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Epilogue: Chapter 21

6 months after the fight with Zod

Things changed during those 6 months: Oliver finally had the courage to ask Dinah out and Bart was a very happy man since Chloe accepted his date request. And for Lois & Clark, things changed too. Those two were no longer girlfriend and boyfriend…no for 2 months now Lois and Clark were engaged and living together.

Clark's proposal was not conventional and definitely not prepared.

Two months ago, the last son of Krypton finally mastered the art of flying thanks to Lois's perseverance. After his first flight alone, he brought Lois up, up, up and away. They were both thrilled by this new experience and this is where Clark, out of nowhere, asked Lois to marry him.

Needless to say, that they both froze after the question. Clark then mumbled some incoherent things while Lois starred at him with wide eyes. And while he tried to give a good excuse to his blunt question, he didn't notice his soon-to-be fiancee smile.


"I'm an idiot. You know, this is not how I wanted to ask you…not that I wanted to ask you…that's not what I mean…I meant that…"



"Would you stop mumbling and listen to what I have to say?" She had asked him with a glare.

"Sorry" he answered sheepishly before he hung his head low.


When he heard her soft voice, he looked up and saw the sweet smile on her face.

"Baby what would you do if my answer was yes to your question?"

"Wha…what do you mean? Do you…"

When she nodded, a big smile made an appearance on his face.

This was it. He didn't plan to ask her like that, but he already had the ring at home. He wanted to do something romantic for her and he already started working on his speech. And as usual, things took a different turn. Looking in Lois's eyes, he knew that now was the right time, romantic or not…

He cleared his throat.

"Hmm. Hmmm. So…Lois, would you marry me?" he asked with hope in his eyes.

"Well you know, when you are asked to marry someone when hovering in the air you can't really say no…so yes Smallville I want to be your wife" she answered with a smirk.

They kissed to seal the deal and they did much more afterward.

3 months later

"Seriously Ollie, you should talk to him. He needs to be more careful. Do you know that he made a save in the broad day light? Someone could have seen him" Lois explained to Oliver.

Chloe, Bart, Dinah and Oliver were having dinner at the farm with Lois and Clark. But Clark had to go for a Blur duty. And Lois took this opportunity to share her fear for her fiancé. Clark was taking too much risk lately. She understood that this was his destiny, but he needed to be more careful. People could recognize him and things will get complicated.

"Lo, do you seriously think that he will listen to me? If you couldn't convince him, how could I?" Oliver asked her.

"Well I didn't really ask him about it. I thought that you could suggest this…you being a superhero too…"

"Seriously Lo, you should be the one asking him. He always listens to you. You know that…" Chloe said.

"I know. I know." Lois said then sighed.

"What's really wrong Lo?" Chloe asked her.

"Well did Clark tell you about what Zod told him?"

"Well he did say that it was something like Brainiac that led Zod and his friends in our time to eliminate Clark before he becomes the one he is destined to be" Ollie said.

"Yeah. I just don't want things to go wrong before he becomes who he should be. Clark has many enemies out there. Enemies, who come in the past to eliminate him. This shows that he is definitely a big threat to them in the future. I just want him to be safe. He needs to wear a better costume that this Blur thing and be this big guy who help the world"

Just then a whoosh sound was heard and Clark came back with them in his casual wear.

"So. What are you talking about?" he asked.

"You" Lois simply said.

Clark raised one eyebrow at her.


She nodded.

"What about me?"

Lois looked at him intensely, then a twinkle appeared in her eyes and she smirked.

Oh. Oh. Clark thought. I know this look and this usually is not a good thing for me.

"What are you planning Lo?" He asked, now scared when she smiled innocently at him.

Oliver, Bart, Chloe and Dinah shared a look before looking at Clark with sorry faces.

"What?" he asked once again.

"I got the perfect idea for your costume"

"My..my costume? What are you…?"

"Exactly like in my dreams" she cut him off.

"Your dreams? Lois what are you…?"

"Yes tights. It would look good on you…"

"WHAT? Tights? I'm not wearing tights…"

Lois glared at him.

"Yes you are" she said with conviction.

Clark looked at her petrified. He looked at his friend for support, but they all found the design on the ground much more interesting.

"I'm not wearing tights Lois. And what is this all about?"

"Clark, are you not following? We are talking about your future costume. The costume which will help you be the hero this world needs. The costume of your future alter ego, not the Blur thing. Oh and we are also changing your name. The Blur is so outdated" she announced proudly.

Clark sat there, mouth in an O shape and eyes wide. As things were going on, he would not have a word in this and he will soon be saving people in tights… Oh god!

"Aha…I know exactly who will help"

"You do?" he asked in a small voice.

He watched her composed a number on her cell and waited for the person to pick up.

He wondered how he always does what Lois says. God he loved her, but sometimes she made him do things that he never would have done.

Thinking harder, he wouldn't change a thing. He loved her and he would marry this woman in two months. And he would do anything to please her, even if he had to wear tights…

Lois eyes brighten up when the person picked up the phone.

He sighed. This is it. His destiny was in Lois and the other person's hand.

"Hello Martha. I need your help…"

….. THE END….