Chapter 1

The Letter

Sylphiel awoke from her deep slumber with a large yawn, the sun shone down into her room, having all ready heated the violet room. She blinked open her large green eyes and pushed her bedraggled hair behind her ear. It was eight o' clock in the morning, 'oh dear', she thought, 'I'm an hour late for helping mother with making breakfast', her thoughts were cut off as a soft tapping suddenly broke the silence. Confused, yet curious, she stood up turning to the source of the noise. Outside her window, was perched an owl, it's feathers were a very deep black, it's eyes were a bright blue. And on it's legs was a letter tied by a string.

"What on earth" she said aloud as it pecked again on the glass, then looked up to her, as if expecting something from her. "I'm afraid that this isn't your home dear..." it hooted at her loudly then began pecking hard against the glass. Afraid it would destroy the glass, she opened the window. It then flapped it's wings and flew into her room, once over the bed the letter magically dropped onto the rumpled sheets, the owl then flew out in another motion leaving a very startled Sylphiel. Shutting the window swiftly she went over to the bed and picked up what it had dropped. It was made of a heavy, thick, parchment, and their was a purple wax seal bearing a coat of arms; a lion, an eagle, a badger, and a snake surrounding a large letter 'H'. In green ink on the other side, it said:

To: Sylphiel Nels Raada

1413 Naiv Ety Lane

New Sairaag

Needless to say, she was quite surprised at this. She had never recieved mail quite like this before. She opened it up curiosity burning within her and gasped as she read:



Headmaster: Milgazia

(Order of Merlin, First class, Grand Sorc., C hf. Warlock,

Suprememe Mugwump, International Confed. of Wisards)

Dear Ms. Raada,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September 1. We await your owl no later than July 31.

Yours Sincerely,

Beast Master Zellas Metallium

Deputy Headmistress

Sylphiel's eyes bugged out, "MOTHER!!!" her cry rang through the house as she ran down stairs, clad in her pink pajama bottoms and purple top, black hair flying behind her in her rush. She took the stairs two at a time and on the final landing nearly tripped, but by sheer luck her hold on the banister kept her from falling, and she then took off towards the dining room. "MUM!!! You have to look at this!!!"

Her mother was sitting down at the table with her father. On their large red wood table sat a plate of pancakes, a couple eggs, bacon, toast, butter, salt and pepper. Her father was eating his breakfast while her beautiful mother was ignoring her food to play with their month old kitten. She was using her apron ribbon to catch the kittens attention. "Mum!" she panted.

Selene looked up to her daughter, "Yes Sylphiel?"

"Look-" she breathed in deeply, "at what I got!" she then handed the letter to her mother.

Selene took the letter from her and then read it aloud. Her father Eric lifted his head up and carefully listened, once she was done she looked at him, and he her. "What is going on Eric?"

"I honestly don't know, I've never heard of this 'Hogwarts'." he replied.

"Witches and Wizards... Do you suppose they are saying our little girl has powers?" she asked re reading the letter.

"I have no idea, Well... I suggest we, write them back. But how to get it to them is beyond-" at that moment Selene looked to the window and screamed.

"What on earth is that?!" she stood up, it had to have been one of the biggest birds she had ever seen.

"It's an owl mum, the one that delivered the letter." she went over to the window and pushed it up, and then taking out the window screen she slowly reached to it with her hand. Having made no sudden moves to bite or attack her, she gently placed her small hand on its back and stroked down word. It hooted softly and flapped it's wings a bit and placed itself on her shoulder. She looked shocked, she didn't know whether to move or not, it's talons were digging in carefully to hold his place, and her parents were standing up now.

"I suppose we give him the letter." Eric stated. "Come Sylphiel, sit down and eat some breakfast before it gets cold. You can feed the owl if he wants, on a separate plate."

Slowly and carefully she sat down, and the owl gently flapped down onto a part of the table that was not covered with food. "I wonder what it's name is." she said as she reached for the pancakes. It hooted and held out it's leg, as if for her to look at. Which she did, and blinked surprised when she found a silver band around it with the name, 'Nightwind'. "His name is Nightwind," she said. "How very pretty. Would you like some pancakes or bacon?" it hooted twice. "Hmmm I hope that's a 'yes'." she then tore up part of her pancake and bacon into little pieces, put it on a plate, and placed it before him, he ate eagerly.

Meanwhile her father was writing back on a piece of good office paper. By the time she had finished breakfast he was folding it, and placing it in a sturdy small envelope. Sealing it, he went to the owl. "Now how are you supposed to carry this?" he muttered. She held out the same leg and he paused, leaning down he found a little catch on the band, and as he gently pulled it, a thin line came out a clip attached to it. "Doesn't look like it would actually hold this. Oh well..." he slid the clip onto the letter and he then watched as the metal glowed gold, and then dimmed. Surprised, he pulled on the letter, to find it very secured. With that, the owl hooted and flew off.

"How strange." she murmured.

About two days later, in the afternoon, Sylphiel was playing in her sandbox in the backyard. In the middle of making a sand hill, she saw a shadow fly by her on the ground and a letter landed on her sand castle. Grabbing it she flipped it over and she then ran to her mother.

By that evening the parents had read the letter, which contained the answers to the questions Eric had asked. He had informed them that this school was there to help children with developing their magical abilities, teaching them things they would need for the world, and on and on it went... By the end of the letter both were much more understanding, and after a few days, wrote back informing the deputy headmistress that, yes, Sylphiel was allowed to attend.


