Sam walked out of the bar and pulled his jacket closer to him. This winter was a hard one with it's harsh cold front. He wiped his cold nose and headed for the car. As he was walking towards it he couldn't brush off the feeling he was being watched. He looked around and frowned seeing nothing but he didn't let his guard down.

When he was at his car he heard the person run up behind him. He turned and taken back by shock of who it was let his guard down and she hit him hard in the head knocking him out cold.

Sam woke up tied to a chair and looked around. He was in an abandoned house. It was old, very old, with a few loose furniture thrown about, some windows cracked and spray paint on some of the walls.

He looked down at his hands seeing them tied up. He tried to move but he couldn't.

"Good luck trying to get out of that," said a female voice. Sam looked up to see Jessica walking out of room. She smiled at him. "Hi, Sam."

"Jessica? But…how?"

She grinned at him and it was always that grin that could make Sam smile a little. Her hair was short and in curls, her bangs swept to the side. She was wearing a long black jacket that buttoned up and nothing underneath but a bra and jeans.

"Thanks to your grandfather…well, he helped me out. Just like you."

He looked at her confused. "Grandfather?"

Just on time, Samuel Campbell walked through the front door. He looked at Jessica then at Sam. "Hello, Sam, nice to finally meet you."

"You're…you're my grandfather?"

"I'm your mothers father."

Sam looked between Jessica and his grandfather and shook his head. "No, this is a trick. You both are dead. I know you are." He tried getting out of the chair but he couldn't. Jessica looked at Samuel nervously but he shook his head looking back at Sam.

"Sam it really is us. You see," he said as he pulled a chair in front of Sam, "when I was stabbed back in the past I guess I was lucky enough for it not to hit any important organs. Mary married John and never spoke to me again." Sam looked at Samuel sad. "She said she didn't want this life for her family and she left."

"What about me and Jessica? How did you…how did you do it?"

Samuel pulled out his own journal and plopped it on Sam's lap. "I've learned a few things over the years. I knew I couldn't let my grandson rot in Hell over something he couldn't avoid. I feel like all this was my fault. If I was more careful Mary may never had met that demon and she never would have made that deal."

Sam looked between Samuel and Jessica. She smiled at him slightly giving him comfort and that's all he needed.

"Whoa," said Dean getting a migraine. "You mean to tell me that our grandfather is alive…and well?"

Sam nodded.

"And he pulled you two out of Hell?" asked Vicki.

Jessica and Sam looked at each other and nodded. "So…" said Dean not being able to come up with anything. He opened his mouth and closed it. "Is…Is grandfather Campbell here?"

Jessica smiled. "Not here in this town but he's around."

"Did you hunt with him?" asked Vicki and Jessica nodded.

"Wow, this is…wow…really?"

Sam laughed. "Yes really."

"So you two are going to help then?" asked Dean then glanced at Vicki putting his arm around her shoulders. "Help us get this demon."

"That's what Gran-dad Campbell is doing right now," said Sam taking a sip of his coffee. "He's trying to find it. To bring it to him and once he does that maybe, um," he looked at Dean giving him his puppy dog eyes, "you're not going to like this but, he wants to use Vicki as bait."

"No, no, no, no, no!" Dean yelled causing people in the restaurant to look at him. "We are not using her as bait. He's been after her for years at the sight of her he'd kill her and make her his!"

"Make her his?" asked Jessica.

Vicki licked her lips. "My mother made a deal with this demon before I was born. My mother got everything she wanted, even keeping me until she died but she said once she dies the demon gets to have me for a slave or whatever it wants me to be to him."

"Your own mother did that?" asked Jessica shocked.

Vicki nodded. "Yup, but what my mother didn't expect was that demon coming back two years after I was born and killing her. That's when my father started to lose it. He was a hunter himself but he couldn't take care of me and try and kill the demon. So he left me with my grandfather while he went out looking for it. But instead of him killing the demon, the demon…got to him first. Tortured him, tried to get any information out of him but my father, the jerk that he was, didn't say anything. Kept me hidden with my grandfather…until a few years ago when he found me and I went running with Dean. Then I…"

"Faked your own death," said Jessica. Vicki nodded.

