Warning: Spoilers for the finale of season 5.

7 Years Ago

Dean ran a hand over the cold cemented headstone and let the smallest tear escape his eye docks. He closed his eyes remembering the last smile she gave him, the last look of love in her eyes right before she had walked away, the last kiss from her perfect lips and the last time she said I love you.

He opened his eyes seeing the empty graveyard settling for the night. He looked up at the sky feeling it start to rain. He put his collar up on his old leather jacket, not much to shield him, but he knew that's what she'd do to him.

She'd grab the collar in her hands and flip it up giving him one of her beautiful smiles and then kissing him lightly on the lips.

He closed his eyes cursing at himself wanting the memories to stop playing in his head and torturing him.

He kneeled down at her grave and kissed his palm while placing his hand on her name. He looked away telling himself not to cry, arguing with himself too because he is only human and she was his first love.

He looked back at her name and a small smile came across his face remembering the first time he met her. Her car was on the side of the road broken down and she was bent over the hood trying her best to cool her engine down. He remembered the black smudge of oil on her face and he remembered how cute he thought she looked. She blushed when he pointed it out and tried to help her out the best he could but he told her with the set up she had there she wasn't going anywhere for a while.

He remembered the way she bit her lip and asked him for a ride to the nearest motel so she could call her grandfather to wire her some money. He of course said yes and she gave him a grin that made him actually smile in return and she told him her name.

"Victoria Buckman…but everyone just calls me Vicki," said Dean looking at the headstone with sad eyes.

He closed his eyes again holding back the tears.

"I'm sorry Vicki. I promised to protect you. I promised you, you wouldn't get hurt. I'm so sorry."

He stood up from the ground knowing he had to get back to the motel and find a hunt and then meet up with his father. His right hand found its way into his leather jackets pocket and pulled out a necklace that had a small diamond snowflake on it. He was going to give it to her; in remembrance of the first time he told her he loved her.

He blocked that memory out of his head, not wanting anymore tears to roll down his cheek because he knew if he remembered that day he would have broken down right on her grave begging her to wake up from the slumber she would never get out of.

He placed the necklace on the top of the headstone and knew this would be the only time he would ever come back to this place. He will never come back to where his heart had died; he just wouldn't have the strength.

He took one last glance at the snowflake necklace and turned his back on the headstone and walked off towards the Impala. He never looked back, it was better that way. He left his heart in that cemetery that day and it died there too.

Present Day July 2010

Dean was bent over the car he was working on in the garage he worked at. This was his life now just like he promised Sam. He would get up, get ready, have breakfast with Lisa and Ben, go to the garage, be there until five, go home eat dinner, spend time with Ben then spend some "quality" time with Lisa. That was his routine. The routine he had come to memorize and know since May.

He heard some heels clicking their way up the cemented garage and he lifted his head a little to get a look at whoever was coming in but she was blocked by an SUV and all he could see was her silhouette in the dark SUV windows. She was talking to Gunther, the manager.

Dean just shrugged and went back to working on the carburetor and he heard the heels clicking their way towards him. He didn't think anything of it; he thought she was just going to walk by so he continued working.

"Looks like it needs a new carburetor," said a familiar voice behind him but he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

He chuckled. "Yeah, you can say that. You know your way around a car?"

"I had a boyfriend that showed me a thing or two." He could hear the small smile in her voice and heard her walking by him. He lifted his head to get a look at her. Her back was to him. She had long brunette hair that rested in the middle of her back. She was wearing hip hugging jeans, high heeled boots and a gray sweater that came off her one shoulder showing off her tanned skin.

He grimaced knowing he had Lisa; he couldn't screw up with someone he didn't know. He went back to the carburetor trying to get this vixen out of his mind.

"He had this old class Chevy and I loved how he drove it. It excited me in ways no one could imagine. When I would hear it coming by to pick me up…" She shook her head smiling.

Dean arched an eyebrow and stood up fully to get a better look at this girl. She turned around and Dean's heart sunk. She had sunglasses on but he knew who it was but it was impossible.

She took her sunglasses off and smiled at him. "Hi, Dean…been a long time."

Dean stood there in complete shock. She chuckled and looked around the garage trying to think of something to say. She chewed on her bottom lip and looked at him. "Well, you going to say anything?"

"Um…what…how is this possible?" He looked around the garage and then approached her. "You're dead."

"Playing dead actually." She looked at the guys behind Dean who were taking her appearance in. "Could we talk outside?" She licked her dry lips and looked him in the eyes. Her green eyes matching his and he nodded.

The two of them walked towards the outside of the garage and she kicked some of the rocks around with her boot.

