Here another attempt. Seriously I need focus or this story might end it up lake the last one, hope I can work on it later on.

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A girl walks through a creepy forest with a consuming fear. She was around sixteen, dress in a green jacket, a white shirt under it and a khaki mini skirt. She also has an unusual pink hair and emerald eye. She then pulls a piece of paper out of her backpack and say.

"So, youkai academy eh? Wonder why this school is in this isolated part of the country? But the weird part was the route bus driver took to came here."

She continues looking at the sheet of paper while walking. In that moment she stumble with someone, after falling she open her eye and see a boy her age with blond hair, blue eye , wearing the school uniform but with a brown pants and a black t-shirt under the shirt. But his most distinct trait was whisker-mark on his cheek. He was picking his stuff which have fall to the ground, she see him and think.

"(Oh god his cute.)"

After picking his stuff he turns to her and says.

"Are you…okay?" he was speechless by the beauty of the girl. Both of them were staring at each other. But the boy turns his hazes down and saw her panties. Then a current of blood come out of his noses. The rosette turns down and sees her legs wide open, she closes them fast. The boy turns away while covering his nose and says.

"I-I'm sorry I didn't meant to see it."

"N-No is my fault, I didn't see were I was going."

After a while of silences they got up and introduces them self to each other.

"Sorry for what happen early, my name is naruto uzumaky."

"No I should be the one apology for stumble with you. I'm sakura haruno." After saying her name she stretch her hand, the blond do the same and says.

"Yeah but still I did…pep in there."

The rosette blushes and says. "Oh no I should close my leg after I land on my butt, but seems you're going to youkai academy too."

"Yes I am. Hey how about we walk together?"

She smile and says. "Yeah sure."

Both of them walk to the academy, time pass and the rosette was in her designated classroom. The teacher speaks. "Welcome to youkai academy and to you new school year." The teacher has short black hair, a purple shirt and a skirt. She then introduces her self. "I will be your teacher shizune. As you know the world is rule by humans so this academy was found to learn to coexist with them."

The rosette courier by the comment thinks.

"(What did she means "coexisting")"

She then sees a furry tail coming out of her back. She was astonished but then she says. "So as a ruler you must always follow is to stay in your human form at all time, so the troll in the back return to your human form."

Sakura turns to the back and see the creature returning to his human form, she scare of what she saw thinks.

"(Damn it his a monster and shizune sensei is one as well. Which mean everyone in this school are monsters.)"

"Oh and one more thing, if a human is spotted in this academy it will be kill on site to protect this school."

"(…kill? So if they know I'm a human I will be kill. I kneed to get out of this place before they discover the truth.)"

In that moment the door opens and naruto appears. He then says. "Sorry I'm late. I was taking care of my paper work." he then saw the rosette and say. "Hey sakura!" he then wave his hand and she nervously does the same. Shizune say.

"Okay Mr. uzumaki go and take your seat."

"Yes ma'am."

He then does what she says. Time pass and both of them were in there break. Naruto saw the rosette sad expression and ask.

"Are you okay sakura?"

"Oh…yes I am."

"You look worry, is some thing wrong?"

"No, no I'm okay. (A school for monster so that means naruto is a monster as well. Wonder what type of monster he is?)"

She then stars to imaging his real form. A huge mass with hundreds of eye and tentacle, the creature say. "Your so beautiful sakura, I think I'm going to enjoy playing with you."

She then scream, the rosette scare the blond to almost death. With a hand in his chest ask.

"What's wrong sakura?"

"Tentacle rape! "


"Sorry is that I just wondering how you look in your real form?"

"You think I'm a tentacle monster?"


He looks at her and says. "Don't worry I'm not that."

"So what are you?"

With a wide smile he answers. "I'm a kitsune."

"A kitsune?"

He scratches the back of his head and say, "Well I'm half kitsune. My mom is human and well my dad the kitsune. Like all hybrids I'm not very well accepted in ether the human of monster world.

The rosette sees the sadness in his eye and thinks.

"(Seems he has a worst childhood than me, I know what it feels not to be accepted for been different.)"

The blond snap out of his sadness and ask her.

"So what type of monster are you?"

"… well the thing is."