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Title: A New World

Plot: Bella is a new born vampire bitten while on a family holiday, is wondering around trying to discover and understand who she truly is. She has little evidence of who she was, as she cannot recall much of her previous life, save the information contained on her ID cards.

Life as a newborn can be near impossible when left alone and unguided.

Disclaimer: No copyright violation intended. All 'Twilight' rights belong (as they should) to Stephenie Meyer

Rating: T

Chapter 1 – This is Me (Bella's POV)

My name is Isabella Swan, but somewhere in my mind I seemed to vaguely recall that I prefer to be referred to as Bella. I am 16 years old according to the ID card I have on me and used to live somewhere called Phoenix. And it pains me to say that is all I remember of my former self, before the fateful night I was attacked two or three months ago, whilst on a camping holiday to a place called Jacksonville.

The morning itself when I was, I think bitten by what looked to be a human and now I guessed was probably a vampire is still quite fuzzy. The only clear part is pain, burning unrelenting pain for what felt like years, before finally waking up in the woods to discover a) I had no heart beat, b) I could see, hear and smell things for miles with my un-naturally heightened senses, c) I was inhumanly fast and strong and d) I had an unrelenting and constant burn at the back of my throat, a hunger of sorts.

What I think I am now, I don't want to contemplate, even now I'm discovering new things about myself, such as my skin sparkles in the sunlight like someone has dunked me in a large vat of glitter. I don't sleep, I don't need to eat or drink, my eyes are red, my skin pale white and marble hard and most scarily for me I drink blood. Part of my old nature was repulsed by this as I recalled before the mere sight of blood would render me a heap on the floor. But apparently my new nature over-ruled this part of me to the point I almost enjoying sucking down the warm red liquid. My look of my face rendered me speechless the first time I saw it reflecting on the surface of a small lake. I was still the same as before but somehow more beautiful, but I couldn't pin-point how.

Every memory I have amassed in my months is crystal clear! Even down to the minutiest detail. Instinctively I know I'm not the old me any more, my newly acquired skills were way beyond human capabilities, so what the hell that made me boggled my mind. I knew then, I would have to sever all ties to the 'human' world as I would end up as some lab rat if I were found.

But what am I? I can't be true! Had I been bitten by a radioactive spider, fell across a kryptonite field or carried a unique mutation in my DNA? But all this was comic stuff there was no way it was real. After I had killed a poor innocent animal and sucked it dry I felt so revolted by myself I ran for miles until I came to a small clearing and sensing there was no one around, yes sensing! I still can't believe I can do that! I screamed and pounded the grass hard with my fists leaving small craters in the earth. I think it was at that moment that some of my self-denial began to clear. Drinking blood should have been something out of a fantasy novel, so what does that make me? A mythical creature? The only kind that sprung to mind with my said qualities was a vampire, which seems equally as ludicrous as they aren't supposed to exist! But what worried me most was that parts of what I am now fit the description quite accurately such as red eyes, pale skin, super sensitive very sharp teeth and blood drinking. However contra to popular belief I don't sleep in the day or get burnt by the sunlight. I haven't encountered garlic, crucifixes of holy water yet, so I can't speak for those.

I have no idea how long I've have been wondering, I decided not to count the days, which I eventually lost track of anyway, especially when you don't sleep and the days and nights all run into one another. I don't even know what state I'm in, I've made a point of avoiding civilisation, thereby making it impossible for me to make any research into what I am, not to mention when I'm close to settlements I get this almost unbearable urge to attack any humans scent I pick up, the urge seems to be driven on by a darker side of me through the burn in my throat which seems to chant in my head 'drink, drink, drink' as their scent becomes more potent. I haven't attacked anyone yet, but I don't want to take the chance, the urges are getting stronger every time and I don't relish the thought of killing another human.

Eventually it became necessary to kill again as I needed blood! A herd of passing dear became my next victims. The pain in my throat was becoming more unbearable by the hour and I found myself crouching down and pounced at them, I couldn't even control the reaction. I can only assume it was instinctive, but still I missed them all totally by a fraction of a millimetre and they scattered. I was in effect going into my new existence blind, I had only basic ideas of what I was, what I needed to survive, how to go about my new existence and whether I was doomed to live alone for the next however how long I would live. The terrifying thought of indefinite isolation made me prey I would eventually run into more people like me.

Even today my 'hunting' attempts continue to fail miserably meaning so far I've lived off small things like rabbits and squirrels. The taste is pretty horrific, especially squirrel, but what else can I do. I knew if I wanted to survive I would have to try and find some others like me and ask for help. I wondered for weeks, ran for probably 1000's of miles, the speed I can travel I couldn't even begin to fathom, but as the days passed I began to feel a progressive weakness creeping over me, my speed started to slowed fractionally and my strength waned, clearly I was doing something wrong and my best guess was my diet. I needed to eat, aside from that fact my thirst is getting less and less strangely, my throat seems to have become dumb and the unappetizing taste makes me want to gag, but I don't know for how much longer I can keep going. The more tired I'm getting the more atrocious my attempts are becoming at hunting larger prey.

