How Will I Know?

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Chapter 1-Angel

God send me an angel
From the heavens above
Send me an angel to heal my broken heart
From being in love
'Cause all I do is cry
God send me an angel
To wipe the tears from my eyes (Amanda Perez)

Kurt Hummel sat slouched on the bench at a bus stop only several blocks from the walls of William McKinley High; he waved dismissively at the bus driver who had stopped, thinking the young boy was waiting to board. With a soft rumble the bus sped back up and disappeared down the street. It was not long, however, before another vehicle passed him, this time it was an old black Mustang, but Kurt paid it about as much mind as he had the bus, he didn't even notice when a young man stepped out, mentioning something along the lines of "It's okay, mom, I know him, see you." The echoing of the door when it closed did not even faze Kurt.

It was not until the old wooden bench buckled under the pressure of another body that Kurt realized he was not alone. Kurt frowned and stared up at his new bench-sitting partner with sad eyes, "Hey, Finn." Kurt looked away again, back to the asphalt.

Finn looked worried, he may not have been the smartest kid in his class, but even he could tell when something was bothering someone. It also helped that instead of a meticulously matched outfit Kurt was dressed in a pair of simple black skinny jeans; and the fabric that covered his knees was stained green and brown, as if Kurt had been kneeling on the ground. Since when did Kurt get on his knees to do anything? Finn's mind began to race to places far unexpected and he shook himself to rid his brain of the vastly unfamiliar and inappropriate images. He decided it best to just keep looking at Kurt. A pair of black and white Converse, and a pale grey (well worn) Ohio State University sweatshirt—his hands were stuffed in the front pocket. Not to mention Kurt's eyes were decorated with dark circles, and swollen, and his nose was red. And to top it off Kurt's usually perfectly quaffed hair was slightly disheveled and his bangs hung loosely against his forehead.

Had Kurt been crying, the boy wondered to himself. More than that Kurt looked as if he had not slept since Finn last saw him on Friday right after Glee practice.

Who this person was it wasn't Kurt. At least not the Kurt he knew, and cared about. With a gentle ease, something he was accustom to for being so big, Finn put a hand on Kurt's shoulder as he shook his backpack off his right shoulder and let it fall to the ground. "Kurt, what's wrong? What are you doing here?" Finn tried to be as gentle with his tone as he had been with his touch, but for the amount of worry that had consumed him he found it to be a far more daunting task.

"How is your mother doing, Finn?" Kurt did not look at him. "Is she well?"

Finn frowned in confusion, "Yeah, she's alright. Just doing the mom-thing." The mom-thing? That was the best he could come up with? Finn made a mental note to beat his head against his bedroom wall when he got home.

Kurt's bottom lip quivered and he looked as if he was about to burst at any moment, like whatever it was he was holding inside was too much for his small body to hold on to. "That's good." Kurt pushed the words out as if they almost hurt. "It's important for a boy to have his mother."

"Kurt…I don't think I am under…" Finn trailed off. The realization of what was happening hit him like a train of linebackers. Kurt's mom. This was about the boy's mother. His dead mother.

Kurt turned to his friend, "Eleven years. It's been eleven years, Finn." His eyes were full of tears and he stared up at the other boy as if Finn possessed the answers he needed, the reasons behind why it had to be his mother. He looked at Finn as if the taller teen could somehow make it better, "Why does it hurt so badly, Finn?" Kurt started to sob and gasp for air as clear rivers descended his feminine features. "I—I can—t—brea—it—hurts!" Kurt choked through his mangled sentence and Finn swallowed hard, his own heart beginning to hurt.

Finn did the only thing he could think of and moved the hand that had been pressing against Kurt's shoulder and wrapped it around the entire length of his back, from shoulder to shoulder, and pulled the small teen against his chest. Finn wanted to speak, to do something. He had to make this better for Kurt's sake. Finn knew what it was like to lose a parent, but in some ways Kurt had it worse. He had never known his father, yet Kurt had spent the better part of ten years with his mother, just to have her ripped away.

Kurt gripped desperately at the fabric of Finn's flannel shirt and continued to choke and sob and cry into the boy's chest. If it had been a normal day Kurt would have felt bad for staining the other boy's shirt with his tears or for causing such a scene, but today? Today it hurt too much to think—to care, about anything.

As Kurt kept on Finn rubbed soft circles along the small of his back with his other hand, the one that was not currently clinging to the other boy, and cooed into his ear and without thinking he pressed his lips to Kurt's temple; not caring who saw or what they thought or how he and Kurt looked. The only thing that mattered now was Kurt.

It had taken a good forty five minutes, their entire first period, but eventually Kurt calmed down, Finn hoped that it had been because of him—that he had helped, but in actuality it was more likely that Kurt had simply run out of tears.

"Come on, buddy." Finn whispered as he stood, holding out a hand for Kurt. The brunette looked up in pained confusion. "School, we gotta get there soon." Kurt chewed his bottom lip nervously and shook his head in the negative with a vehement force. "Yes." Finn picked up his backpack and slung it over one shoulder and then in one forceful motion he hooked his arms under Kurt's and pulled the smaller boy to his feet. Kurt opened his mouth to protest, but Finn wouldn't allow it. "If you go home, or sit here," he motioned to the bench, "all day, you're going to keep thinking about it more than you have to. Not to mention you'll end up with an ass full of splinters." Finn's smiled beamed down at the other boy when he found that Kurt cracked a small smile to match.

