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The rosette and the blond kitsune were sitting on the classroom when shizune sensei enter and make an announcement.

"Good morning class. Today is the day were all first year chose a club to join in."

The rosette asks curies. "A club?"

"That's right, in order to blend in human society you must learn there costume. Joining a club will help you achieve that even if have live sometime in there world."

Then the hold class goes outside. Ones they were out they see all of them line up. Both sakura and naruto walk around seeing all the clubs, they suddenly spot ten-ten in one of the kiosk. They come near her and ask.

"Hey sis are in this club?"

"Yes I am."

"Must be fun been in the club."

"It is sometime sakura but it is boring mostly of the time."

Naruto ask. "So are you the only one in this club?"

"Acores not, There the club and a friend of mine name neji."

Then they hear a voice. "Here the rest of the news paper."

Then a man a year older than them appears. He have the school uniform but he have a tide and unbutton the jacket, long brown hair, lavender color eye and a headband wrap around his head. He then turns to both the freshman and say.

"So are you're here to join the club?"

"I guess so."

"Oh c'mon naruto don't be afraid of him."

He turns to the brunet and say. "So his you brother ten-ten?"

"That's right and she sakura haruno his friend."

Then the rosette bow and say. "Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too, my name is neji hyuga."

He stent his hand to shake hers, Ones done the rosette see her hand. Naruto ask.

"Is something wrong sakura?"

"Nothing is just that his hand feel cool."

The brunet asks. "Cool? Wait, did you got into a fight neji?"

"Why did you ask?"

"Because the got that way when your treat or something."

"It was nothing like that."

"So what thent?"

"Well you see…"


Then they turn around and saw a bunch of student dress in karate outfit. They see the hyuga and say.

"I finally found you."

"You must be the captin of the karate club."

"I hear you beat my hold team by your self."


The brunet asks him. "You did that?"

"Yes, I did. They were hosting a competition to see who break more brick than the captain, I obviously won but they didn't like the results and jump over me which causes the hold team to be beat."

The rosette was amazes and say." You sure are strong."

"Is the result of years of training."

"I don't care what it was, I will beat the living shit out of you and destroy that shit you call club."

Then the hold karate club charge against him. Naruto was ready to step in but ten-ten stop him. He asks her.

"Why are you stopping me?"

"He can take care of him self."

Then both of them watch the fight. Then they nodes his hand transform into claw-like ice and shot a barrage of ice shard that frost the hold club. They were amazes at his true form and ask.

"No way, is he…"

"An ice-man?"

The rosette asks. "But I though only snow fairy exist?"

"Truth but when a monster that have one gender bread with a human, it cause a mutation that change the offspring which in this case neji been born as a male snow fairy or ice-man and me."


"Yes, kitsune are born with blond hair but because of our mom I was born brunette."

"Oh I see."

Then the brunet nodes that all the first year run off because of the fight, she angry scream.

"Are you serious!"

"I can't believe they run off."

"And is your foul they run off."

The hyuga say. "Well enlist there here."

"You're lucky we didn't run."

"Thank you guys." Says the brunet after sighing.

She then handles the application to them. Ones they finish they when to look around. When both of the second year picking there stuff another person walks to them and ask.

"Are they still accepting members?"

"Sure here it goes…ino!"

"That's me."

Then the blond succubus grabs the application, signing it and gives it to the brunet who was still staring at her.