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Plan A

I can feel them on my back. The eyes. Always staring at me. Deep onyx grey eyes that can see straight through your soul. I frantically look around me trying to find something in this great nothingness. I was in the middle of what seemed like a white clearing that goes on and on as far as the eye can see with nothing I can detect to break up the bleakness. I start walking in a random direction.

After some time of dragging my feet I see smoke rising in the distance. I quicken my pace, almost breaking into a run in an attempt to reach the fire. As I get closer I start to pick out large cone like shapes dotted around that were set alight. They stretch far away to all the horizons, hundreds of smoking piles. Finally, I walk up to the nearest mound before reeling back in horror.

"Do you believe in destiny Haruhi?" I spin around quickly, reaching for a sword but finding none there. I peer out into the distance, slowly tracing my way round a circle but finding no one there.

"Who are you? Where are you?" I ask in my most commanding voice, usually reserved for sorting out the misbehaving teens back home. The voice laughs.

"Feisty aren't we Princess"

"Where are you? Show yourself!"

"Very well" A sudden gust of wind pass' by and a black cloak walks up to me before bowing low on the floor. One hand is placed on his back which has a small cat puppet on it. He then rises to reveal piercing sea green eyes lurking beneath the hood of the cloak.

"Who… who are you?" I ask shakily.

"Umehito Nekozawa, royal aide, at your service Princess" He bowed again.

"Umehito… but you're in The Book! How can you possibly be here?" This is maddening!

He chuckles again, "Your language is so primitive Princess," he smiles, "but yes, I am one and the same. It is nearly time, and that is why I'm here."

"Time for what?" I'm so confused.

"See these?" He gestures to the piles around us, "these are the bodies of all the people slain by the Ootori's over the centuries. Kind of gruesome don't you think?" I nod numbly in response, this revelation not quite sinking in, while looking out to the horizon where the ground was becoming grass as the sky got darker. "This is where you come in. You must overcome the scum that is Kyōya and take back the throne."

"I… I… I can't!" He clicks his fingers and I yelp as a streak of lightning leaps across the sky followed by a deep rumble of thunder.

"Please Princess, we need you to help us," I look down to see a small child tugging at my sleeve. A few more children came to join the first. Slowly I kneel down to their height, turning around at the same time to face the… bodies but without looking at them.

"Yuuki, Arai, Momoko! Come away from her," I look up to see that instead of piles I am now surrounded by thousands and thousands of people. Quickly, I leap up and start walking backwards, panic building in my stomach. "She's a heartless traitor to her people that it is her duty to protect" Frantically I look around, trying to find Umehito. The hundreds of lines of people begin to walk towards me. I start running sideways before turning round fully and sprinting as far away as possible. I run blindly trying to put as much distance between them and myself.

Suddenly I trip and find myself falling backwards down a deep hole. The children's faces crowd around the top of the hole. I close my eyes and wait for the inevitable.

I land on something soft and springy. Cracking my right eye open I look around without lifting my head. Eventually I heave myself up onto my elbows to look around properly. I was in a large room on a huge bed with dark purple curtains around it. Along the wall at the foot of the bed is a large bank of windows looking out over a well kept garden.

"Well Sire, he kind of, well, erm…" A nervous voice stuttered nearby.

"Spit it out!"

"He… he escaped Sire"

"Do explain further"

"Well, we followed him around the city and we knew we had him cornered but when we turned the corner we saw part of the wall moving and he was gone."

"How interesting… Get all the men that were involved in this to open up that section of the wall. I want it down by tomorrow evening and get the rest of the guard to be on alert. We launch an attack at sundown tomorrow."

"Yes Sire!" The sound of running feet filled the air as the room faded away to white. I found myself sitting in the bleakness that I first entered.

"So you see, the reason that the Gorjids died was your fault."

"Umehito? Where are you?"

He chuckles again, "That's up to you to find out. As to Kyōya, I hope you make the right choice."

"That's not an answer! Umehito! Umehito!"

"Haruhi, shh, you'll alert the Ootori's" I'm sitting bolt upright in the little house we found last night, drenched in a cold sweat with Tamaki's had placed reassuringly on my right shoulder and the twins sitting on my left looking worried.

"Sorry, I…" I trail off, remembering fragments of my dream.

"Bad dream?" Tamaki asks gently.

"You could say that," I close my eyes only to see the hundreds of piles waiting for me there. "I have to go to Kyōya's palace."

"What?" The twins pipe up, "But that's suicide!"

"I have to go," I whispered.

"Why? Is this to do with Umehito?" Tamaki asks.

"Who's Umehito?" Hikaru and Kaoru ask at the same time.

"The Royal Aide to Princess Renge Houshakuji 300 years ago." I reply slowly

"So why is he in your dreams?"

I sigh, "You know you said that I would know the descendants of Princess Renge but you wouldn't, well, actually you do." Tamaki watches us confusion written in his features as Kaoru's and then Hikaru's eyes filled with understanding.

"Princess?" To this they both throw themselves onto the floor in a low bow.

"What are you doing?" I hiss, "Get up, get up!"

"But Princess we must serve you"

"You shall do no such thing, you are my friends and do not need to serve me. But this is the reason I have to find Kyōya and overthrow his rule."

"Then I shall come with you" Tamaki states firmly after listening to the previous conversation.

"Yeah, and us too"

I smile weakly at my friends, "Thank you" I whisper as I reach out to hug them all.

We ate some of the bread that we had brought with us before packing our things up. I walk over to Tamaki who is putting his sleeping sack back into a rucksack, the crown in my hands. "Tamaki," I say softly.

"Yes Haruhi?" He kept his back to me as he continued wrestling with the rucksack.

"Your… your father asked me to give you this," I stutter, a tear falling slowly from my eyes. I still remember the day father told me that my mother had been killed by the Ootori's. I briefly wonder if she was one of those thousands of people I saw last night before suppressing the memory. Tamaki turned slowly to face me and regards the crown in my hands.

"Did he die in pain?" Tamaki asks in a measured voice, in his attempt to stop himself from crying. I reach my arms around his neck and lean up towards his face.

"A little bit," I whisper into the crook of his neck, "but he was peaceful." I felt Tamaki's arms shakily wrap around my waist as he buried his face in my hair, sobbing gently. I reached up to run a few strands of his hair through my fingers soothingly. "I'm sorry," I murmur softly, "I'm so sorry."

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