Chapter One
Kidnapping Gone Wrong

The musky scent of sweat blanketed the small blonde as he awoke. The other smells, like the metallic aroma of blood reached his nose a few moments later. The pounding in his head didn't start until his eyes blinked open, taking in the bleak surroundings of a large room that was quite barren. The walls must have been white a long time ago, figured Roxas as he looked around the room trying to get a feel of where he was. The once white walls were now yellowing, or at least it seemed so. It was hard to tell without his glasses, plus there was very little light in the room. The source of the light was unknown to the blonde.

The panic started once he attempted to move. His limbs felt tons too heavy and the pounding in his head that was a minor annoyance behind his eyeballs before, became a stabbing, skull splitting ache. He clenched his eyes shut and a whimper tore past his throat as he flopped back against the bed. "Why am I in so much pain?" was the first thought in his head after it stopped hurting enough for him to process thought. The panic was still there, lying underneath millions of questions flooding his brain. "Why can't I fucking move?" was his second most prominent thought.

The blonde wiggled the fingers on both his hands, then the toes on his feet slowly bringing his scenes up to par. He felt…chained to a bed, and he was almost sure he was in his pajamas. Roxas tried again to lift his arms; he was met with nothing but a strong resistance against his wrists. He tried alternating; some corner of his mind realized it was just as useless as moving your arms together, but his panic drowned out all reason. His squirming became thrashing in a matter of minutes with the more he tried to move and the less he did it fueling on his panic. It was growing at a frightening speed the longer he stayed in this forced state of paralysis.

It didn't take very long for his voice to work its way into his panic. It was time to make it known that he was indeed in distress. It broke past his lips in a pain filled cry for help. He felt the flesh of his dry lips ripping apart as he opened his mouth, he felt the crunch of dried blood breaking off his face with the more muscles he moved. This only served to increase his growing fear; it fueled more questions to form, even more rapidly than before. "Why am I covered in blood?" was the third thought to worm its way to the front of his mind and he scanned his brain searching for an answer to his questions.

All he found was a frightening amount of black space filling his mind. Dark, prominent gaps of nothingness where he was sure memories should rest. Roxas repeated the search, each time more frantic than the last. Again he cried for help, giving up on the thought that maybe someone had heard and was already coming. "Help me!" he cried, the dryness in his throat stopped him from screaming, and he took up the thrashing, his ears picking up the sounds of rattling chains. The more feeling came to him, the more he decided he needed help. He was bound down to a bed for crying out loud, there was something wrong here.

There was a loud sound to his left, and he blinked furiously as he watched the blurry door open in the darkness. Light poured in and Roxas had to squint as it hurt his eyes, but only for an instant because soon enough the door was shut and there was someone else in the room with him.

"W-Who are you?" Roxas rasped, the sweltering heat in the room finally registering in his mind, explaining the persistent stench of sweat. The figure said nothing, and instead turned towards the wall, flicking on a light switch and filling the room with blinding brightness. The blonde hissed, closing his eyes before slowly opening them again. All this drastic change in light was hurting his already aching head.

"Better question would be who are you?" The question went completely unnoticed because Roxas was too busy staring at the speaker. He was tall, around 6'3 if not more and on top of all that height sat a head of cherry red hair. The blonde blinked crazily, the blurriness of his vision driving him insane as he tried to focus enough to make out the man's features. Suddenly, the man was close and even blurrier than before, gripping Roxas' chin with rough calloused finger tips and moving the blonde's head in all directions. "Who the fuck are you kid?" The voice was angry and very close making Roxas jump back slightly, cringing into the bed. His head was still aching and the tight grip the man had on his jaw was starting to make it hurt even more. The man released Roxas' face and turned, quickly disappearing from the room.

The loud shouting on the other side slowly grew louder and louder, the door flying open and the light revealing another man along side the redhead. This one frightened the blonde just as much, but it was mostly all the scars and the eye patch that scared him. The man was simply blinking as the redhead shouted at him angrily "Who the fuck is this kid? This is not fucking Sora!" the redhead was roaring, and the man in front of him continued to look at the redhead blankly before turning to look at Roxas.

"What do you mean it's not Sora? It looks just like him," The man said, motioning towards Roxas as the blonde lay on the bed with his head up, straining to watch the scene unfold before him. The mentioning of his brother's name is what really captured his attention, and immediately he knew he had to know what was going on. He felt beads of sweat collecting on his forehead as he strained to keep his head up, yet he had to know what was happening. Sora had disappeared a few weeks ago, claiming he had to leave and had not answered anyone's questions. Roxas had been really bothered by that, usually his twin told him everything. At least Roxas knew he shared everything with Sora, he could only hope his twin did the same. Though, slowly as this situation progressed Roxas was becoming aware that maybe Sora had been leaving something out.