The other day I came across a new scent just after first light, while I went to investigate. Eventually I found the source, another group of people like me, vampires dare I say it, crouched around what I immediately recognised to be was a body. If I was capable of being sick I would have because of a) seeing their feeding frenzy as they ripped and tore at their kill and b) my own reaction to the smell of blood! My fingers dug into the bark of the tree behind me in an attempt to keep me from rushing over and joining them!

All of a sudden they snapped their heads in my direction, eyes bright red. My instincts screamed danger, but my desire for company had me rooted to the spot. They gracefully stood as one and stalked towards me, the females had fiery red hair and the one male wore jeans only, the muscles in his torso rippled and his long brown hair blew in the breeze.

"Well, well what do we have here?" The bare chested one said menacingly at me,

"Your quite something aren't you", cocking his head to the side as his eyes raking over my body in a predatory fashion that made me shudder and growl in defence. That seemed to be a major error move on my part as they all crouched down ready to pounce as if I had suddenly become the prey. The horrible feeling that I'd bitten off more than I could chew washed over me and with three against one I didn't fancy my chances. The odds were even bleaker with this wave of fatigue and weakness that hung over me, alongside my lack of fighting experience.

"Were you trying to steal our kill you dirty little thing." One of the ladies said, looking at me like something she had scrapped off her shoe.

"No" I replied with as much conviction as I could muster. In the blink of an eye the male had me pinned against the tree by my neck. My struggles were useless against his painful, vice-like grip.

"I think that's a lie to us you half starved child." I tried to shake my head "And you know what...", he leaned into me his lips by my ears. His closeness revolted me, "...I hate liars."

The next thing I knew he had sunk his teeth deeply into my throat and I screamed as they ripped though the flesh. I was pummelled in the side with so much force I swear my ribs were crushed to pieces, my back smashed into a tree across the other side of the clearing knocking it down in the process. I landed with an earth shuddering crash and lay buried nearly a foot deep in the earth. The pain was crippling, but as I saw the group coming back towards me, I knew it was either run for it or be killed. My senses were screaming at me to move and I was unbelievably thankful when my limbs somehow decided to respond and I took off as fast I could. I don't know how long I ran for, and I prayed they weren't following.

Eventually I collapsed to the forest floor, my chest heaving, my eyes scrunched tightly closed in blinding pain, if I could scream I would. I could feel a fluid running from my throat soaking my t-shirt at an alarming rate. My side and back hurt relentlessly, I didn't know if I could bruise anymore and I had no mirror with me so I didn't know what I looked like. I gingerly felt down my ribs and moaned at the tenderness, but immediately regretted making the noise as my throat erupted in fresh waves of pain and more fluid leaked from it.

I wondered if I was going to die right where I was, my mind started to fog until I couldn't think straight. I tried with all my might but I couldn't stop myself slipped in and out of a trance like state where my senses become confused and their perceptive field narrowed. I couldn't even get my body to respond to the simplest of commands. I knew I was now in a very dangerous situation, should I be attacked I would be done for, I just had to lie there and hope and pray to come out of this on the other side. Or maybe it would be better if I didn't make it. If this was what the rest of my life was going to be like and rest of my species population were, then I'd happily turn my back on it.

The pain started to recede from the crippling level to a throbbing stab as darkness began to fall. It was at this point I felt myself coming round back to a more normal state of consciousness, even though my senses were now no where near as sharp as before. I gingerly felt my neck, there were definite large deep lacerations over it. Carefully I tried to sit up but was assaulted by the worst surge of weakness I'd ever felt, everything span alarmingly and I fell back to the ground. A small voice in my head which was telling me I needed to feed to feel better, but I couldn't fathom how that was going to be possible. I was rubbish at it when I was at full strength!

After hours I managed to drag myself though the forest practically on hands and knees and miraculously snag myself a couple of old rabbits who were too slow to get away from me. The dizziness had meant my depth perception was totally off and I was grabbing randomly in the hope of snagging them. I hungrily bit down into the animal's neck and the warm blood flooded my mouth, as I swallowed my throat seared in agony, I managed two gulps nearly chocking in the process before it became unbearable. A strangled sound erupted in my throat and I dropped my kill clutching hopelessly at my neck.

I now knew I was in a serious trouble, I was weak because I hadn't fed and now I couldn't feed at all. The rabbit had barely helped and the acrid taste still lingered in my mouth. Now more than ever I needed help!

In desperation I tried to drain the other rabbit, but the blood was now cold making it even more un-appetising than normal. I barely had a lick before I couldn't take it any more.

As night fell I managed to huddle myself in the recesses of some old tree roots which offered me a sort of shield and hid me from direct sight. My head was saying it would be safer to hide in the tree canopy, but I couldn't get my body to respond. Exhaustion set in once again and I was powerless to prevent the return of the trance like state.

So this is where I am now huddled in the recess of an old tree, my clothes slightly damp from the morning dew and my sensory perception still hindered. I can feel the light beginning to poke through the canopy above through my closed eye lids. At the moment I feel cold, impossibly tired and everything hurts. I detected a disturbance in the air close to me and another new vampire scent filled my nose, my eyes snapped open instantly. Panic swept over me, barely 10 feet away was a man with honey gold eyes crouched down staring at me. My eyes quickly darted around trying to found an escape route, but where he was situated and the way I had positioned myself within the tree roots I was effectively hemmed in on all sides.

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