Vicki was standing in the kitchen staring out the backyard at the tire swing. Her grandfather would always push her on that swing when she asked him to. He was never too busy or too old to do that but now…he was dieing.

She bit her lip as she held herself in her arms.

Dean opened the door carrying in his duffel bag and settling it on the floor in the foyer. The maid walked by and smiled at him.

"Hey, Carmen is Vicki in?"

"Yes, she's in the kitchen. I'll take your bag to her room." Dean smiled and walked towards the kitchen.

He stopped in the doorway and watched Vicki standing there staring out the window. He frowned putting his hands in his pockets. He didn't like seeing her like this, he didn't even like hearing her crying over the phone. He quickly finished his hunt and rushed his way back here. He knew she needed him now more than ever.

He approached her carefully and settled his hands on her shoulders. She jumped and turned her head. She quickly wiped her eyes and gave him a small smile. "Hey."

He smiled back putting his hand under her chin. "You don't have to hide anything from me."

She looked down at the floor but he pushed her chin up so she was looking into his eyes. "It's ok to cry in front of me."

She chuckled softly putting her hands in her back pockets. She shook her head looking down at the ground. "I was always told by my father that crying was for wimps." She sniffed and wiped her nose.

He shook his head. He was told the same thing but it was because he was a guy and daddy's little soldier. But this was Vicki…his girl and if she wanted to flood the earth with her tears he'd let her and make sure no one stood in her way.

"Baby, just let it out. Don't hold it in."

She finally looked up at him without his help and tears filled her eyes. He pulled her into his arms and held her as she cried into his chest. She didn't know how long she was in his arms but it was the longest and she would love to stay in them forever.


Both Vicki and Dean turned around to see the family doctor in the doorway. "Your grandfather would like to see you."

She nodded and gave Dean a kiss on the cheek. Before she left she turned to look back at him, "You staying the night?"

Dean nodded. "I'm here as long as you need me."

She gave him a small nod and headed up the stairs towards her grandfathers room. She opened the door and the noise made him turn and look at her. She smiled sadly at him as she closed the door.

"Hey, grandpa," she said in a small voice.

"Come here, my little pumpkin seed." She smiled and sat on the bed next to him. "Is Dean here?"

She nodded and he smiled. "He's in the kitchen."

"Good, good…I'd like to speak to him after you."

She wondered what her grandfather wanted to see Dean about. They always had a good relationship.

"I have something for you."

"Grandpa you've given me so much already I can't take anything else from you."

"It's nothing like that. Trust me." He started to cough and she helped him sit up. "I'm fine. I'm fine." She gave him a sad face and turned her head. "Don't worry about me my little pumpkin seed. Dean will take care of you."

"When you die…the demon he'll know where I am. The protection will be gone and…"

"Vicki you can't keep running from him. One day you are going to have to face him and send that bastard back to Hell."

She just looked at him as he turned and opened the side drawer of his table. He pulled out a vile of red liquid and handed it to her.

"What is this?" She stared at it.

"This is in case things get pretty bad. I mean really bad Victoria." She looked up at him from the vile. "If the demon has you cornered or something terrible goes wrong take this."

"What is it?"

"A way out."

"You're given me poison? You want me to poison myself?"

"No, no…it'll make him think you're dead. And remember use this for emergencies."

Vicki looked from her grandfather to the vile. That was the last time the two ever spoke to each other.

Vicki was staring out the window of the Impala as it rained. She was wearing Dean's black jacket. She couldn't believe everything that has happened in the last two days. And the weather wasn't helping her mood. She was starting to feel depressed.

"Penny for your thoughts Cuddles." Dean took her out of her thoughts and she smiled turning her head to look at him.

"I haven't heard that name in a long time."

"Well maybe you should prove your nickname then huh?" He smirked at her as he managed to drive and pulled her towards him. He tucked her under his arm as she layed her head on his shoulder. "What's the matter?"

"Is everything going to be ok?"

He bent and kissed her forehead as he ran his hand through her hair. "Everything will be fine Cuddles…I promise."

