In the mist of somewhere in the entire universe, a being was overlooking what affectionately was his playground.

He sat there in the presence of space and time at his disposal where he could go to any place at any point in time without hesitation. He could also go to different realities if he wanted to so he could amuse himself, though a being much higher than he told the young lad not to interfere with the cultures of others as the higher being had learned from his own personal mistakes of interfering and then getting punished.

The boy continued to sigh until another being such as himself walked over and sat right next to him.

"Why the long face?" The being asked the younger being.

The younger being looked back. "You know I only assume the form of something with a face when we encounter a race. And to answer your question, I'm bored."

The older being somehow nodded in the complexities that made the being who he was, though he did not have a face. "Not much to do around here today, is there?"

"Nope," the younger being said.

The older being tried to search for the right words to say. He always had problems reaching out to the young buck, even if he had the brain capacity of hundreds of thousands of the universes smartest men from space and time.

"You know this isn't easy for me," the older being said. "I am never good at expressing myself, my so called feelings to you."

The young being gazed at the older being and sighed. "You never learned anything from Aunt Kathy did you? When she told you to help guide me and be a better parent."

The older being did not like being told what to do by a mere mortal, especially a lonely human who came from a race had once though was a primitive race with limited intellectual growth. But of course the older being was proven wrong.

"Okay, okay, so Janeway did give me some good advice about being a better parent," the older being grumbled. "Hold it against your father, a race of the powerful Q why don't you." He then tried to think of something to cheer up his son. "Why don't the two of us go on a little trip somewhere, anywhere in the universe at any point in time."

The young being looked at the older being, interested at the proposal that was brought to him. "Okay, sounds interesting." The being tried to think of somewhere they could go to. "How about we visit the Threspians on Threspia-Five, convince them their gods are all lies and you are their one true god?"

The older being merely brushed that idea away. "Can't. We tried that and the continuum forbid us to do something like that again. Besides, they ended up killing each other in a span of fifty of their years because they did not know who to follow anymore. And I had to revert everything back as it was before we interfered. I rather not have another massacre like that again."

The young being tried to think of something else again. "We could always go back to Earth's past and see Nixon and the Watergate incident."

The older being was tempted in seeing that part of Earth's past again. After all, there was a certain captivating flair that era had that wasn't present with the era in the later half of the twenty-fourth century. "Tempted, but been there, done that."

The young being thought of some place else. "Okay, why don't we do an alternate reality. Those are always fun. How about mid twenty-third century with…"

Before the young being could finish his sentence, the older being cut him off. "I'm not going back and seeing some rebellious upstart quickly climb through the ranks of Starfleet and become captain before he went through puberty and then blow everything just because of some Romulan who came from the twenty-fourth century crying like a baby because his precious home planet was destroyed and wanting revenge from that insipid Vulcan ambassador Spock." The older being began to speak again. "That alternate reality is such a bore anyway. The Borg will show up years later from the Delta Quadrant after they detected a temporal disturbance and assimilate everybody. Why go there when you can have the real James Kirk with his adventurous on the original Enterprise?"

The young being tried to conjure up a place where he and his father might go for some fun and excitement.

"I know," the older being replied, "there is one place I've been to a few times but haven't gone back in a while, give or take a millennia or two."

The young being looked at the elder being. "What place is that?"

"A place in another galaxy, alternate of course, a place far, far away."

The young being knew what the elder being was talking about, although he had never been there. "You want to go there? I've never been there before, just heard stories about it."

"Well, you're in luck then," the older being responded. "We can go to the time where there was a rebellion of sorts, between good verses evil, as it always seems to be." The older being liked idea he had. "We can even interact with them."

The younger one looked at him. "I thought you said the Q continuum forbid us to interfere with the inhabitants of other cultures?"

If the older being had a mouth, he would be smiling. "Not to worry, the continuum doesn't even care about that place. As far as they're concerned, it's a rather dullard place with little importance. I so happen to agree with their wisdom. Besides, we can also amuse ourselves by bringing some of them to another galaxy and see how they handle a little romp, a little different interaction with species they've never encountered before."

The young being actually liked the sound of that.

"It can be our own little game. What do you say?"

"Sounds like a little diversion that could be quite entertaining. Let's go," the younger being replied. And with that, the two beings disappeared in a beam of light.