"Nine and three - quarters... Nine and three - quarters..." Eric looked up the the signs and sighed, "Darling, where on heavens earth did you find the station to buy this from?"

"I told you dear, it's not what you expected... Had you went with Sylphiel and I to Diagon Alley, then get led around by a hyper witch, and then gone with us to the station, you would know," she rolled her eyes and pushed the cart to the arches between platform nine and ten. "Go ahead Sylphiel, take your father with you."

"What?" Eric blinked as Sylphiel grabbed his hand and then began pulling him, "What are you doing Sylphiel?!"

"Run dad, while no one's looking, run and close your eyes! Trust me!"

Now Eric was an intelligent man, he was very loving, kind, giving, firm, and worked very hard to support his family. But he was also a very realistic person. And that was a WALL that she was running towards. And if he was correct, brick walls didn't NORMALLY let human bodies just WALK on through them. As they got closer he closed his eyes tightly, praying he was right in following what she had said, when five long strides later he opened his eyes and came to a dead halt at the sight of the bright red and gold train before them.

Students were climbing aboard lifting their heavy trunks, identical to the one that had been bought for Sylphiel. Some children hugged their mothers tightly, crying, laughing, or smiling. Sylphiel's mouth lifted to a smile of delight, "See daddy?! Isn't it beautiful?! I didn't get to see the train last time because it had left twenty minutes before we got here to buy the ticket!" she turned around as her mother came in, slightly breathless, and stopped herself and the cart before she ran over her husband. "Mommy! Isn't it neat?! I can't WAIT to get to school!" she laughed and jumped up, hugging her father round the neck just barely.

Eric smiled and set her back down, "Well lets get your case on the train," he went over and took the cart himself pushing it nearer to the train. He handed her her new owl, which was a barn owl, and then handed her her little blue jean backpack. He then, with his wife helping pick up the other end, lifted it up and brought it onto the train, following behind Sylphiel. Choosing an empty cart near the back, she helped put the trunk into it's proper area, and then hugged her parents tightly.

"Love you mum, dad, I promise to behave and get the best grades I can." she gave them her widest, most loving smile and her mother nodded, bent down and hugged her.

"I love you, Sylphiel." she kissed her cheek, and then stepped to the side for her husband to hug and kiss her, and with a final farewell, left her in the compartment.

About five minutes later her compartment door slid open, a little mop of long black wild hair popped in, bright baby blue eyes hidden partially beneath it. "Is this compartment taken, or may I sit here?" the voice asked timidly.

Sylphiel nodded to the girl, "You can sit in here, there's plenty of room, I'm all alone anyway..."

The door opened the rest of the way and the four foot five inch tall girl, began dragging in her trunk.

"OH!" Sylphiel jumped up and off her chair, helping her pull it in, then push it into it's compartment space. "There!" Sylphiel turned to face the girl who was just about as tall as her, but was very almost gangly, and was a very adorable girl.

"My name is Amelia!" she said with a grin, "Thank you for the help!"

"I'm Sylphiel, nice to meet you."

They sat down and a few minutes later the train was off to it's destination, Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft, and Wizardry.

As they watched the last signs of humanity fade away into hills a red headed girl popped her head into the doorway. "Hi! All the other compartments are full, and the other one that wasn't was filled with these three older students... So can I sit down here?" she stepped into full view and was about two inches shorter then both of them, (meaning four foot three) and almost as gangly and thin as Amelia. She had short hair which was chin length, and was wearing dark black jeans and a black top with a blonde haired angel on it, horns holding up the halo, and beneath it read, 'I'm not as innocent as I pretend to be'.

"Sure! What's your name? I'm Amelia, this is Sylphiel, we're both first years."

The girl grinned and began dragging her trunk in, "I'm a first year too! My name is Lina Inverse."

For the rest of the journey they went on about their home life, when they got their letters, and this little chat kept them entertained for the hours it took getting to Hogwarts. Lina bought out half the candy items when the lady with the cart came around, and even went as far as to share a few pieces with them.

Soon enough, dark had nearly fallen and the train slowed to a stop. "We're here!" Lina jumped up, looking out the window to the platform area right outside, "I can't believe it! We're finally going to be able to eat a full meal! Come on lets hurry up!"

It took around twenty minutes before the train was cleared, it went so fast because everyone was to leave their luggage on the train because someone else would get it to the school.

"All right, first years follow me! And remember, three only to a boat!" a tall, black haired woman called out, "My name is Eris and I am the care taker (think Filch from the book)."

"Boat? What in heavens name are they talking about?" Amelia asked. Her question was answered soon enough, they had been led to a very large wide lake, many boats held at the docks, small row boat boats, without oars. They all climbed in, and Eris tapped her boat with her wand and all of a sudden, the boat Amelia, Lina, and Sylphiel were sitting in, gave a jolt and began moving forward.

As they looked up before them they were astounded to see a large magnificent castle before them, land ran around the the side, to far for them to see, but you could tell it was absolutely breathtaking, with all of the castle lights a glow, reflecting on the dark surface of the water.

"Oh wow, this is going to be some adventure," Amelia breathed as they neared the shore. And as Sylphiel stared, wide - eyed, she totally agreed with her friend.


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