Chapter 1

The whole world stood quiet as Jack Spicer used his helibot to transport himself throughout the clear night sky. Jack was in need of assistance to take down the only force that was stopping him to get the Shen Gong Wu,, which seemed to make him as a non threat. As Jack lined in front of a cave he looked inside to see if there was anyone that could help.

"Hello?" Jack asked. There was no answer, so Jack decided to take that as an invitation to walk through the cave. Before Jack could get anywhere, he was grabbed by none other than a jungle cat. Jack took a step back before noticing that they were all coming towards him. Before Jack could turn around and leave the cave, Chase Young was in front of him giving him an evil glare.

"Who invited the nitwit?" Chase Young took a look at the Jungle Cats as they all shook their heads. Jack gave Chase Young a frightening look, which Chase Young didn't take kindly. He rolled his eyes and walked past Jack. "Come in." Jack walked quickly away from the jungle cats, afraid of what they were going to do to him. He got a little too close for Chase Young in which Chase gave him a glare before sitting them down. "What do you want Jack?" Chase Young asked.

"I came to you for help in order to take down the Xiaolin monks once and for all." Jack feebly stated, afraid that if he spoke louder the jungle cats would hear. Chase Young's serious grin turned into a small smile.

"Yes, I was thinking about the same thing." Chase Young smiled. Jack gave Chase Young a look before he got up, walking over to a scale model of what he was planning. "Come Spicer, but keep your mitts of my stuff." Jack followed quietly and sat himself down before Chase Young unleashed what he was working on. Jack took a quick glance and Chase Young gave a small smile to Jack before looking back at the paper. "All we need to do is to figure out what their weakness is." Chase Young smiled. Jack had ruined the moment by giving Chase Young a look which read confusion.

"Their weakness?" Jack asked. Chase Young's smile quickly vanished before pacing back and forth.

"Yes Jack, every warrior has a weakness." Chase Young gave Jack a look which read 'understand or I will make you understand.' Jack nodded finally getting the message before Chase Young continued "I had my weakness once."

"What was it?" Jack asked.

"It was to be the most powerful in the world, and look at me now. I am more powerful than the average warrior." Chase Young's smile came back before walking to a pot. "Pass me the dragon's feet." Chase Young smiled. Jack crouched and walked forward, grabbing the dragon's feet and giving it to Chase. While Chase poured it in the bowl the 2 evil ones realized that the soup was bubbling a little more than usual. As a spark of lightning the soup splattered all over the walls leaving the Jungle Cats the job of cleaning up the mess.

"Something tells me that someone messed with your stuff." Jack stated the obvious. Chase was too cross with whoever meddled with his stuff to answer Jack, but started thinking aloud.

"But who.." Chase's train of thought was interrupted by a small shadow at the front door. Jack screamed and jumped into Chase Young's arms. Chase Young gave a grin as to who was the master mind of this trick. "Hannibal Roy Bean." was all Chase Young said before Hannibal Bean showed up. Jack screamed once again before Chase dropped Jack on the floor.

"Yes, I'm Hannibal, but we don't need introductions now do we?" Hannibal asked. Jack and Chase Young gave each other a look before giving a 'your not welcome here' look.

""What are you doing here?" Jack asked, while whining.

"Jack, evil doers do not whine." Chase Young gave Jack a cross look. Jack stayed quiet before Chase Young walked toward Hannibal. "I suggest you leave immediately." Hannibal jumped on the edge of the pot and shook his small head back and forth.

"Are you trying to get the monks Jack?" Hannibal changed the subject almost immediately before Jack nodded.

"Yeah, why?" Jack wondered. Chase Young sighed and pushed Jack away.

"Let me do the talking you simpleton." Chase then saw Hannibal jumping on a book shelf and smirking.

""If your trying to get the monks, you have to get their leader, which is?" Hannibal motioned Jack to answer the question.

"Omi?" Jack asked. Omi did seem like the one who gave all the order for the other monks, but Hannibal Bean shook his head.

"Think again Jack." Hannibal rolled his eyes. Jack kept thinking which made Chase Young lose his patience.

"Does it have to do with the newly promoted one.?" Chase Young asked. He had remembered from the last fight he had with the monks that one of them was promoted to Team Leader or Shoku Warrior.

"Yes, which is?" Hannibal then gave Jack the ok to answer the question. As if the question was hard Jack jumped up and down and smiled.

"It's Raimundo!" Jack smiled. Hannibal laughed a small laugh, which made Jack confused.

"The dumb one got it right. Anyway, there has to be something that is near and dear to his heart." Jack got stuck after Hannibal said near and dear to his heart, so Hannibal gave Jack a clue. "Listen, we need to take a trip to the Xiaolin temple." Hannibal then saw Jack looking confused. "Are you going to do it Jack?"

"Oh yeah baby!" Jack said being pumped up. Hannibal saw Chase Young looking over at him. They knew that they had to put their differences aside just for this mission.

"Chase?" Hannibal wondered. Chase Young was excited to get the monks finally, but he didn't want to show Hannibal that he was eager.

"I could use some entertainment, all right then." Chase Young said. All 3 villains started laughing, finally putting their plan into action to destroy the Xiaolin Temple and the monks in it once and for all.