-You Know what? I don't care anymore. Do what you want.

-OH! Please tell me this is not a dream! You are finally letting go!

-NO! I said do what you want, prank her, whatever. But don't come crying to me afterwards.

-Crying! Since when do I cry?

-(sigh) Trust me. It might be the first and only time but she will make you cry.

-Please! You say you love her yet you talk of her like she's a monster or something!

-She is not a monster! Just a red-hair.

-So what? What's the big deal with her hair.

-The deal, dumnmy, is that red hair have an extremly fiery temper. Her even more than the other.

-It can't be that bad. you're over stating things.

-Euh...I've tasted how...fiesty she can get. Trust me, it's not something you wanna try out.


*Two Hours Later*

-(sigh) I thought you never cried?

-Oh! Shut up!

-(smirks) Come on! How bad was it?

-Are you here to make fun of me? I thought you didn't want me to come to you if she made me cry!

-I said I didn't want YOU to come, not that I wouldn't go to see how you're doing.

-Really, you're an asshole.

-I know.

The two sit by the fire and as they think about that one fiery red-hair, they both start laughing.

"It was worth it you know!" they say at the same time.


-Hey, Why did you come to see if I was okay? I thought you'd side with your "love".

-You're my best mate, my brother even. No matter what stupid things you do, I'll still be there for you.

-Thanks, dude.


And the night passed with funny tales and revenge plots for the two teenagers.