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DECA-CYCLE-2 weeks

VORN-83 years (1 vorn=1 earth year growth wise)


Prowl looked around at the ruins of Praxus, his spark clenching painfully in it's chamber. When the Autobots got a message from Teletran that the Decepticons had destroyed his home, he couldn't believe it…but now…

A huge part of him was ripped out and left torn to shreds before his very optics.

Optimus Prime had ordered that a search be swept through to find any survivors, so far none had been found and many, himself included, were beginning to lose any hope . Last orn, he had the horror of Ironhide, find the body of his carrier. His dark grey form and mere shell of what his body used to look like, green and black…and always happy to see him. Those days were over, he stayed by the bodies side and cried for the rest of that days search, nobody being able to pull him away from who he loved.

Today's search was almost over, and he was about to head back when he heard a small and very scared, 'help' come from the rubble a few feet away.

"Hello, are you okay in there?" he called, as he began to dig.

"Please, it's dark and scary, I want my daddy. It's so quiet, I'm scared please help me".

It was then he realised that it was a youngling that was under the rubble, he began to dig faster.

"I'll get you out, my name is Prowl, I'm Autobot SIC, what's your name youngling?"

"My names Bluestreak…Daddy said Autobots are good…are you good?".

Prowl smiled lightly at the innocent question, obviously coming form and innocent young mech, "Yes I'm good, does anything hurt?"

"My leg…and doorwings…and my helm hurts too…and I think I'm bleeding".

Prowl couldn't help but wince when Bluestreak said that his doorwings hurt, he knew how painful they could be when even a little damaged. Finally, dislodging a big piece of rubble, he found the youngling, piercing blue optics staring up and him, fear, pain and hope mixed together in the innocence. The grey and red child hesitantly reaching for Prowls hand when it was within reach.

"Hey there, Blue, hey…come on"

Gently removing the rest of the rubble that held Blue in place, he finally pulled the small mech out and into a soothing embrace which Blue eagerly returned. The mech was younger than the Twin youngling they had back at base, but older that the yellow bug. He was smaller than what he should be, probably a premature sparkling. He pulled Bluestreak into his arms and picked him up.

"Let's go see a medic, Okay Blue?"

"Okay" was the sleepy reply. Prowls spark was soothing, lulling him into recharge.

Prowl smiled down at the recharging mech in his arms, he dreaded having to tell the sweet youngling that he is most likely an orphan, but he know gave Prowl new hope of finding more survivors.

Reaching the search and rescue HQ he noticed he was the last to return, and everyone's back was to him. He smiled again and called…

"Ratchet, I found a youngling in the rubble"

As expected, all optics turned to him and Bluestreak. Ratchet rushed forward.

"Primus" Prime began, "A youngling…and an adorable looking one at that, good work Prowl"

"Thank you sir…if I may, he will need a guardian…and I would like to be it"

"Sure Prowl, so you find out his name?"

"Bluestreak…Ratchet be careful, he has helm damage"

"I know what I'm doing Prowl. Give me some credit".


"Bluestreak, stay still" Sideswipe ordered the younger youngling.

"I can't. Prowl said he'd take me to the catacombs today, I'm too exited…he also said he's got something he wants to ask me"

"You may be exited, but I can't paint if you don't stay still"

"Why are you trying to paint anyway?"

"I need to practise,. Mine and Sunny's spark day is coming up and I want to paint him a picture, one that's not rubbish, so I'm practising drawing you"

"He likes what you draw" Blue pointed out,

"But I want to be able to draw like those artists he likes, something pretty, with a story"

"He'll love it no matter what"

"Stay still Blue"

Bluestreak sighed.


After a fun day out in the catacombs, Prowl sat with Bluestreak on his berth, reading a story to the youngling. When the story was over, Bluestreak was leaned back in the berth for recharge.

"Goodnight Blue"

"Prowl, wait. You said you wanted to ask me something"

"Oh yes, I almost forgot…As you know, I've been your guardian for a couple of vorns now, and I was wondering if you would consent to me adopting you as my own creation…I know I can never replace your dad, but I want you as my family"

"Prowl, I'd love it if you adopted me" Bluestreak shot forward and crushed Prowl in a hug, "I love you…dad"

Prowl smiled, "I love you too son".