She smirked. "You make a lot of promises don't ya Bear?"

He laughed at the long time nickname she had for him. He nodded. "Yeah, yeah I do and I'm keeping to them. Now get some sleep."

"Where we going now?"

"Following Sammy to the next motel then catch up with Grandpa Campbell."

She yawned as she snuggled up against him closing her eyes and quickly falling asleep.

Dean continued to hold her as she slept. He was still afraid she may leave even in the compounds of the car. He'll never let her go again. She was his and only his.

Dean heard his cell going off and quickly grabbed it before it had a chance to wake up Vicki.


"Hey, Jessica fell asleep and I'm getting pretty tired. You want to stop?"

"You see any motels close by?"

"No, I haven't seen a sign for miles."

Dean sighed and he was getting pretty tired too. He didn't know if he would be able to make it. "Wanna just find a spot and park."

"Sounds good to me. How's Vicki?"

"Asleep and I'm about to be to."

There was silence on the other end for a couple seconds before Sam spoke again, "This is weird huh?"

"What isn't weird in our life?"

"I mean, us, driving around with our girlfriends in the car going after a demon. I don't know usually it's just us two."

Dean smiled a little. "Yeah," he looked down at Vicki, "but it's a good weird."

"I hear ya. Alright I see an opening. See ya in the morning?"

"Bright and early."

"Yeah, alright I'll be the one waking your ass up."

Dean laughed as he shut his phone and placed it back in his pocket. He followed Sam down the dirt path and finally hidden. Dean parked next to Jessica's car and nodded to Sam before shutting everything off.

They both made sure the place was safe and secure before moving their girls. Vicki whined as Dean tried to wake her up.

"Come on Cuddles," he said opening the driver door. She was half awake when Dean helped her out of the car.

"It's raining on my head," she said half asleep.

Dean chuckled holding the door open for her as she got in. He got in after her and closed and locked all the doors. He laid down behind her wrapping his arm around her to keep her warm. He kissed her lips softly as she fell back to sleep. "I love you Cuddles."

Both couples fell asleep in the back holding onto their significant other for dear life. They would do anything for love and comfort from the women they loved.

Vicki woke up with a start and realized where she was, in the backseat of the Impala in Dean's arms. She smiled softly at his hand that was covering hers as it laid over her stomach. She turned around in his arms and he adjusted in the seat to her movement. She smiled at how adorable he looked when he slept. He looked like a little kid, so innocent and peaceful as if they didn't have any monsters in their lives.

She rested her hand on his face and softly traced his features. He woke up startled at first and she laughed softly, "Sorry, go back to sleep."

He grabbed her hand and kissed the back of it. "What time is it?"

She grabbed her phone, "Six."

He groaned grabbing her phone and throwing it on the floor. He pulled her closer to him. "Five more minutes."

She laughed which made him smile and look down at her. She looked up and they noticed this was the first time in a long time they have ever been alone in each other's arms.

Vicki felt her heartbeat start to quicken as he leaned over and kissed her softly. His lips were just like she remembered, soft but tender with a hint of rough.

She kissed him back her hands resting on his face. His hands rested on her lower back. He pulled back a little, both of them breathing heavy and staring at each other. He smirked as he ran his thumb across her jaw line.

"Remember the last time we were in the backseat?"

She chuckled. "How could I forget?" She tilted her head a little. "If I remember it was two orgasms…"


She made a face. "Oh, three huh?"

"Yup, I'm that good to you. I let you slip in that third one."

"Oh you did huh?"

He nodded with a huge smile on his face. "What can I say after you hunt you just look," he bit his bottom lip eyeing her up as his hand ran up her side, "so damn sexy." Their eyes met again and she had a tinge of red on her cheeks. "It just drives me wild and makes me want to be an animal."

"So I bring the wilderness out in my Bear."


She grinned as she moved them so she was straddling his lap. "Then let's see if I can still bring it out."

She leaned down and kissed him, her hands on his face while his were on her hips. This kiss was different from the morning kiss, this was full of passion and lust. Built in passion for each other.

