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"Jerks..." muttered the teenage boy from his hiding spot inside the boys' bathroom stall. He had been stuffed into a locker...AGAIN! and had to be let out by a teacher after at least two hours of slamming on it and waiting for somebody to hear him. And to make matters worse, he had been yelled at right after for missing class. A fairly typical day for him though annoying nonetheless. Things like this had started happening to him on a daily basis ever since he had first entered high school, not to mention the rumor going around that he was gay. And so he found himself once again hiding out in the bathroom, his preferred eating spot during lunch time. Nobody would bother him while he was in there. Well...at least, nobody human.

Snapping his head up from his food when he heard the bathroom door opening, he quickly pulled his feet up onto the toilet seat until whoever had entered left. That's when he heard an all too familiar voice.

"Argh! Those HORRIBLE, filthy little worm babies!" came the angry voice of his arch nemises, causing Dib to sigh out in some relief and roll his eyes before dropping his feet back down to the ground so he could stand up and exit the bathroom to throw out his tray of food. Of all the people in that school out to get him, Zim was the least of his worries. In fact, Zim hardly ever bothered him nowadays save for the usual arguments they shared during school hours every day. Otherwise, he hadn't plotted anything new to take over the world in ages nor had he come up with new ways to torture him. It was almost as though he had changed, not that Dib minded as he made his way out of the stall to head for the door.

"What's the matter NOW, Zim?" he asked in an almost casual voice, as though he were really concerned though anybody could tell he was just trying to get on the other's nerves, perhaps in hope of starting an argument with him, different from the ones they could set their watches to. Of course, anyone could tell what the matter was just by looking at him. It seemed that one of the other students had "accidentally" dropped their tray of food on him as he stood before a mirror, trying to brush it off of his clothes.

Jolting when he heard Dib's voice behind him, Zim turned to glare daggers at the boy. "You want to know what the matter is, WORM BABY?" he emphasized his last two words so as to show he was in no mood to be played around with. "I'll tell you what the matter is! You and all the other little maggots I'm forced to mingle with on this disgusting excuse for a planet are what the matter is! I hate it here! And I hate all you horrible hyuman stink beasts and your horrible stinking food stuffs and all your horrible hyuman habits!" he said, baring his teeth at the other almost defensively.

Carrying his tray over to the garbage can in the bathroom, Dib merely shrugged nonchalantly. "So, what else is new..." he mumbled, just to be grabbed from behind by Zim before he could head out the door.

"Do not just brush off what Zim says as though it were nothing! Everything I say is not just brush...offable!" he said, obviously angry that Dib could care less about his complaining. "Besides, what pitiful reason could you have for being in here anyways? And don't go into detail on any of the disgusting things I already know you humans do in these places!" he said, gesturing to the bathroom surroundings.

Pulling his arm from Zim's hand, Dib could only take a few steps back. "What's it matter to you what I was doing in here?" he met Zim's glare with a glare of his own.

"Oh, nothing. I just like to see you squirm uncomfortably." he smirked, teasing the other now.

"Oh yeah? Well, same here." Dib smirked back at him, advancing on the disguised Irken.

"Eh? Hey! Wait! What are you-?" he found himself being cornered against the sinks as Dib leaned in to wrap his arms around the shorter alien so he could hoist him up and carry him out into the hallways as though to expose him to the world. Zim, of course, struggled as Dib happily carried the other down the still empty hallway. Lunch wouldn't be over for another 15 minutes. "Urgh! Release Zim!" the agitated Irken demanded. "Release me or face the wrath of ZIM!" he kicked out his legs desperately. But Dib refused to let go anytime soon.

"Nope! Not gonna happen. I caught you." he said, walking away happily with Zim.

"AHHH! NO! LET ME GOO!" he just continued to struggle.

"I'd rather not." Dib said, holding him even tighter.

Zim's eyes meanwhile could only grow wide at those words before sending Dib a strange look. "And WHY is that?" he asked, stopping his struggling for a moment.

"Errr...I WIN!" he quickly changed the subject.

Zim's eyes grew wide again. "What? NO! I WANT A DO OVER!...Uhh...What did you win?"

"I just win...cause I caught you." he grinned happily to himself.

"Oh, right...Wait...AHH! LET ME GO!" Zim returned to struggling.

"Now, why would I want to do that if I'm obviously winning?" he asked.

"Ehhh...ZIM WILL GIVE YOU A GIFT!" he tried to persuade Dib.

"And why should I believe you?" Dib asked, looking away to the side.

"What? Don't you want a gift from Zim?" He put on the cutest face he could.

Dib, however, merely clung to Zim even tighter, a small pout coming to his face. "Nooo...Cause I don't believe you'll actually give me something. And besides, I'm happy with what I have right now." he smiled again.

Zim could only smirk at that. "But Zim is offering moooore!"

Slightly curious now, Dib couldn't help but look back at Zim somewhat curiously. "What do you mean by that?"

Zim's smirk grew even more. "Let Zim go and you'll find out."

And thus I end chapter 1 there. A bit short, but most of these chapters will be pretty short anyways. We hope you enjoy nonetheless however and that we pick up some readers along the way. =3 So until next time.