"What if he won't like it?"

"he will Sides, he's your brother, he'll love it" Blue reassured

Sideswipe looked at the picture he painted of him, Sunny, Wheeljack and Ratchet. Their family. Creators and creations. It was defiantly better since he was practising, but still not the standard he wanted, in fact it was far from it.

The two entered the rec room, where the party was being held. Sunstreaker was in the middle of a mech crowd, enjoying the attention from his carriers shoulders. The second the golden twin laid optics on his brother his smile shone brighter and he ran to Sideswipe, a package in his hands.

"Here Sideswipe, happy spark day"

Sides took the package and opened it to reveal a beautifully made golden silk blanket. His favourite colour, and he had been needing a new blanket.

"WOW!" he said in awe,

"Optimus Prime helped me make it, and I made it you favourite colour…do you like it?"

"I love it…but it makes what I got you even more rubbish"

"I'm sure it's not rubbish, what is it?"

Sideswipe reluctantly gave his brother the painting. Sunstreaker stared at the picture his brother had made. It was clearly the best thing his brother had ever painted, and he could see the love put into the effort. It was the most beautiful piece of art work he had ever seen. Cause it was for him, from someone he loved and who loved him. He took on look at Sideswipes downward expression, and glomped his brother.

"Thank you Sides, Thank you. I love it"

Bluestreak laughed at the twins antics.


The now fully grown Bluestreak stood in line with the rest of the Autobots to greet the new third in command. Prime kept the knowledge of who this new mech is a huge secret and even Prowl was curious as to who it is.

The shuttle landed and out came a black and white mech with a blue visor and a unique form.

"JAZZ?" Prowl said shocked.


Suddenly Prowl found his arms full of Jazz.

"Prowler, I missed you. I joined the Autobots straight after Praxus was destroyed, you don't know how relieved I was to find you weren't dead when I hacked into the death count file…only one survivor huh?"

"You hacked files, just to see if I was alive?"

"Off course, I was scared my best friend was dead"

"Well I guess I don't have to introduce you two" Prime chuckled from his spot next to Ironhide.

"Uhhh, no you don't Prime…though next time, no withholding information"

"Agreed Prowl"


Bluestreak was walking towards his dad's office to get their daily energon together. Arriving at the door, he knocked before entering without a response.

"Hey da-" He stopped as he saw that Jazz was in the room with Prowl, "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know you had company"

"It's alright Bluestreak, what did you want?" Prowl smiled warmly at his son.

"Umm, I wanted to know if you wanted to get energon with me Prowl, we haven't hung out in a while"

"Sorry Bluestreak, Jazz already brought me my energon and we're busy working on reports that have to be in by next orn, maybe we can do something when I'm done okay?"

"Okay Prowl" He took note of the looks of longing that Jazz and Prowl discreetly gave each other, "Later then".


Later never came. Bluestreak sat in the rec room across from the now bonded forms of Prowl and Jazz. Ever since Jazz came into their lives Prowl had forgotten that Bluestreak existed, only talking to him about work and never having time for him.

There had been so many times where he needed his creator, but he wasn't there. He couldn't even remember Prowl embrace, the one he thought he loved. The one that now belongs to another mech. He was happy for Prowl, finding a bondmate is a big deal in the middle of a war, but he couldn't help being extremely jealous.

He watched as they leaned in to kiss each other, and quickly diverted his optics. He never got kisses of Prowl anymore. Not even those looks of affection or soft smiles were thrown at him anymore. He missed his childhood…before Jazz.

He remembered his spark creator, his dad. He made promises to always stay by his side and to never leave him and to love him and all those wondrous promises. The same promises Prowl made. What was wrong with him? Was he not allowed to have a loving creator? Why did they all leave him all alone?

He looked at the twins who were sitting and laughing with their creators and then to Bumblebee who was sitting with his creators, Prime and Ironhide. He was all alone at his table while everyone else was having fun around him. He suddenly felt claustrophobic. Getting up quickly, he rushed from the room and out into the Night air of Earth, not noticing a pair of visored optics watching his retreat.