Bridging The Gap

Based in the same world as my fic Bitter

He thought it was funny – not funny ha-ha on his end, but funny in the way that you know the fates are mocking you – that she would end up here again.

The steps in front of him, now covered with concrete rather than old stone, had never seen so long, so menacing, so absolutely... terrifying, if the truth be told.

You'd think after five centuries he would've gotten over it. He'd been with her in three different incarnations; shot by the first, freed by the second, and a short but sweet life with the third. Enemies took the first two, sickness the third.

This incarnation – Kagome - would be with him a long time, of that he was certain.

The kami owed it to him. He'd been their hero, their badass mother-fucker with a giant sword to boot, and he'd even been their bad-guy for a while... for well over half his life, if the truth be told. Glamour spells had definitely played a hand in helping him fit in - at least with the humans. Youkai were still a work in progress.

Had the climb up the stairs always taken this long? He was certain the hike up Mt. Fuji to toss the celestial robe into the crater had taken less time.

Was time dragging or was he dragging his feet?

The first meeting was always awkward. Well, in his limited experience. With Kikyou, he hadn't known they were soul-mates. They'd been oddly similar, yes, but not mates. They couldn't be. He was a hanyou; she was a Miko. The two were as incompatible as you could get. And, well, he got an arrow in his chest to prove it.

Her successor fixed all that and her successor healed him – mostly - of past hurts.

Maybe Kagome would help him move forward.

If, you know, he could make himself climb these damn steps.

He heard the laughter from the top of the stairs and finally put one foot in front of the other. He wasn't sure how he was going to introduce himself - oh hey I was your lover in several past lives - or how he was going to explain his demonic blood - but you should be able to feel that anyway - but he somehow knew it would all work out in the end.

All he really wanted, right at this moment, was to see her again.

If only he could get up the damn stairs.


Originally posted to LiveJournal on May 22, 2010

Word Count: 411

Prompt: "Mountain"