Vicki felt his hands slip slightly under her shirt, his nails lightly scratching towards her front. She made the tiniest surprised gasp as his hands tugged lightly at her jeans.


Vicki and Dean quickly separated and looked at the window to see Jessica and Sam. The two were laughing a little. Vicki smiled and looked down at Dean to see him giving Sam a dirty look.

"Give us ten minutes!" yelled Dean and Vicki just shook her head as her and Jessica looked at each other.

Jessica went around the car and opened the door. She grabbed Vicki from underneath her arms and the two laughed. "I need a pee buddy."

"Cuddles you just gonna leave me like this?" asked Dean watching them go off.

Sam opened the other door by Dean's head. Dean turned back to Sam and glared. "Isn't it great those two can get along? Move over."

"Could you two have waited at least ten more minutes?"

"For what?"

Dean sat up and let Sam sit next to him. "So you could tell us to come back in ten minutes again." Dean raised his eyebrows and Sam shook his head.

"No, Dean look I think I found a hunt." He unfolded the paper and let Dean look at it.

"Mr. Charles Donahue has been charged for murdering his wife but claims to be at the local bar. Some eye witness's said they saw Mr. Donahue coming home and some say he was at the bar but there are no video cameras in or out of the bar to prove he was there."

"Shapeshifter?" asked Dean already knowing the answer as Sam nodded. "How far?"

Sam looked at his watch. "About an hour."

"Alright, let's round up the ladies, get breakfast and head on our way."

The guys got out as the girls came back. "Cuddles riding shotgun again?"

"Why does he keep calling you Cuddles?" asked Jessica.

"It's a nickname he gave me way back."

"It's cute."

Vicki smiled at Jessica as she walked over to her car and took over the driving since Sam drove all night. Vicki climbed back into the Impala and looked at Dean remembering the day he gave her that nickname.

Vicki was finishing folding their clothes when Dean came up behind her wrapping his arms around her and kissing her neck. She giggled as he lightly bit then pulled away. He smiled at her as he sat on the table looking through the magazine he was reading.

"Are you looking for a hunt or are you looking for a new toy?"

Dean's eyes left the magazine and landed on her. She was wearing a maroon off the shoulder shirt and dark jeans that hugged her hips and her hair was up in a loose pony tail.

"Oh baby you know I'm always work and no play."

She laughed shaking her head as she folded his shirt and grabbed his flannel. She looked up at him and he winked at her. That wink always made her blush and she bit her lip as she folded the flannel.

"Vicki…can I have this? Please!" He whined playfully turning the magazine around and showing her a new hand gun.

"Dean you have plenty of those."

"But baby, look it's the latest model."

She put her hands on her hips looking at him as he pouted. "So was last years model." She smirked.


"Dean Winchester you're such a baby! Ok, for Christmas I'll buy you that new hand gun."

He hopped off the table and hugged her. "I knew there was a reason why I loved you."

"Because I spoil you rotten."

He had a dirty grin as his hands landed on her hips bringing her closer to him. "You spoil me in all sorts of ways." He leaned down and kissed her tenderly. Vicki's hands stayed on his neck her fingers playing with the hair on the nape of his neck.

Someone cleared their throat and they parted to see an old lady shaking her head at them. Vicki poised her lips and hid her laugh in Dean's chest. He chuckled as his hands rubbed her back holding her close to him. "Sorry," he said still laughing.

"I love this," Vicki whispered.


"Cuddling up against you. You make me feel safe like nothing bad will ever happen. And in the world it's just me and you."

"If it was just me and you in the world I would say let's start re-populating it."

She laughed as she hit his chest. "Way to ruin the moment."

"You know me, I hate chick flick moments."

She cupped his chin in her hand and shook it. "I know Bear."

"Bear?" He arched an eyebrow looking at her. "Well, at least it's masculine sounding."

She laughed then kissed his lips. He pulled her into a hug and she laughed. "Alright, Cuddles finish with the laundry and we can go home and start re-populating the planet." He smacked her butt and she laughed.

Cuddles…she can deal with that it came from the man of her dreams and the one she loved and she wouldn't have it any other way.

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