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Chapter 8 – Meltdown (EPOV)

Emmett and I ran through the forest at top speed heading deeper into the undergrowth towards an area not frequently inhabited by humans meaning the wildlife roamed in greater abundance. We came to a halt on the high ground overlooking a grazing herd of deer.

"I'll drive them back into the corner near the rocks and you cut them off from the side".

Checking out what Emmett had just suggested I nodded and we stealthy moved into position, I calculated we should be able to bring down at least four of them this way. I saw Emmett's eyes change slightly as he gave himself over to his true nature, I took a silent deep breath and did the same allowing myself to reluctantly focus on something other than Bella. If I was going to help her I was going to have to hunt, with that thought in mind I turned towards my next meal.

Between us we had brought down seven of the herd. Any size prey backed into a corner really didn't stand much of a chance against a vampire.

As I fed hungrily and gladly accepted the last kill from Emmett allowing me the loins share of the spoils. I dropped the now drained deer into the undergrowth breathing heavily, greedily licking the last few crimson drops from my lips, surprised by the hunger which still lingered, Carlisle was right, I must have given quite a lot of venom.

"You ok?" Emmett said laying a hand on my shoulder.

I nodded, "Let's get this cleaned up."

We quickly buried our meal and I was ready to head back towards home when Emmett stopped me. "Edward you still need to feed, your eyes are black."

"I'm fine Emmett, we need to get moving!" I replied feeling slightly annoyed by the delay and began to walk away, but was halted again by the hand on my shoulder. Trying to shake him off merely caused him to tighten his grip which angered me further.

"Emmett! Don't make me fight you!"

"Bring it on." He replied in all seriousness and stared into my eyes gripping my arm painfully tight now.

"Come on bro calm it down...this is for your own good. I don't want you getting sick as well."

I shook my head, it was going to take a lot more than a day without food to make me as ill as Bella. We continued to stare each other down for well over a minute. All my anger towards everything which had led to me potentially losing my bonded forever was raging inside of me. That along with the freshly consumed blood and my emotions being on overdrive it took my longer than normal to realise I was taking my anger out on the wrong person, Emmett didn't deserve to feel the brunt of my frustrations. He must have sensed my wavering and loosened his grip. I yanked my arm free and strode back toward where we were. God I needed an outlet for all this is rage my body was physically trembling with it! With all the power and strength I could summon I punched the nearest tree with an ear splitting roar uprooting and pulverising the trunk on impact. Oh that felt so good, I pictured the trees as the pitiful entities that had harmed my Bella and tore three other nearby trees into splinters leaving small craters where the root balls once sat. My brother wisely stood by and let me vent.

As the dust from my destructive rage began to settle around me, my chest still heaved with the effort. An awful sense of hopelessness began to envelope me. The fate of my bonded was no longer in my control, my hopes, dreams, happiness and whole reason for continuing my eternal life was in serious jeopardy. I dropped to my knees, the splinters threatening to cut my trousers, not that I cared anyway, nothing seemed to matter to me anymore. The connection I felt to Bella was more heightened then ever since I had given her my venom, this constant buzz in the back of my head like an unturned radio. The more I probed the link the more I could feel her hopelessness, her pain, her confusion and fear. I pressed my shaking hands to my head feeling as though it were about to explode and let out a thunderous roar, pouring everything that seemed to be building up inside me out until my throat felt raw.

I sensed Emmett slowly moving closer to me, his thoughts unsure of what was the best thing to do. He had never seen me let go so much before, I think I'd scared him. At least Jasper wasn't here, I dread to think of the effect it would have had on him.

"I feel..." What do I feel? "...I don't even know."

Emmett sunk down into the undergrowth by my side. "Tell me." I shook my head.

"Come on Edward, I may not be Jasper, but I've been through the bonding process, I may be able to help a little."

There were so many questions I had spinning relentlessly through my head, it was difficult to know here to start.

"What was it like for you?" I asked. The bonding of Emmet and Rose was similar to Esme and Carlisle. They had bonded the instant that their red eyes had landed on their respective partners.

"Well, it felt really weird when it happened. I didn't even know the name of the most beautiful women I had every laid my eyes on and she felt to me as though my whole future was connected to her. There was this ball of something inside my chest which it took me weeks to realise was unconditional love for my Rose. Ah...I'm really not explaining this really well, it's something that's very hard to put into words. Okay try it this way, everything I did...I was doing for Rose she's like my magnetic north, everything leads to her. Does that make any sense?".

"But if you think the bond you have now is tight, just you wait until you get dow..."

"Emmett!" I quickly cut him off. "I've already seen yours and Roses' first time together plenty thank you very much."

He grinned, "Well I'm just giving you a hint of what it's going to be like for you guys."

I dropped his gaze and put my head in my hands, "If she survives." I whispered. Emmett flinched, "Sorry bro, that was a bit insensitive."

"This anger your feeling is just how I feel whenever someone threatens Rose, like the times we've encounter some nomads and a fight would break out. I just see red when anyone threatens a single one of the beautiful blond hairs on her head. But... I've never been in a position where I have nearly lost her so I don't know exactly how you feel right now, but I could hazard a good guess."

I let these thought percolate in my head for a while and tried to relate them to my own situation.

"Hey..." Emmet said with a smile "...I'll tell you what, this is new, the almighty and infinitely knowledgeable Edward is coming to the family joker for advice. That certainly doesn't happen very often!" I let out a small chuckle, he was right, it certainly is unusual.

I looked up him, "Thanks, Emmett", he gave a nod of acceptance and stood, holding out a hand to pull me up.

"Come on Edward, one last quick hunt and if you look less like a freshman after an all night bender after, then we'll head home. Agreed?"

I nodded, "Agreed." And we both took off once more into the forest.

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