Title: Back To Protect

Author: Writing My Life

Type Story: Pokemon

Pairings: Ash/Misty

Summary: There stood 10 year old Ash in all of his short glory. "Oh Damn." he whispered, his eyes still widened. "Mewtwo was right...I'm back." This was his chance to change everything.

Author's Note: Well readers, this is my new story. I truly hope that you love it as much as I loved writing it.

Prologue - A Shift In Time

"And the winner of the Sinoh League Competition is - ASH KETCHUM OF PALLET TOWN!"

"I love you Misty." _ "I love you too Ash"

"You ready to Battle Ash?" Asked the Dragon Master. _ "Ready when you are Lance."


"Misteria Lily Waterflower, will you marry me?" asked an on his knees Ash, a box with a dimond ring in his hands. _ Tears welled up in her eyes as she spoke her words of love. "Yes."

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Mr. and Mrs. Ashton Ketchum!"

"And Team Rocket, Magma, Aqua and Galaxi were all defeated once and for all by Master Ranger Ketchum!"

"I'm pregnant Ash."

"Its a girl. I give you your daughter, Ashley Misteria Ketchum!"

"Sir, its Team Omni, they're here...we need backup, NOW!"

"I'll be back soon. I promise. Be safe, I love you."


"I'm Sorry sir...we did all we could but your wife and daughter didn't make it."

Ashton Satoshi Ketchum of age 21 sat on his porch, a dead look in his eyes. One year ago his wife of only a year and a half and three month old daughter were attacked by the vicious Team Omni. They didn't make it.

Since then Ash had been dead to the world. He had cut all contact from the outside world, abandoning his team of Pokemon Rangers, his friends, and his family. The only person who he allowed contact with was his faithful partner of 11 years, Pikachu, who was currently sitting beside him, silent.

Pikachu knew that his master and best friend was having a hard time. Since they died, he hadn't been the same. He didn't blame Ash but he just wished that he could cheer him up, just make him smile once. But whenever he tried to make his perminent frown turn upside down it only ended up in Ash secluding himself more from the world. He didn't want to be happy. He just wanted his old life back. He would do anything, anything to have them back.

"Anything you say?" Asked a voice from behind.

Pikachu jumped a bit, sparks eminating from his cheeks but Ash stayed calm. "Mewtwo." he greeted cooly. "What do you want?"

"You say that you will do anything to have Misty back." he said, ignoring Ash's previous question.

Ash sighed sadly. "I'd give my life if it meant Misty could regain hers." Tears trickled slowly down his cold and hard stoned face.

Mewtwo's eyes held sympathy towards the only human he held respect and kindness for. Ash had risked his life for him, not once, but twice proving to him that humans and pokemon could live together in harmony. Although he did not trust other humans, he knew that he would trust his life with Ash. But not only did he save his, but he saved the entire world of Pokemon on multiple occurences. And so he offered the savior of world this small gift of graditude. "I can send you back."

Ash's eyebrows quriked up. "Back where?" he asked in confusion.

"Back to the time when it all began. You can live your life over, and get the chance to destroy the evil before it can rise up." he said, talking about Omni.

"Re-really?" Asked a shocked Ash, who, for the first time showed emotion. "How?"

"Ash, you have given your life for the lives of Pokemon. We pokemon are in debt to you and plan to repay you in full. When you return, all your memories of this time will be with you. All of your experiences and times will never go away. Every legendary pokemon of whom you encountered will know of you, helping you along the way as you redo your life. But no other will remember. All the humans friends you've made will no longer remember you." he said.

"What about Pikachu?" Pikachu's head looked up, pleadingly.

"Ahh yes. Your lil mouse will remember as well." Mewtwo chuckled. "Yeouch!" it grumbled at the shock the yellow mouse gave. "And now, are you ready? Because once you go through with this, there is no turning back." he warned.

"Yes." he said with deep conviction.

Ash closed his eyes as his soul was sent years into the past. Memories of each of his battles, friends and hardships flashed through his eyes as darkness took over.


Ash Ketchum groaned as he streatched from his bed. His eyes opened, blinking a bit. He opened fully, shocked as he found himself in his dirty room from 11 years ago. He hurried to his mirror, and gasped. There stood 10 year old Ash in all of his short glory. "Oh Damn." he whispered, his eyes still widened. "Mewtwo was right...I'm back." This was his chance to change everything.

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