"Sora's not a fucking blonde, nor does he wear fucking glasses! This is the last fucking time I send you and damn Demyx to do anything…and what the hell did you do to him?" the redhead turned and marched right towards the blonde. "These are yours, right?" he said, shoving a pair of glasses onto the blonde's face. Roxas blinked as everything suddenly focused and became sharp. The man's features were finally clear, and Roxas felt his breath catching in his throat when his eyes connected with bright jade ones.

"What do you mean?" The man with the eye patch asked as Roxas listened to them speak, not really knowing what else to do. The shock of what was happening was still coating his brain, making him slow and very confused.

"Why is he all bruised and bloody?" The red head asked, examining Roxas' face again.

"He put up a good fight, Demyx had to hit him over the head with a vase when we went to grab him just to stop him from kicking and punching. About the blood, that was the heat earlier. It made his nose bleed or something," there was laughter in the man's voice, as if the whole thing caused a tickle deep in his gut. Roxas blinked crazily at the blankness in his own memory at the story being told. Clearly he had taken part in it, if he had put up a good fight. Sadly he couldn't remember anything, and all he had left now was the aching. At least his pain was explained.

Then he remembered he had questions and was still strapped to a bed and the anger burst through his frame quickly. He tugged crazily on the bindings and tried kicking his legs before glaring more heatedly at the men now that he could see them. "Why the hell am I strapped to this bed and what do you want with my brother?" he shouted and the red haired man just smiled at him before shaking his head and slapping his cheek a few times lightly, but still hard enough to sting.

"You're in no position to be asking questions," The tall man said before straightening up, his attention once again on the other man in the room. "Go get Demyx and tell him to start the fucking car…I swear to God, you're both idiots," The eye patch man made his way slowly towards the redhead, dropping a pair of keys into his outstretched hand before his eye landed on Roxas.

"At least he's cute, no Axel?" He grinned and Roxas cringed back into the bed, sending the man a disgusted look. The redheaded one apparently named Axel laughed, shaking his head before leaning over and unbuckling the strap around Roxas' wrist. Immediately the blonde swung it outwards crazily, trying to land a decent hit. Axel grabbed his arm quickly and pinned it to his side, sending him an angry glare with a forced smile.

"Stay the fuck still or else I'll leave you here and go find Sora myself," the red head hissed and Roxas immediately stilled. With the other man already gone from the room, the two were left in complete silence. The blonde swallowed nervously before deciding to ask his questions a lot calmer. His heart was still pounding hysterically though, and his mind was still in a panicked puddle trying to process everything happening.

"Why are you looking for him?" Roxas' voice was rather raspy, and he could feel the movement of his dry tongue, the muscle sticking to the insides of his mouth as he spoke. Axel stared down at him before turning and pulling a water bottle out of a drawer, quickly handing it to the blonde's freed hand, and he turned to free the blonde's bound feet. Roxas was about to complain, the water felt very warm in his palm but then he decided against it. At least he was being given a drink, after all, beggars can't be choosers.

"You still are in no place to ask questions," the redhead mumbled before leaning across Roxas' body to unbuckle his other wrist. Finally free Roxas leapt up, quickly trying to scurry away, only ending with the man's hand tugging him backward by his fine hair. He fell back with a strangled cry of pain and the man quickly straddled his hips, glaring down at him and successfully pinning him down. "Just where do you think you're going? You're coming to help me find your fucking brat of a little brother."

"I don't know where he is!" was Roxas' automatic response. In all honesty he didn't really know where Sora was, but he had a few good guesses which he was sure were right. His brother wouldn't go very far, and he would probably stay with his friends. Roxas knew them all. In fact, Roxas knew pretty much everything about his twin, but he obviously wasn't going to tell these maniacs all that information.

"Don't bullshit me kid," with that the redhead got off Roxas and quickly turned the blonde over. Immediately Roxas froze, his body going tense as the redhead gripped his wrists and pulled them behind his back. The cold steel of handcuffs made him jump but relaxed his over worked mind. "He's just cuffing me," thought Roxas, his fingers twitching as the metal tightened around his wrist. Roxas could feel the man over him as he lay on his stomach, his heart pounding and his lungs needing much more air than usual. He didn't know what else he thought Axel was going to do, but he also didn't want to think about it. It was a strange fleeting fear he was sure almost everyone had in the backs of their minds. Though Roxas probably more than most…especially since that horrible accident in the gym washroom. Thank God Sora had been there…

Suddenly the knowledge of being handcuffed registered in his mind and he tried to wiggle away from Axel. The man stood up and pulled Roxas with him. "Why are you cuffing me?" Roxas shouted with his throat still dry because he had never gotten his chance to drink water. The bottle lay forgotten on the bed as Axel tugged the blonde towards the door.

