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Summary: Lois and Clark are dating…secretly. Throw in a nosy cousin, exes, powers and so on…That's all for the summary…lol

Pairings: Clois and maybe others too

A/N: That's my first Clois story. FYI English is not my first language so bear with me. I don't know if I'll be able to update often but I'll try. Cheers!

You're mine…in secret

Chapter 1

She could feel his hot breath on her neck while his large hands were lightly brushing her waist. And as always this simple action causes her inside to warm up.

Every morning he does the same thing to wake her up. And every morning she pretends to be asleep just to feel him. And she definitely knows that he knew very well that she was awake. But it was a silent agreement between them. They didn't want to break the ritual…for their own pleasure!

"Come on baby wake up now" she heard him say in his sexy husky voice. She didn't want to wake up because this would mean that he was going back. This means that they would have to pretend again. She sighs heavily.

"Baby please wake up. I don't want to go back home without saying goodbye properly". She smiles because she knew that there was an adorable pout on his handsome face.

"Ok. Ok. I'm up. Damn what should a girl do to have a proper 8hrs sleep huh?"

"Hmmm. Maybe sleep during 8hrs. Maybe come back from work earlier. Or maybe not make out with her gorgeous boyfriend for hours, hours, hours and hours" he said with a large smile. She couldn't help but smile too.

"Why do you have to go back so early again?"

"Sweetheart you know perfectly well that it is Thursday. Which means that Chloe will be here in, hmm, 30 minutes, for the usual TBBC (Thursday Breakfast Between Cuz). And we don't want her to find me here, in your bed. Do we?"

She groans. "No we don't Smallville. But this is ridiculous. That's not fair. It's totally not fair"

"Really? Huh! But for your information baby, I'm not the one who came up with this rule. It's your secret dating rule Lo. I was 100% ok with telling everyone after our first 3 months together. But no! You wouldn't hear about it. And here we are, after 8 months together, still sneaking around and LYING to everyone."

"Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But we needed it Clark. You know it"

"Ok Lo. We are so not going to argue now. You are going to give me a big kiss and I'm going home. That's my plan for now"

"A big kiss huh?" Lois said with a toothy grin. Clark nodded with his usual sheepish smile.

She couldn't resist him. So she climbs on top of him and kiss him hard on the mouth. Soon they were having a heavy make out session on Lois's bed. They were totally wrapped up in this moment that they missed the front door opening.

Panting heavily, they both jump apart when they heard the little blond calling for her cuz.

Before Chloe comes in Lois's room, Clark puts on his clothes on super speed; kiss his girlfriend one last time before jumping from the bedroom's window.

Another typical Thursday Lois thought. She then jumped out of bed with a big smile and she went out to welcome her cousin.


"Hey cuz!"

"Hey Lo! Can we start the TBBC? I'm kind of starving"

"I'm starving too, but can you give me 10 minutes to freshen up a little?"

"Yeah 10 minutes it is" Chloe replied with a smile.

But the blond smile faded when Lois went to the bathroom. Chloe wasn't a fool. She knew that something was up. She didn't know what yet but she will soon.

3 months earlier Chloe realized that Lois has changed. Her cousin, who was usually a nerve wreck, was calmer. She didn't go out as often as before and when she did Lois didn't drink as much. She was as nicer as Lois can be, but still she was nice with strangers. Weird she thought.

But what was strange also was Lois and Clark relationship. They didn't fight as much as before. They still have their usual banter, but it lacks something and Clark won some of their fight. When she talked about her findings with her best friend, Clark said that Lois was becoming mature.

"Mature? Mature Clark. We are talking about Lois here"

"What do you mean? Do you mean that Lois isn't the mature type? Is this what you are saying Chlo?"

"No. That's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that Lois, no matter how mature she is, she doesn't refuse to go out, she doesn't refuse a drink and she definitely does not play nice to people. Clark don't you realize it, something is wrong. Totally wrong!"

"Chloe calm down. Don't you thing that if something was wrong Lois would have talk to you? Maybe she realized that there were better things in life than going out or drinking. Maybe she realized that being nice to someone was better too. Chloe you can't blame her for being nice and responsible. Can you?"

"No I can't" Chloe sighs.

Even though Clark's words convinced her for some time, she couldn't fight it any more.

Lois has changed.

And she, Chloe Sullivan, wants to know why.