Chapter Six
Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

"Are we th-" Riku was cut off by Axel slamming on the breaks, the car screeching to a halt in the middle of the intersection. The rough stop jolted Roxas from his uncomfortable sleep and made him smack face first into the back of the redheaded driver's seat. The blonde blinked owlishly, taking in his surroundings and feeling for his seat belt before deciding to complain or not.

It wasn't much, and for miles and miles all around the only sight was corn and nothing else, not even cars. It was like a scene from one of those scary movies, where a group of teenage kids happen to run out of gas in the most deserted of places. Roxas quickly turned his gaze back to the men in the car, looking from one man's face to the other, trying to figure out why they'd stopped. Hopefully they hadn't really run out of gas out here.

While Riku was staring at Axel in total confusion, with a slight hint of anger, the only expression on Axel's face was exhaustion. "If you say that one more fucking time..." The man reached down in between the seats and pulled out his gun, jabbing his accomplice in the face before narrowing his already small eyes. "I will fucking blow your jaw off."

"Are we-"

The sound of the gun cocking had Roxas' heart rate accelerating and the sweat which had accumulated on his forehead, began to slowly trickle down his face. Why was Riku doing this now, in the middle of fucking nowhere? Especially while the sun was blazing down on them, cooking them like turkeys.

They still had so much more driving to do, and the GPS clearly showed it on its small screen. Yet, the silver-haired man had been asking when they'd arrive for the past three hours. Clearly, it was starting to drive Axel crazy. It would annoy anyone really, but Roxas was too hot to really care. Plus, he had been sleeping...until Axel decided to rudely wake him up. Though he really should have had his seat belt on, especially knowing how the redheaded maniac drove.

"Riku, I'm not fucking joking with you." The taller man was clenching his teeth together so tightly, Roxas was sure that at any second, they would shatter and fall right out of his gums. The look of complete nonchalance on Riku's face was slightly unnerving. How could anyone sit there, so calmly when a psychotic man had a gun, cocked and loaded, pointed at your face?

Roxas' eyes widened hugely as he shrunk back into the leather seats, finally getting a hold of the seat belt and buckling himself in. The two men in the front were just staring at each other now, each one as silent as the other. The small blonde didn't want to make a sound, because by the looks of it, driving for quite a few hours straight seemed to put Axel in a very, very foul mood. Riku however, didn't seem to care at all and instead he slapped the gun away from his face, rolling his eyes at his companion.

"Well, if we aren't there, we better be getting somewhere soon. My fucking ass is asleep and my balls aren't too far behind."

That was more information than Roxas needed to know, so instead of continuing to listen to the two hit men, he turned his attention to the small, tinted window behind Riku's seat and peered out through it. The road was pretty much empty, except for their car and another one, off in the distance. The heat waves danced along the cement, melting all the colours together but the black vehicle was perfectly clear. One thing was for sure, the driver seemed to have no intention of slowing down. The van came closer and closer at an alarming rate and Roxas came to a horrible realization.

It was speeding straight at them.

"Uh...Axel," The man's voice was pathetic, his throat clogged with sleep and fear and he had to clear it roughly before trying again, his eyes still glued to the quickly approaching vehicle. "Axel...Riku..." He barely made a sound over the two in the front seat, who were now shouting at each other and when the van was close enough for Roxas to read the license plate, the warning made its way out.

"Guys...We're gonna be hit!"

The announcement was too late and by the time the other men looked up, the black van was already smashing into the side of Axel's Porsche. Roxas only had a split second to open his mouth and try to scream, before the metal of the car was crashing in towards him. The impact crushed the side of the tiny sports car and sent them skidding across the road. It seemed like they would tip over, until the tires smacked back onto the ground, bouncing the car roughly one last time before finally stopping, and at some point Axel and Riku's airbags had burst out to save them. Roxas on the other hand, didn't have much as far as protection went.

Every bone in the blonde's body cracked, his spine felt like it was on the brink of snapping and his neck was burning but at least he was still breathing. He blinked past the pain in his head, and with very slow movements, turned to see if the other men were alright.

Riku was struggling to undo his seat belt and Axel sat up quickly after smashing his airbag back into place, then cast a glance over his own seat, back towards Roxas. The blonde saw the man's forehead was steadily dripping blood and he could feel some on his own face. They were all in shock, none of them speaking until the sound of gunshots split the air. The sound of the bullets piercing the front of Axel's car were sickeningly loud, and Roxas instinctively covered his ears, curling up against the side of the car even if his entire body was on fire.

He had to look up though, when he heard both Axel and Riku climb out, and it was almost immediately after exiting the car that he heard them start returning fire. He could clearly hear the softened sound of Axel's silenced gun, and the loud cracking of Riku's own weapon but he was too scared to move. The best part of them getting out of the car, was that whoever had crashed them was no longer shooting directly towards the blonde. They're attention was grabbed by the men and Roxas would hopefully be forgotten or not even noticed.

Roxas waited for the sounds to stop, his heart pounding in his throat and giving him something to concentrate on rather than the immense pain he was in. He couldn't understand how Riku and Axel climbed out of the car so easily, and he wondered if maybe this was his chance to escape. After all, if they could still move, he fucking would.