"Why the hell are you in your pajamas?" Axel decided to ask instead and Roxas felt himself blushing before stopping completely. The redhead tugged him with a bit more force causing him to stumble but not fully take a step. With a groan Axel turned towards him and leveled Roxas with a heated glare. "What is it?"

"I'm not moving until you answer some of my fucking questions!" Roxas, finally having a moment to think decided to play along with Axel. Maybe using the redhead to drive him to his apartment, with the excuse of having to get Sora's information or something, where he'd then call the police and get these lunatics put behind bars. Then he'd find Sora himself and ask him what the hell is really going on.

"Your brother owes my boss quite the sum of money, and I'm cuffing you because I'm taking you with me to find him," The redhead stared at Roxas as the blonde processed all the information he was being told and finally he took a hesitant step towards the man. He wasn't very sure what the red head was talking about. Why would Sora owe anyone money? Roxas had known absolutely nothing about that. He was sure if Sora had been having financial problems he would have talked to him.

"Why'd you get me?" he asked, slowly taking more steps. He definitely needed to get home to change and call the police. Once he was close enough Axel gripped his arm and began pulling him quickly through the hallways of a large house, leading him down a set of stairs until finally reaching the front door.

"Because Xigbar and Demyx are idiots," The redhead hissed, throwing the door open to reveal a dark sky, the faint trace of stars lingering in the deep indigo color. Roxas' eyes slowly adjusted to the outdoors as he was lead down the veranda steps and onto the lawn. The bareness of his feet finally being noticed when the cool grass pricked at his toes, contrasting against the heat of the night hugging his frame.

The roar of an engine caught the blonde's attention and his head shot up to spot a cherry red Porsche pulling up and the doors lifting skywards, revealing a happily smiling blonde and the eye patched man. They were both laughing and Roxas turned his gaze towards Axel. The redhead appeared to be fuming, his jaw clenched tight as he made his way towards the car. When he got to the driver's side, he tugged the blonde driver out violently and shook him by the shoulder.

"You dumbass, I don't see what the hell is so fucking funny," Roxas felt awkward standing on the lawn and the thought of running was seemed better and better the longer the redhead shouted at his companion. Roxas looked around, trying to see where exactly he was and trying to figure out which direction was best to run towards, only to be interrupted by a low voice.

"Don't even think about running away now tiger," The eye patched man was right beside the blonde and Roxas jumped backward, his heart jumping into his throat as a nervous laugh bubbled in his throat.

"I wouldn't dream of it," he responded lightly, his heart still pumping vast amounts of blood throughout his body. The man laughed before turning back towards the two arguing men. Roxas caught pieces of the argument as he gazed up towards the sky.

"Sora is not a blonde!"

"How was I supposed to know?

"Because I fucking told you Demyx!" So the blonde driver was named Demyx, meaning the eye patched man must have been Xigbar. "How am I going to explain this to Xemnas?" Roxas watched as the redhead pounded his fist against the hood of the car, his voice filled with agony. Slowly the red haired man straightened up and groaned loudly. Demyx simply laughed before speaking.

"You'll just have to tell him you're a lazy cunt who'd rather get drunk and sleep in, than work for him," the blonde seemed satisfied with his answer, though the redhead seemed far from pleased as he slapped the smirk off the blonde's face. Demyx pouted as he rubbed the sore spot on his cheek and Roxas felt a laugh almost break past his lips as he watched the scene unfold before him. They were the worst henchmen on the face of this planet.

"Get the kid into the car, I've got a shit load of lying to do," Roxas watched as Xigbar quickly grabbed his arm and dragged him towards the car. If Roxas wouldn't have bent down, the man would have pushed him right into the car. It was a tight squeeze, made especially difficult with handcuffs though it was always tricky to get into a 2 door car.

Demyx was the first to speak when everyone was stuffed into the car, the heat really making itself known as sweat dripped down each of their faces, the sun rising off in the distance as they started speeding down the quiet, deserted roads. Roxas dully noted that there was not another house for miles and miles.

"I guess this means a road trip!" the blonde sitting in the passenger seat squealed and Roxas had to bite down on his swollen lip to stop from laughing out loud.

A/N: This was originally supposed to be a macabre little one-shot about a stalker who kidnapped his victim, then tortured and killed him, but some how it ended up nothing like that. It became a multi-chaptered fic about two twins, one getting kidnapped by accident and the mysterious life of the other twin slowly becoming revealed in the pursuit of finding him after he vanishes into thin air. I have no idea how it happened, but I really like how it's going so far.

Tell me if you're interested in more.

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