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ZADR Orange Chapter 151

Warnings: Extreme OOCness

Rating: M for later chapters

Disclaimer: We do not own Invader Zim, nor any of the characters from it. We do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Zim: Notgonnadie

Dib: Me

Enjoy. =3

Gritting his teeth at Red's response back to him, Purple felt his hands shaking by his sides before balling into fists. "REVENGE FOR WHAT?! Zim and I never did anything! So tell me why you are doing this?! If it has something to do with me then just come out and say it already! Don't take this out on Zim!" he screamed back at his co-ruler, who had turned his back on him by now.

Turning to glare back at Purple, Red slammed his fist against a button on the wall, waking up the Control Brain, who spotted Zim on the judgment panel and quickly caught his PAK in its wires.

Purple's eyes grew wide. "No! Don't do this! He hasn't done anything wrong! H-He hasn't done anything wrong!" his voice shook with panic when he saw the Control Brain going to lift Zim up from the platform.

"Oh, calm down, Pur~ The Control Brain will evaluate that." Red grinned evilly.

"You bastard!" Purple ran up to Red and slapped him hard across the face.

"Irken food service drone, Zim. Information downloaded from your memory banks shows that you have committed quite a few illegal acts within the past few months."

Zim winced. "I-I know..." he said before thinking 'At least Dib is safe now...' to himself.

Shocked that he had just been slapped, Red grabbed Pur's arm roughly. "Don't hit me! I did this all for you!" he said, as though trying to justify his actions to the other.

"If you really cared about me then you wouldn't be doing this at all!" Purple tried to pull away from Red. "Now stop this! And let him go! His mate needs him! And he needs his mate! You can't do this when they have smeets on the way! It's illegal! Let him go! Let him go! Let him go!" he slapped Red again but this time with less force behind it as he began to break down. "I left his mate all alone back thereā€¦Told him he shouldn't come..." his voice shook a bit as he recalled what he had told Dib right before leaving.

"A good decision, Pur. He wouldn't be able to handle this."

"Exile Zim, you are hereby labeled defective and shall be stripped of your PAK."

Zim's eyes widened at those words, and he started breathing rapidly. "WAIT! I can't! Not yet! You must let me make sure Dib is okay!" he pleaded with the Control Brain not to do this, not now when Dib still needed him for so much.

"Illegal hybrids do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Irken Empire. Your mate will be spared, but you must be eliminated." the Control Brain said before binding him tight and tearing his PAK from his back in an instant, leaving a large gash there from not allowing it enough time to unplug properly.

Eyes wide, Zim froze at the swift removal of his PAK before choking a little as blood began spilling out from the corners of his mouth.

"No!" Purple tried to shove Red aside to stop the Control Brain, but the other held him in his place, keeping him where he was. "Zim! ZIM!" his eyes filled with tears, streaming down his face now. "I hate you, Red! And I'll never forgive you for this!" he turned on the other before squirming this way and that in an attempt to break free from him. "You can't do this! YOU CAN'T!" he desperately fought against his fellow co-ruler to pull away but all to no avail.

"I'm not doing anything, Purple. The Control Brain is. I just ordered Zim here to be judged." Red said with very little emotion in his voice as he pulled Purple close to him.

Purple struggled for several moments longer as he broke down completely before finally giving in, no longer able to keep up with all his jerking about. "N-No..." he looked away, his eyes squeezed tightly shut and antennae slicked back as Red pulled his head to his chest and just held him there. That's when they all heard an all too familiar voice being raised from the doorway to the room.

"NO! ZIM!" Dib was leaning against the door frame to the room, panting as he had had a difficult time keeping up with Purple. Back on Earth, Purple had instructed him to stay in the base, but he wouldn't allow himself to and had sneaked away to hide in a compartment just big enough for him to fit in on the ship Purple had brought to Earth. He pushed himself away from the door, stumbled into the room a few feet, and then fell flat on his face.

"Guards! Grab him!" Red ordered, the two guards from before moving in to confine him.

Dib stared up at them terrified. "NO! DON'T TOUCH ME AGAIN!" he pulled away, scooting back away from them. "Just let Zim go! You have no right to be doing this! If you're going to punish someone, then punish me instead! I'M the one who told Zim to change me!" he screamed, just wanting Zim to be let go free already.