Stretching his neck, just barely, he stared out the shattered window of the seat he could have been in and he stopped. If he had been sitting behind Riku, he would have been dead. Completely crushed by the twisted metal but instead, he had been left alive. This was definitely a sign that he had to escape.

Clearing his head, he caught sight of what exactly was going on outside. There were strange men, ducking behind the doors of a black van, popping their heads out every now and then to shoot at Riku and Axel. Already a few lay dead on the roof of the vehicle. The two hit men were running straight at the shooters and Roxas ducked quickly, deeming them both dead and crazy.

With a great heave, he pushed the driver's seat forward and luckily, the door was left open by the redhead. It felt like pure agony to move, but he forced himself out of the back and out into the open. The ground was burning and littered with shards of glass, and as soon as his palms made contact with the scorching cement, he slightly regretted his decision to climb out head first. It wasn't important now though, what was important however, was crawling away from all the men and finding a good place to hide until everyone was either dead or gone.

It was as he was crawling towards the side of the road, (the cornfield a perfect place to get lost in) that another car came speeding down the empty street but this time, not towards the destroyed Porsche but towards the van. The man who had been standing right outside the driver's side was taken along with the door, flying onto the hood and rolling over the car before landing roughly behind as it spun around, coming back for another round.

The men began shooting at the car, instead of at Axel and Riku but that didn't slow it down at all. It came at them at the same speed, only this time, the passenger window opened and Xigbar's head popped out, in his hands, a Mac-10 was spitting out shots, littering the already holey car with more holes.

Roxas was almost at the side of the road, his head and heart both pounding to the same beat, while the rest of his body ached in ways he never thought possible. The sound of empty casings hitting the floor filled the air and he wondered just when all the shooting would stop. With that question in his mind, he chanced a look back and caught sight of Demyx and Xigbar as they rushed out of their car towards Axel and Riku. It seemed now was the time the bullets would stop.

The redhead was storming away from the men, straight towards the man on the ground who had been hit by Demyx's car. Roxas couldn't see Riku and he wondered briefly where the man was before turning his gaze back to Axel.

The gun was held tightly in the redhead's hands when he stopped, his feet inches away from the man's face and it appeared like they were speaking to each other, though Roxas was almost sure the other man was dead. Regardless, the blonde couldn't hear a thing, his ears were ringing and if he wasn't so terrified that he might die, he would have been worried about his hearing.

He tried to drag himself forward, trying to forget the chaos behind him and he did for a while until he had to take another look back. The curiosity was eating him alive, and he was also afraid that at any second, Axel would look up and spot him. He was still quite a distance from his escape.

What he saw when he looked back stopped all his efforts though.

Something was wrong with the man on the ground. It appeared as though he was actually moving his arms to reach for the gun he had dropped, weakly swinging them outwards but Axel had blocked his path. He was still alive...if not just barely.

Roxas couldn't tear his eyes away, especially when Axel began screaming, using his gun to point towards his car, then down at the man. Each time the barrel pointed to the man, Roxas held his breath for a few seconds, anticipating the gruesome sight. He was taken by surprise when Axel lifted his foot, placing his heavy boot on the side of the man's head as he bent over to say something to him. Roxas knew what was coming and he knew he had to look away, but he couldn't.

The blonde's stomach curled in on itself as he watched Axel apply pressure, and even if his ears were still ringing, he could hear the man screaming in pain, his hands clutching at the redhead's ankles. Roxas' heart began to race, and he knew he was going to throw up, especially when the redhead began stomping down on the man's skull. The man seemed to give up trying to stop it and instead began to flail. It made the blonde wonder, why he wasn't rolling away...then he remembered how badly he'd been hit.

That was it, Roxas couldn't keep watching anymore and he finally tore his eyes away, a person would have to be disturbed to want to see the rest. The blonde was fighting against his puke, as it sat right in the middle of his esophagus, waiting for him to let his guard down so it could rush up and out of his mouth. The man's screams turned into strange gurgling sounds until...silence. Complete and utter silence. The blonde almost didn't know what was better. The sound of bullets or this eerie quiet.

"Someone check on Roxas!" Axel's voice slapped said blonde out of his horrified state and once he realized he had to start moving again, it was too late. Xigbar had already discovered he was missing from the backseat and had rushed around the side of the car, to find the blonde slithering away on his belly. Demyx was next to appear in the blonde's line of vision, his once oddly styled hair, a crazy mess of blonde tangles.

"Hey Ax, you should come see this!" The eye-patched man called, a sick smile on his face as he stared down at the injured male. Roxas stopped struggling and laid still on the hot ground, too exhausted to care about the pieces of glass stabbing into his knees, elbows and stomach. He waited for the redhead to come and crush his skull into the cement for trying to escape, but it never happened.

