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Chapter 15

The Xiaolin warriors finally made it to the temple after destroying evil once again. They were glad that they were able to take care of this evil, and all was right in the world. There was one thing that the monks were worried about. Where was Master Fung? The monks looked all over the temple, feeling their hearts break at the sight of not seeing him.

"Where is Master Fung?" Omi finally mentioned. Clay and Dojo looked around and couldn't find him. The monks were fearing the worst.

"We couldn't find him." Clay said. Raimundo didn't want to say what everyone was thinking, but he knew it had to be done.

"You don't think..." Raimundo finally said. The other monks turned to Raimundo and felt tears stream down their faces.

"Master Fung." Dojo sighed. Just then, they looked into the distance and saw a walking figure coming towards them. What it was, the monks didn't know. Omi finally had a good idea of what it was and tapped Raimundo. Raimundo saw what Omi was looking at and smiled a huge smile.

"Master Fung!" The monks all ran to him to make sure that he was all right. Master Fung smiled at his monks and patted Omi's head.

"You are alive!" Omi exclaimed.

"I am alive and well." Master Fung smiled. He looked out at the horizon and saw the only monk that didn't greet him was Kimiko. Raimundo silently pointed behind, Master Fung following Raimundo's finger. Kimiko was wrapping her wounds from the battle in bandages, trying to keep them from getting infected. Master Fung's eyes widened and soon there was a smile on his face. Kimiko had proven that even girls could save the world one way or another. It not only opened Master Fung's eyes, but it opened Raimundo's eyes as well. Raimundo motioned Master Fung to the side to whisper something in his ear. What Raimundo was whispering though, was a mystery.

"What are they talking about?" Omi asked.

"Beats me partner." Clay was just as clueless as Omi was. Master Fung slowly walked over to Kimiko, not to startle her. Kimiko looked up seeing Master Fung standing in front of her. Her face showed a quick smile but then looked back at her cuts.

"Kimiko?" Master Fung got her attention again. Kimiko stood up to bow at her master. Master Fung was proud to see the monk standing before him had grown up into a hero and not only showed leadership, but showed courage. "Raimundo tells me what you have done, how you saved the world, how you saved the temple, and how you saved your friends." Kimiko was shocked at what Raimundo had told Master Fung. Sure she had helped her friends save the world, but Raimundo made it sound like that she had thought of it on her own. She turned to the boys only to see them smiling back at her. She wasn't going to take all of the credit though, it wouldn't seem fair.

"It wasn't a big deal..." Kimiko started, but Omi put his hand up to prevent her from saying anything else.

"Of course it was a big deal Kimiko." Omi smiled.

"You saved the world." Dojo chimed in. Clay nodded his head in agreement. Raimundo just took one look at her before walking towards her.

"I don't think anyone would have been here if it wasn't for you." Raimundo proudly said. Kimiko blushed, not knowing what else to say. She then moved her hair out of her face to look up.

"I had a pretty good teacher. And a good friend." Raimundo knew at that moment that Kimiko was talking about, well him! This time it was Raimundo's turn to blush. Everyone kept looking at them hoping something would happen but all Kimiko did was head into what was left of the temple to go and find a mirror; she had her hair to fix!

That night, Raimundo stared out at the moon. It was so bright and beautiful, but all he could think about was Kimiko. He was wondering if that kiss that he had with her was really special to her. To him it didn't seem like she cared, but then again she was Kimiko. Kimiko walked out to find Raimundo look up at the moon, just observing it. She walked up behind him and shuffled her feet, hoping to get his attention.

"Hey." Raimundo automatically turned around to see Kimiko standing behind him. Raimundo made room on the grass for her to sit next to him. Kimiko happily obliged, hoping she could finally talk to Raimundo. "A lot of things had happened this week." Kimiko spoke quietly.

"Yeah." Raimundo shrugged his shoulders but looked into Kimiko's eyes. She was really going to tell him something. Hopefully it was what he wanted to hear, that she wanted to be with him. He realized the girl that was sitting in front of him was not only a hero, but the love of his life. "What you did was really brave. Better than anything than I could have done." Raimundo said. Kimiko turned to Raimundo raising her eyebrows. She wasn't sure if she heard him right, but he just called her brave. Kimiko thought Raimundo was braver than she was.

"You are a brave person too Raimundo." Raimundo looked confused. He wasn't sure what Kimiko was saying. There was no way that he was brave, why was she saying it?

"Really?" Raimundo sounded perplexed.

"Yeah. No guy had ever had the guts to tell me how they felt before." Raimundo realized Kimiko was talking about them. Kimiko the scooted over and put her hand over Raimundo's. "Do you want to be even braver?" Raimundo was willing to take on any challenge that Kimiko would throw his way.

"Tell me what I have to do and I'll do it." Kimiko leaned her forhead on Raimundo's and smiled.

"Kiss me." Raimundo heard Kimiko just ask to kiss her. His heartbeat increased a bit, wondering if he should or not. Of course he would kiss her. She was so special to him. "We could be whatever you want us to be." Kimiko reminded him. Kimiko was asking Raimundo to be her boyfriend! It was something that Raimundo had been hoping and finally it was going to happen. Raimundo raised his eyebrow pretending to think about it leaving Kimiko giggling.

"Well, as long as I'm the boyfriend." Raimundo playfully said. Kimiko laughed and nodded her head. Kimiko leaned up and kissed Raimundo passionately. Raimundo responded and hugged her tightly to him. Unknowing to them Clay, Omi and Dojo were watching them from far.

"It was about time." Clay said.

"It sure was." Dojo agreed with Clay. Omi was confused at the moment. What was all this talk about time?

"This has been one of our longest adventures ever." Clay said. Master Fung walked over to them to see what Omi and Clay were looking at.

"Yes, it was. But the war is far from over." Master Fung reminded them. Kimiko and Raimundo finally parted, but not before Kimiko gave Raimundo a kiss on the cheek. Just hten they heard a crash, something that startled all the monks.

"What was that?" Omi asked. The monks all ran out to see every villain that they had ever faced, heading towards the Shen Gong Wu vault. Kimiko and Raimundo should have known that evil wasn't going to rest. Raimundo took one look at Kimiko, smiling at her. Kimiko rolled up her sleeves watching the villains trying to get their loot.

"Ready to fight evil wherever it may rise, boyfriend?" Kimiko asked Raimundo giving him a wink. Raimundo grabbed her hand and winked back.

"Wouldn't have it any other way." All four monks jumped into action, Master Fung watching his monks disappear into the night and knew that even thought the fight from evil was far from over, He still had his monks to count on. And that was just the way he liked it.