"Now, come on." Finn tugged at the sleeve of Kurt's sweatshirt and the other's mouth dropped.

"Finn, no! I can't!" Kurt looked down at his outfit, "I must look terrible." Finn smiled. "Finn Hudson! How dare you relish in my turmoil." Kurt sounded sad again.

Finn shook his head enthusiastically, "No, no, no! It's just that you look…" Kurt watched him warily, "normal. You look like…" Finn made a face as he thought hard about where to take this conversation. He fumbled a few times before he simply shrugged, "I don't know. I just like it. You look like you're you…" Kurt arched a brow, thoroughly confused. "Like usually you're all covered in Pucci this and Gada that."

It took Finn by surprise, but Kurt nearly doubled over in laughter. Finn looked slightly hurt, "Why are you laughing at me?" He asked a little accusingly.

Kurt waved his hand, '"I'm not laughing at you…" Kurt paused and thought for a moment, "never mind, yeah, I am!" Kurt smiled as he placed a hand on his quivering stomach. "But mostly," he stepped closer to Finn and hugged the bigger boy, "I'm grateful for you."

Instantly Finn forgot he was even upset and he was just grateful, too.

A ten minute walk and a failed excuse on Kurt's part about not having school supplies, and the two boys arrived at McKinley.

"Nice try, Kurt, but I know you keep extra everything in your locker. Hairspray, pencils, notebooks, and a jump drive with all your notes on it."

Kurt narrowed his eyes playfully, "Creeper."

Finn smiled, "Like you haven't been creepin' me since, I don't know, kindergarten?"

"Finn!" Kurt swatted Finn's arm just as they reached Kurt's locker.

"It's the truth." Finn rebuffed as Kurt made quick work of opening his locker.

The first things Kurt grabbed where his travel size bottle of Alterna hairspray, a pocket size comb, and a mini bottle of Alterna White Truffle facial scrub, and a small bag of various kinds of creamy white make-up. "Will you wait here for me? We've got second period together and I would rather not be alone right now."

"Of course." Was Finn's only respond, and a smile to match.

Kurt smiled in appreciation and disappeared into the girl's bathroom down the hall.

It had been ten minutes and Finn was beginning to wonder what was taking so long, but then he remembered he was waiting on Kurt. That meant he could be here till the last bell of the day. "Oof!"

Finn was pulled from his thoughts as someone roughly nudge him with their fist. "What are you doing out here?" He looked to his side and found Puck standing with a suspicious expression plastered across his face.

"Nothing, I was just waiting for…a friend."

Puck's expression only grew more incredulous, but before he interrogate the quarterback any further the sound of the bathroom door echoed and both boys grew silent.

Finn barely recognized his friend. The large sweatshirt now hung over his arm, and now the only thing covering his upper body was the plain white fabric of a too-tight tee; Finn could have sworn that he could see the muscle in Kurt's stomach moving as he walked.

Also, the grass stains which had previously debased the fabric of Kurt's jeans were now barely noticeable. And the only thing he could focus on was the way that Kurt's legs seemed to go on forever and the way the pants seemed to envelop his legs like a second skin.

And Kurt's face was as clear as ever. The color of his cheeks was even and his nose was no longer red and the bags and circles that had claimed the space beneath his baby blue eyes home were no longer there. All traces of sadness and evidence of pain were gone. Kurt looked good.

Kurt looked normal.

Kurt looked sexy.

And he kind of liked it.

Finn nearly choked as he tried to swallow, his eyes darted back and forth, hoping that Puck had not noticed, but when he cast a glance in the other boy's direction he seemed just as distracted—wait what?

Puck's lips were parted slightly and his tongue was pressed up against his teeth and he seemed to breathing kind of hard, but what was stranger that that was the darkness that seemed to be clouding his eyes: the want.

Puck wanted Kurt?

Finn shook himself of the ridiculous thought just Kurt reached them both, "Thank you so much for waiting, Finn. I can always count on you." Kurt reopened his locker and cast an unreadable glance at Puck, "Hello, Noah." He turned back to his locker and began to place everything back inside; trading the beauty supplies for a notebook, binder, and two pens.

Puck only nodded as a way of acknowledging Kurt's greeting, Finn looked over at him and noticed that Puck seemed to be focusing on something intently, he followed Puck's gaze, and found himself staring down at Kurt's ass.

For a moment Finn was just as intrigued, but again, he rid himself of the unfamiliar thoughts and turned his gaze back to Puck, shoot him a questioning glace. This time Puck noticed and seemed flinch before shooting straight up and clearing his throat, "What are you two doing roaming the halls? Looking for a place get it on." Puck made a face of mock disgust.

To this Kurt let out a disbelieving laugh and slammed his locker, "Sometimes, I forget why we don't spend more time together, Noah, and then I see you. Clears that thought right up."

Puck glared at the shorter boy, but said nothing. He had to say he was surprised how easily things had gone back to the way they were after he and Kurt stopped seeing each other in secret. Then again, Kurt seemed to have rebounded back to old habits anyway; he cast a glance at Finn. "Whatever, Princess."

Kurt rolled his eyes and tugged at Finn's shirt, "Come on, Finn," he watched Puck's face and took satisfaction when his features tensed up at the way he had said Finn's name, "we have Spanish. Mr. Shue's already going to kill us for being this late." With that Kurt began down the hallway, with Finn following soon after.

"Later, Puck." Finn tossed a small wave in his friend's direction as he passed by. "See ya at lunch."

"Whatever." Was all Noah said in response.

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