The Progeny in the Parting

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Chapter 1 – The Australian Guy

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May 20th 2011 – Reflecting Pool, Washington DC

Seeley Booth stood motionless near the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, staring out over the Reflecting Pool. The Washington Monument stood just over 2000 feet away from him, piercing the horizon, standing opposite to him in mute silence. Tourists, school groups and office workers flowed around him at their own pace; meandering or hurrying by in accordance with the pull of their own lives. Those who passed by the imposing man in his full dress blues afforded him a wide berth, some people out of respect for the proud military presence he projected, others a little intimidated.

To get back home from Afghanistan in time, Booth had endured three days and one long, uncomfortable night of transport, snatching sleep when he could; followed by a five hour briefing at 0600 this morning. He was seriously too old for this shit. At the conclusion of the briefing, he had returned to his allocated bunk where his blues were hung pressed and ready for him. Taking advantage of the deserted facilities, he quickly showered and changed, taking extra time to groom himself because he knew that none of the guys from his unit would be around to give him a hard time about it. They were meeting at 1400 at their coffee cart. Bones had texted at 0500 to let Booth know that she would be there, and that she would be bringing him, despite Booths' objections. Booth was edgy as hell. The Australian guy; who went by the nickname 'Joey'. Booth had served with plenty of great Australian 'diggers' on this tour of Afghanistan and knew of their reputation.

Bones and the Australian guy had flown in together two days ago and were still suffering a twelve hour time-zone lag. As they crossed the International Date Line they had seen the sun come up twice in the same day. When she had spoken to Booth the previous week, over a crappily connected video call via satellite, Bones was happy – truly happy to be coming home, wanting to start a new life with 'Joey'. She loved him. They had been inseparable for the past four months. Booth was happy for her happiness, it was all he had ever wanted for her. He had seen the Australian guy on a couple of their precious video calls between Indonesia and Afghanistan, but they simply had nothing to say to each other at this point. Booth had a feeling that this would change after today, he felt like his heart was being dragged down through his diaphragm into his gut.


"Booth?" said a voice behind him, as he flinched in recognition, mentally kicking himself for reacting to her like he had been goosed.

He turned to face her. The statue of Abe Lincoln was looking down on their exchange, so Booth decided to keep his cool out of respect to one of the founding fathers. She looked thinner, tired. Her hair was a little darker and shorter, but her eyes and her smile were the same. Brennan held out her free hand to grasp his, just as they had when they parted at Dulles twelve months ago. She looked at Booth and made a brief inspection of him from head to toe.


"I can see that you stayed safe. No unnecessary heroism. I note a few new medals, which suggests that you were called upon to be a hero at some point," commented Brennan, her eyes shining with tears.

"Bones" murmured Booth, who cleared his throat of the emotion that he was trying to hold back. He squeezed her hand, more to reassure himself that this was actually happening than anything else. "I see that you discovered many special things in the jungle. Would you mind formally introducing me to your Australian companion?"

"Certainly. I assumed that you had not dressed in full uniform simply to meet me" replied Brennan, giving him a direct stare and letting go of Booths' hand.

Brennan took her bag off her shoulder and lowered it to the ground. As she turned to allow Booth to step in for the introductions, she said,

"Seeley Booth, I would like you to meet Joseph. Joseph, meet Seeley"

As Booth extended his hand forward, Brennan moved her scarf aside and gave a frown as Booth paused.

"I would like to apologise for Joey's rudeness, Booth. It appears that ambulating across The Mall has induced a temporary state of somnolence. I assure you that he will awaken soon. He naps frequently and it is still the middle of the night for us" explained Brennan.

"Do y'think if I was careful not to wake him, Joey would mind if I kissed his Mom?" asked Booth with a wide grin on his face.

"I believe that I speak for the entire family in support of that suggestion. Now shut up and kiss me Seeley Booth" replied Brennan, grabbing his lapel with her free hand to drag him toward her.

"Yes Ma'am" said Booth, following orders.


As they half clung, half supported each other in a kiss that spoke volumes with tears mingling on their faces, a small squeak came from the sling over Brennans' shoulder. Their lips parted and their eyes met, then simultaneously glanced sidelong with mixed expressions of amusement and wonderment to where the sleeping infant stirred. Joseph Brennan-Booth flailed a chubby fist making tufts of his dark hair stick up in a way which confirmed his paternal heritage irrefutably. He opened up sleepy blue eyes, fixed his father with a stare that was pure Bones, yawned and stuck his fist near his mouth. Sucking on his phalanges, his eyes drifted shut again.

Booth reached into the baby sling and smoothed down the tufts of hair with a gentle caress of his thumb.

"He's pretty cute for an Australian, Bones"

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