"D-Dib?!" Zim looked over when he heard the others voice, not wanting Dib to see him like this.

"Select Disposal Method: Garbage. Furnace." the Control Brain gave the two options.

"Toss him in the garbage. He doesn't deserve the swift death of the furnace."

"No! Leave him alone!" Dib forced himself unstably onto his feet and tried to make a run at Red, just to be blocked by one of the guards. That's when it happened. Having been in too much of a rush to think things through back on Earth, Dib had grabbed the first thing he could find to protect himself with, which just happened to be a knife from the kitchen. He pulled it out when one of the guards from earlier grabbed him, and before the other could even register that he had a weapon on him, he plunged it as deeply as he could into the guard's abdomen, having had enough time when the bastard was raping him to notice a few blind spots in his armor that didn't protect him completely. The guard lurched forward before anyone else could respond, his eyes wide as he suddenly coughed up blood from his mouth.

Red's eyes widened and he stared in shock at what Dib had just done, quickly motioning for the other guard to stand down. "Drop the knife, hybrid." he said, deciding to give Dib a chance to comply before taking any drastic measures against him.

Dib pulled back away from the guard he had just stabbed, his hands and the knife soaked in blood now as the guard went to his knees and then the floor. "Not until you let Zim go!" he screamed back, holding the knife to himself defensively as he shook where he stood.

Red glared at him and then smirked a little. "Alright. You win. Give us the knife, and I'll let him go. Tallest's honor." he said, trying to get Dib to lower his guard for a moment.

"No! Let him go first! I don't trust you! You have no honor! Doing this to him in the first place! You disgust me! Now give him back! Give him back to me and let us leave! We don't want anything to do with you!" Dib screamed at them, frazzled now and his eyes wild. "Give him...Give him to me..." his hands then began to shake unsteadily.

"Dib...J-Just give him the knife..." Zim nodded in Dib's direction, knowing already that if Dib didn't then Red would just kill him on the spot.

"No!" Dib shook his head stubbornly, taking a few steps back as he held the knife even closer to himself, the tears coming now. "I want...I want you to let him go first..." he turned his attention back on Red.

"Dib...Please." Zim coughed a little more, blood spilling out from the inside of his mouth. "Do it for me...Just give them the knife..." he said again, anything to keep the other safe in that moment.

"B-But..." Dib lifted his gaze up to look at Zim before then dropping it back down to gaze upon the Irken he had just stabbed, lying motionless in a puddle of his own blood. Entire body beginning to tremble now as he realized what he had done, Dib dropped the knife. "N-No..." he squeezed his eyes shut tightly. "Just let us go home! I want to go home with Zim! You have no right to keep us here!" he began hyperventilating the more upset he became.

Red directed the remaining guard to take the knife away once it had been dropped before grinning cruelly at the hybrid. "Well, I guess I have to let him go then." he gestured to the Control Brain. "Let him go." he then snickered as the Brain let go of Zim and Zim's limp body plummeted into an opening to the garbage bin below before sealing behind itself.

Dib's eyes grew wide. "NO! YOU PROMISED!" he tried to make a run for where he had seen Zim disappear but was merely grabbed by the guard who had retrieved the knife from him.

"N-No...L-Let him go...Please..." Purple was crying into Red's chest by now. "I-It has nothing to do with him...He hasn't done anything wrong...L-Let him see Zim..." he couldn't pull himself away from the other any longer as he clung to Red tightly, shaking as he begged the other not to hurt Dib. "H-He's just a smeet...Y-You can't hurt him..." he pleaded with his co-ruler not to take this any farther than it already had been taken.

"We're not going to hurt him. He's carrying smeets." Red nodded at the guard. "Send him home." he instructed as the guard who had grabbed Dib started taking him away, leaving the two Tallests completely alone now. Red then turned to Purple and grinned. "Sooo...I hear you wanted a smeet?" he said all too suggestively, as though this were the first time it'd ever been mentioned to him.

Purple kept his face hidden in Red's chest until the guard with Dib had left. "It's not fair...They're going to grow up without a father because of you..." he struggled to pull away again. "How could you...How could you suggest such a thing right after what you just did to Zim?! How could I trust you to be a father to smeets after what you just did to another litter of smeets' father?!" he screamed, his face no longer so much angry as it was wracked with grief.

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