rich cities in the whole of the world. It has since fallen into ruin and is home to They.

It's a little like Lord of the Rings by Tolkien(which if you haven't read, read it! read it now!), The Various by Steve Augarde(another very good book) and Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll mainly because of the era and so many different types of people more than anything I think. Anyway, I'm rambling, hope you like it!

Stuff of Legends

Blood pounded in my ears. They were after me. I could hear them laughing and shouting not far behind me. It was fair to say, I was lost in the ruinous city of Ilithon. I sped round yet another corner, in an attempt to throw them of my trail, when I came up against a high smooth wall. I cursed. I was now trapped and their footsteps were getting nearer and nearer.

I crouched down into a darkish corner hoping They wouldn't see me when they came. I didn't want Them to catch me. I'd been warned about They. First they capture you and torture you as you are taken to their king. Then it gets worse until you die a slow and painful death. Only one person has ever survived the wrath of They in the 300 odd years our civilisation has existed. He was sent back to our village, horribly disfigured and covered in bruises and cuts and missing his left hand. Then, in the night, They came and killed half of our people as well as torching the village to the ground.

I could hear them now, walking slowly, knowing I was trapped. As my situation sank in, I accepted my fate. I was to die at 15. I stood up slowly, tensing my muscles. I wasn't going without a fight. Suddenly I was pulled backwards into several arms and a firm chest. A hand covered my mouth as I cried out. I could hear pounding footsteps and as a stone rolled back into place I saw the hint of purple uniforms. I sat up from the crumpled heap of bodies and blinked while my eyes adjust themselves to the dim light cast by flickering yellow torches on the walls. Outside, the sound of men scrabbling against rock and earth, shouting, grunting. I looked around, as I tried to work out where I was and discovered I was in a very long tunnel. My two saviours picked themselves up and crouched in front of me.

"Look Kaoru, we've found ourselves a new toy" one said while he poked me in the cheek.

"But Hikaru, I don't need anyone other than you" the other whined. They held each other for a moment, gazing into each others eyes.

"Erm, I'm sorry to interrupt" I whispered for They were still the other side of the wall, "but where am I?"

"Oh! It can talk!" Hikaru almost yelled.

"Don't be mean," Kaoru scolded, "now then, lets take you to see the Prince and then you can have something to eat." He smiled.

"Erm okay then…" The twins hooked their arms around mine and dragged me off down the stone passage. As we left, shouting could still be heard the other side of the wall.

"You never answered, where am I?" I'd been dragged around for what seemed like hours but time was probably stretching itself, it was hard to tell in the darkness. The two red haired boys looked at each other before looking down at me.

"This" said the one on my left, Kaoru I think.

"Is the land" the one on my right continued.

"Of the Gorjids!" they laughed together. Huge grins plastered to their faces.

I was confused, "Gorjids? But you're just legends!"

"Oh, is that so? Who are you then?"

"My name is Haruhi Fujioka, and I am a Prey."

They stopped walking and their jaws dropped to the floor in sync. " And you said we were legends!" The two boys peered at me, making me feel very uncomfortable.

"Stop looking at me like that!" As a reply, they hooked my arms again and continued to drag me to our destination in an uncomfortable silence, the only communication was when the twins glanced at each other over my head . The pressure was also getting unbearable as we descended a rather steep slope.

After what seemed like several more hours but was probably only about half of one, we entered a huge cavern. A hundred or so faces turned to look at us as we approached a throne shaped rock on the far side of the cave. A huge fire burned brightly in the middle of the cavern, lighting the room with the same flickering light as the torches in the passages.

"Hikaru! Kaoru! I was beginning to wonder where you were!" A tall blond leaped towards us, "Oh and you've brought us a fair maiden too!" He clapped his hands in glee and danced around the three of us. I wonder if he's mad…

"she was about to be captured by the Ootori's Sire, but we rescued her" didn't they mean They? Well I suppose different civilisations, different names.

"What are you doing Tamaki?" a voice boomed fro the throne rock.

"Oh, you must meet my father! Erm, I'm sorry, what was your name?"

"Haruhi Fujioka"

"Tamaki!" Upon hearing his name, said person grabbed my hand and dragged me over to his father.

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