"Look, I wouldn't have came to you if it wasn't important…"

"What the fuck, Victoria?" She winced hearing his anger and pain in his voice. "Have you been alive this whole time?" She avoided his gaze and nodded. He let out an angry laugh as he ran his hands down his face and pushed her to the side of the building and she jumped. He had his hand on her throat but not tight enough where it could hurt her but tight enough to scare her. "How could you do this?"

"I had to Dean." He saw the sincerity in her eyes and loosened his grip on her throat. She rubbed her throat looking down at the ground and then back into his eyes. "It was too protect you. They were going to kill you Dean."

"So you play dead?" He noticed two things while he was yelling at her. She had the necklace that he was going to give her on and she still had the tattoo of his initials right above her heart…D.W. He loved that tattoo, he remembered when she surprised him with it, how turned on he was by it.

He shook the memory out of his head and looked at her angry. "Why are you here, Vicki?"

She looked away from him. "I came to see if it was true. If you really did actually settle down and to see if…" She quickly glanced up at him but avoided his eyes with the next thing she was going to say. "If Sam was gone."

"Well, Victoria everything you heard is true."

She felt her heart twist in her chest and she took a deep breath.

"Why else are you here? I know you Victoria; you wouldn't have came out of the woodwork for nothing."

She crossed her arms together holding herself trying not to break down in front of him. "I'm in trouble Dean. He's back; he found me after all these years. He's found me. I was hoping…"

"What?" he asked making her flinch at his tone and stare at the ground. "That I would drop everything I have here to help you? Drop my job, my life, my girlfriend and her son," she flinched again hearing those words come out of his mouth. "For you? To help you? To go back into hunting just to sacrifice myself and for what?" She didn't say anything and he nodded. "Yeah that's what I thought for nothing. Get out of here. Don't ever come near me again."

Her chin trembled as he walked started to walk back towards the garage. "You promised me, Dean! You promised you would take care of me, protect me, keep me safe!" He didn't stop he just walked away.

She leaned against the wall and hit her head against it looking up at the sky as it started to rain. She kicked the wall. "Fuck!" She cried and walked towards her car.

Dean sat on the couch with a beer in his hand staring off into space. How could she just walk back into his life after he thought for seven years that she was dead? Seven long years he had thought she was dead and she expects him to have open arms and help her?


Dean turned his head and smiled a little at Lisa who sat down on the couch next to him. "Are you ok?"

"I'm fine."

"You seem a little out of it."

Dean shrugged. "Just a very long day is all." He gave her a reassuring smile not wanting to worry her like the first couple weeks he was here. She smiled back and gave him a kiss on the lips. This was his life now; he wasn't going to let Vicki take over his mind like she used to be able to.

Vicki sat in the diner just stirring her spoon in her coffee wondering if she could run forever from the demon that was after her. They knew now, everyone knew, she wasn't dead.

"This seat taken?" Vicki looked up and her eyes widened in surprise and she watched as the person sat across from her.

"Sam? But you're dead."

"And so are you."

She couldn't believe her eyes. Sam Winchester was sitting across from her but he was supposed to be dead. He actually died not her.

"I know why you're here, Vicki," said Sam taking her hands in his and he gave her that puppy dog look and he shook his head. "Don't make him do it. Don't let Dean go back to hunting."

She tore her gaze from his and slouched down in her seat. "Sam…"

"No, listen Vicki, you hurt him before. He covered it up with revenge on every little evil thing that we killed but," he shook his head again holding her hands in his tightly and comforting, "he has finally moved on to a girl that has nothing to do with hunting, nothing to do with the supernatural world and that's where I want him. His whole life he was in this world and was taking care of me, now I am taking care of him by keeping him with someone normal and letting him for once have a home."

"But that's not Dean. You and I both know that!"

"Vicki, let him go."

Vicki felt like Sam just ripped out her heart and put it in a blender and put it on high speed. She felt her tears fall down her cheeks.

"It'll be ok, Vicki. Just…let him go."

"I let him go once Sam and that was the most horrible mistake I ever did in my life I can't lose him again."

"Yes you can and you will because if you loved him you would want what's best for him and Lisa and Ben are what's best for him."

It hurt. Those words he said hurt her. She didn't want to believe that. She didn't want Dean to have a family that had nothing to do with her. He promised her so much.

"What about you Sam? Huh? You going to let him go on life thinking his brother is dead?"

"I know if Dean knew I was alive he would leave Lisa and Ben and go back to hunting with me. That isn't what Dean is meant to do anymore. He is done. He is done with the hunting life he is free to be normal." Sam leaned close now. "Don't you tell him that you saw me. Don't you dare, Vicki."

With that Sam got up and left the diner. Vicki sat back breathing heavy not knowing what to do now. Dean had the right to know that his brother was alive! Both Winchester brothers told her to stay away…but was Victoria Buckman one to listen? Never…

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