Ed squinted disapprovingly as the tiny cup was set in front of him. "Seriously?" he asked the waitress. "This is all you've got?"

"Brother! Be nice," Al scolded him. "You asked for genuine Xingese coffee. You got genuine Xingese coffee.

"Hey, I just think I should get a bit more, considering the price," Ed said defensively.

Al sighed and resisted the urge to bury his head in his hands as the waitress backed away, smiling apologetically. "Brother, just try it. It's worth the price, I promise."

"All right, all right," Ed muttered, picking up the cup. "Can't be any worse than the stuff they used to make in the cafeteria back at East Headquarters, I guess."

Al raised an eyebrow at his sibling. "Brother, nothing is worse than the stuff they make there. It's a scientific impossibility."

Ed blinked. "How would you know? You were in armour then."

"I heard stories," Al said darkly. "Now go ahead and try your coffee already."

"Fine, fine. Bottoms up."

"Brother!" Al half-shrieked as Ed downed the entire cup in one go. "Not all at once!"

"Arg," Ed managed in reply, before toppling backwards.