Instead Axel didn't come around, and it was Demyx who ran towards Roxas. The man bent over, helping the shorter blonde stand up. Roxas didn't want to stand, he wanted to stay on the ground and be left alone. Moving and using his legs hurt, and his back was definitely in a significant amount of pain. "Can you walk?" Demyx asked softly and Roxas looked up towards him, staring into the man's face until realizing what had happened. He didn't want this murder touching him.

With a shove, Demyx was a few paces away from Roxas, and the man limped back horribly to the crushed car. Everything hurt, and each step was more painful than the one before it. The man didn't know how much farther he'd be able to walk, crawling away really tired him out.

His anger was what fueled him on for the few steps he took before wobbling and almost falling over. He was so mad, his pain almost didn't matter. All he could think was:

"Fucking Sora." He glared off into nothing and pushed himself for another step. Demyx rushed up behind him, grabbing his shoulders and steadying the man. Even if the blonde didn't want to admit it, it was much easier to walk with Demyx's help.

"Axel, Roxas is in some pretty rough shape," Demyx announced when they got to the car, Xigbar a few steps behind them, still carrying the small machine gun. Axel didn't answer, and waited for them to come around the car. They all saw what was keeping the man so quiet.

Riku was bleeding from his side, his hand completely covered in red and his nice shirt ruined. The man looked up towards them and he was pale, his light eyes making him look almost ghostly. Roxas leaned a bit more towards Demyx, the sight of all the blood made him woozy.

"We're taking them to Vexen. Xigbar grab Riku, Demyx you take Roxas and meet me at your car." Axel got up from Riku's side just as the eye-patched man moved to gently lift Riku off the ground. Roxas turned his head, trying to see where Axel was going but Demyx moved him along, pushing him towards the black car. He didn't miss the giant, bleeding gash on the man's arm.

"Come on, we have A/C," The words sounded foreign at first and Roxas had to blink a few times to clear his head. Demyx sent him a smile before it finally all made sense. Demyx's car had air conditioning. He would finally be out of this fucking heat!

Axel was taking forever, and Roxas wasn't the only one who thought so. It had only been around 5 minutes since they entered the car but those minutes were completely different for Riku. The blonde sat stiffly in the passenger seat and even if he felt the urge, he never once looked back at Demyx and the silver-haired man.

The earth gave a sudden lurch, and a few seconds after a loud boom came with a burst of light. Xigbar began laughing, revving the car's engine a few times before Axel burst in through one of the back doors. Roxas looked back now, and found Riku holding Demyx's shirt against the wound and the once white fabric was now turning a darker shade of crimson rather quickly.

Roxas regret turning around almost immediately, his neck burning like Hell's fires were within it and his spine reacted with a sharp, stabbing throb and when Xigbar pushed on the gas, he flung himself forward just in time to put his seat belt on. "Everyone ready?" No one answered the man, everyone deciding to stay quiet but that didn't seem to matter. Just like that, they left the scene and Roxas watched the flaming wreckage that had been Axel's sports car in the rear view as they drove off.

Once away from it all, the confusion finally began to seep in. He had no idea who those men in the black van were or why they had attacked them and it seemed as though none of the men in the car were going to discuss it. The only thing Roxas could hear, were the pained sounds of Riku's breathing and it made him uncomfortable every time the silver-haired male took a few too many seconds to inhale.

"We should call Xemnas...he needs to have that road cleaned," Demyx was the first to speak after a long time and again, no one answered him. The silence was unsettling and Xigbar appeared to be thinking the same thing.

"You pussy's are lucky I decided to follow you. That van had been with us since a few miles back, and y'all didn't even notice a damn thing! Where the fuck are your heads?" The man glanced up into the rear-view quickly and Roxas was trying to stay conscious, but there was a terrible throbbing behind his eyeballs that only subsided when he shut them.

"I thought those fuckers have more important things to fucking do!" Axel growled from the back and the sound of his voice, filled with such venom made Roxas' skin crawl. All he could see was that man clutching so desperately at the redhead's ankles, probably begging him to spare his life. The man was a killer, and if Roxas had been thinking that he was all bark and no bite, that was definitely not the case now.

"Wasn't Xemnas keeping tabs on them?" Demyx spoke up and both Xigbar and Axel let out barks of laughter. "What? You'd think he'd want to tell us about these pricks."

"That motherfucker's only concern is his money and his own life. He could give a rat's ass about us," Again, Axel's voice made Roxas prickly with goose flesh and he decided that he didn't really care if he had some sort of concussion and wasn't supposed to fall asleep. In fact, at this point, he was welcoming a coma.

"Xigbar, keep Goldilocks awake...and Demyx, call that cock sucker already!" Axel spat out demands like a general and no one objected. The eye-patched man reached over and patted the blonde's thigh, making him jump and curl up against the door, away from his filthy, blood tainted hands.

"Don't touch me," Roxas tried to sound threatening, but it only made Xigbar laugh and send him a creepy smirk.

"I can't be held responsible for what I do, if you fall asleep."

All tiredness was drained from the blonde male's body and he opened his eyes wide, focusing on the heat waves that made the road ahead wiggle. Again, that anger flared up in his veins and he thought about his snake of a brother. Fucking God Damned Sora.

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