Crimson at Twilight

Her mirror-twin's response in the negative. A hot summer day spent in pursuing some form of perfection, only to fall short. None of it adequate. Pearly teeth catch crimson lips; only he makes her this unsure. With clear dislike of this show of weakness, the reporter makes herself believe it's enough. Not even the perfect little dress of vermillion silk can raise her to his level. Why even try? Finally, out of time, she worriedly goes to the roof. There, as the fireworks begin to burst above, she finds that the look on her arriving hero's face tells another story.

The Perfect Word

He flies through the darkening sky, a blaze of bright color presaging the fireworks set to begin any moment. It's ridiculous for a hero to be anxious over an interview. He can fly spirals and loops at almost the speed of light without feeling a touch of vertigo, but Lois Lane makes him yearn for solid ground underfoot. Kal-El touches down on the parapet just as she emerges from the apartment and the understated elegance of the dress takes his breath away. Clothed in crimson, bathed by the light of the fireworks, she is utterly breathtaking. A single thought: wow.