Edwards Pov…

I could feel her already; sense her impending closeness, in just 24 hours my love, my Bella would be returning for her first weekend break from college.
She had been in Seattle for a month now and it had been the longest month of my whole existence, and that's saying something given I'd been alive for a total of 104 years.

Of course I could have visited her, a run to Washington wouldn't have taken me more then a couple of hours, but we had agreed she would settle in first, she would do her best to meet new people, make friends. Well when I say we had agreed, it had been more a case of me telling her that was what she had to do.
Bella wanted nothing more then for me to be with her every night; she had even suggested that we got a place together in Seattle, desperately trying to convince me that she didn't really want to live in the dorms anyway.
Luckily though I knew what was best for her, even if she didn't.

Although I had missed her with every fiber of my being, part of this brief separation felt right, I don't know if it were the relaxing feeling of not having to worry about the varied forms of danger she was always in whilst around me, or if it might be the fact that I had more quality time to spend with Emmett and Jasper. It just felt like this was going to be really good for us, although I'm sure Bella didn't see it like that. She was so damn stubborn, sometimes it took all of my patience and determination to get through to her.

Bella's father – Charlie had called me last night and asked that I be at the house to welcome her home today, and to make sure that I brought Alice with me. He informed me of his plans to put up banners and balloons, wanted to make a fuss of his little girl as he had so enthusiastically put it. I knew instantly that Bella would hate that, she detested anything that would put her in the spotlight, but being the kind hearted, selfless person she was I also knew that she would thank him and appreciate all of Charlie's efforts.

Sighing I impatiently leaned against the glass doors that lead out to an expanse of wilderness and brilliance of green out the front of my parent's home. Carlisle and Esme weren't my actual parents of course, but they had guided me on the right path and I respected and loved them both as any son would their mother and father.
Sometimes I would catch Carlisle glancing at me, a guilty expression cast over his angelic face. I know that he still blamed himself and carried around a burden of regret for turning me, however I was grateful that he had. Without him my life would have been over before it had really had a chance to begin, and I'd never have met Bella, a life without her didn't even bare thinking about.

As I deliberated in the best way to remove Alice from the house, I looked up and noticed her elflike frame gliding down the winding staircase. She jumped down the last two steps and landed at my feet as her critical eyes glanced over me.

"Edward you're not seriously considering wearing that…are you?"

Looking down I flicked my eyes over my navy blue fitted sweatshirt to my black straightcut jeans and converse.

"And do tell me what exactly is wrong with what I'm wearing sister dear"

Instead of answering me Alice scoffed and breezed past me out to my car that sat in the driveway. Narrowing my eyes I stared after her and waited for her echoed thoughts to enter my head.
My head jerking up as I met with her eyes.

"A stuffy, boring old man! You think I look old?"

Frowning at me Alice pulled impatiently at the door handle as I stepped closer, key in hand.

"Edward would you quit invading the privacy that is my head! And yes now that you ask I do think you look old and stuffy and totally boring. Now open the car already"

I spent the frustrated journey glancing over towards Alice, then back down my body as I tried to control my speed, that was one of the most challenging obstacles we had to overcome. Being a vampire of course came with many daily challenges, but detaining our speed and strength was one of the most infuriating.

Charlie was stood waiting anxiously at the door as I pulled into Bella's usual spot in front of the house.
I groaned as the array of multi colored balloons as they flapped about in the wind, it looked like a party shop and thrown up all over the outside of the house, Bella was going to just die.

"Edward, Alice I was expecting you sooner, Bella's gunna be here any minute, your cutting it real fine. It's nice to see you both though, guess I'll be seeing a lot more of you now Edward, now that Bell's back"

I smiled as Alice leant gracefully forwards and placed a soft kiss against Charlie's stubbled cheek, an instant heated flush swept over his rugged face as I noticed the blood pumping furiously throughout his body. Charlie had always harbored an innocent crush on Alice, if only he knew she in fact was his senior.
Stepping after her I firmly shook Charlie's hand, but allowing him enough prowess to have the stronger grip.

"Yes Mr. Swan it's very good to see you again, and I am sorry we're late"

Gritting my teeth I practiced my methods to block out his thoughts, I may be a vampire, a killer even but I continued to be a gentleman through all of that.
Charlie's words amused me though; little did he know that I had seen him everyday since Bella's departure. One of the last things she had made me promise was that I would look out for her father, obviously not in a way that he would realize, but discreetly.
And I had fore filled Bella's request, waiting until the early hours of every morning I had traveled to the Swan residence and watched over the house, after all I had nowhere else to be as the rest of the world rested, and being there made me feel closer to her and our memories that rested deep within the walls of the house.

The Balloon and streamer massacre only increased the further I stepped inside and as I raised my brows and watched Alice flit about, making slight adjustments, the familiar smell pulled at the senses toward the back of my throat, my skin prickled and my body responded to its calling as I instantly found myself outside, my controlled and maintained breathing now halted as I sucked in the air and tasted her scent as it trickled through my mouth.

Snapping my head up I felt the familiar pull at the side of my mouth as she flung open the rusted truck door and clumsily flew towards me, dropping her jacket as she neared, I felt myself instinctively sweep her up and hold her to my cold body, the warmth of her soaking through our clothes as the sweetness that was her flowed throughout me.
Her voice a melody as it licked about my ears.

"Edward, oh Edward you're here, your holding me and you're here"

I felt every sense inside me spring to life as her body molded against mine, moving my mouth hungrily over her jaw as I flicked my tongue over her soft ear lobe, the taste of her skin set my mouth on fire.

"Yes love I'm here, I'm never going to let you go"

Grabbing her hand I squeezed gently and took a moment to re-accustom myself of her scent and the constant pulling against my hungered lust whenever she was near me. Maintaining myself about her caused me no end of suffering and agony, but I had chosen to suffer through, she was worth it.
Jerking her head towards the house she mumbled.

"Is it as bad as I'm expecting?"

Pulling her towards the front door as I leaned my head over her and pressed a light kiss into her hair, breathing in the fragrance of melon and strawberries I whispered my answer.

"Oh my love, its worse"

Groaning as she slightly pulled against me, I grinned wickedly before sweeping her up into my arms and fireman lifting her through the door, before setting her down again.
Just as she made to move forwards and set about acting surprised and grateful I held her close to my side, brushing my cool lips across her neck as I murmured against her.

"I don't think I've told you yet, you look beautiful and I love you"

Just as she opened her delicate mouth to answer Alice raced forwards, eloping Bella in a tight hug as they both cried tears of happiness.
Charlie and I just looked on, both enjoying the heartfelt reunion as I allowed my controlled thoughts to slip, his thoughts consuming me.

Of course he was right, Bella had made the right choice in going but this didn't stop the ever-growing sense of loss we had all felt whilst she was away.
The most concerning about my drop in defense as I listened to him was that suddenly I realized my longing for her, my need to be with her didn't even touch or come close to how much Charlie had mourned the loss of her presence.

What did that mean? Did it mean I didn't love Bella as I had once thought!