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You love me! You really, really love me!

Han Solo was at the controls of the Falcon. He and the rest of the crew were not being pursuit by the Borg. Solo sat back and shook his head while it rested in the back of the chair. He had lost Leai of all people. She was special to him, real special. The first time the two had met, the relationship got off to a rocky start. Han was being a butt as usual and Leai seemed icy and cold. Han knew he was being thick headed to Leai, even if she was a princess, and he knew that somehow deep down inside he hated himself by giving her the cold shoulder. Luke on the other hand the first time he met the princess was warm and energetic, eager that he was meeting a real princess, one from royalty. Luke may have been young and innocent, wet behind the ears, but he was most pleasant, nice, and understanding, something Han wasn't the first time he met Leai.

Han shook his head some more. It wasn't until the Empire was getting the upper hand that Han began to lose the cold exterior he had always displayed and was actually being nice to Leai for a change. Leai even noticed it and even told him that when he wasn't being such a jackass, he actually was a decent person, someone that Leai was beginning to like and trust even more than before.

It wasn't until running away from the Empire and escaping to the Cloud City where Han and Leai started to get serious. Then the big problem came, Vader. Lando made a deal with Vader who used Han, Leia, and the others as bait to get to Luke, but Han never knew why. Han was sealed away in storage and taken away by Bobo Fett to Jabba the Hutt to repay the debt he owed the gangster. Before he was put into storage, Leai said the words that Han knew he was thinking of, I love you. As usual, Han's comeback remark was cool and stylish, I know. Now Han may never see his beloved Leia again.

The Falcon and the Tydirium moved into a nearby nebula. The Nebula itself could mask both ships from the Borg and whoever else might be out looking for a fight since both ships were beating pretty badly thanks to the Borg ship.

Han looked at Chewbacca. "We're going to remain here so we can begin repairs." Han glanced at Luke who was being cared for C-3PO and R2D2. "How's Luke holding up back there?"

"Sir, I've been scanning him and it seems like Master Luke is alive but unconscious at the moment," 3PO said. "But, he should reawake soon, hopefully."

Han hit the communications channel. "Solo to Tydirium, respond."

Vader's voice came through the channel. "I'm here General."

"We got a situation over here," Solo started to fill in on what happened. "Several beings that I guess were the Borg captured Princess Leia and knocked Luke out. Are you and the Emperor alright over there?"

"The Emperor is missing as well, General. I am sorry about the princess," Vader responded.

Sorry about the princess, Han thought. Perhaps being out here is giving Vader a conscience after all. "I'm sorry to hear that Lord Vader. We're going to remain here for the meantime and began repairs to the ships."

"Agreed," Vader's voice was coming through the channel.

Borg ship

Leai was being escorted by several Borg drones. Two were male and one that Leia could tale was a female, if those things did have sexes. She was being forced to walk in the direction the Borg wanted her to go. She was scared, frightened, and wanted to go home. If she ever thought that facing the Empire was horrible experience, being here was now worse.

"Where are we going?" Leai asked, but no one responded. She hated that they didn't respond. Maybe they couldn't talk.

As they were walking, Leai saw several Borg drones inside some sort of chamber, just standing there and not moving. All the chambers were the same. Above the drones there were in the chambers were some sort of circular device that was green. Leai wondered what those things the Borg were in and what they were doing. Maybe they were sleeping and considered those things beds. Leai also took note that she saw different species in the chambers as well the various Borg who were walking around, and those that were right next to consoles. She saw several Borg with different forwards, several with weird looking noises, one that had pointed ears, and even Borg that some sort of dividing line running up and down the being's head. This was frightening and strange at the same time.

Leai finally moved to an opened area. She looked down and saw and endless area what seemed to have no end. She saw some Borg in the distance walking as she was right next to some railing where it was put in place in keeping the Borg from falling below.

Leai looked at the drones. "Why am I here?"

Suddenly she saw several more drones escorting someone to her. It was the Emperor. My god, they got him too, she thought. The Emperor, a warlord who wanted to destroy the rebellion once and for all, seemed like a cruel dictator. Was he a dictator? Leai thought. She didn't know anymore. Right now all she knew was that he was here with her and they were both prisoners of the Borg. However, though she regarded Sidious as the enemy, right now he wasn't. Right now he was the only thing she had close to normal in this ship she was being held captive in. He was the only thing she had that possibly could get her out of here if the option presented itself to them. However, Leai knew that it was unlikely she or the Emperor would get out.

Sidious stopped and was right next to Leia. He looked at her and sensed the fear she had, fear that if they were in better circumstances, could be harnessed and could be used to have Leai join the dark side of the force. Sidious felt Leai was a strong person, and knew the other two people who were that strong were Vader and Luke. Could she be a Skywalker? However, now was not the time. Now he needed Leai. No more can he call her an enemy of his, not now in front of his surroundings.

"My princess, are you alright?" Sidious asked. This was the only time he knew he would actually be fair to a leader of the rebellion.

Leai shook her head. "No, I have no idea why we are here, and I for one want to return to our own galaxy."

Sidious nodded. "I am in full agreement with you, my child. We must be strong right now."

"Brave words," a voice said. The voice was illuminating from around the Borg ship. Leai and Sidious did not know who this voice was or where it was coming from. The voice frightened Leai even more.

"Who are you? Where are you?" Leai asked as she looked around.

The voice continued. "We are everywhere. We encountered species both scientific and fierce who provided resistance to us, but now, they're all Borg."

"We have powerful friends who will stop at nothing to reassure our safety," Sidious was making a statement, one which was true. The friends in question were Vader, Solo and company.

"Your primitive culture has a knack for stating the obvious, barbaric statements we've come to known. They all utilize the same over confidence in which was displayed on the various encounters we've met. But now, no more. Their voices, their thoughts, their lives are now ours. They are now one with the collective. They're all Borg," the voice continued. "You are species five-six-one-eight, but then again you seem not. We've scanned your vessels and our database has never encountered your ships before. You are a question mark to us, yet your species is identifiable to the collective."

Leai and Sidious looked at each other. They did not like where this conversation was going with the mysterious voice that was coming from around the Borg ship.

"Who are you? Show yourself?" Sidious demanded in a rather pleasant tone.

Suddenly a green light appeared above Sidious and Leia. The green light shined brightly as something that was attached to wires was coming down. Suddenly a green energy beam materialized several feet from Leai and Sidious and some sort of body was standing in front of them. The body consisted of two arms, two hands, fingers, legs, and feet, but not a neck or head.

As the wires continued to move down with the object in question, both Sidious and Leai recognized the object in question was the head, neck, and upper body. There was also some sort of mechanical tube or wire that was moving back and forth that was attached to the top part of the body where the shoulders were.

"My god," are the two words Leai mustered up with.

The wires moved the head down to the body. As the head and the top part of the being moved to connect with the body that had materialized, several mechanical devices attached from the body attached themselves with the being's upper body, neck and head. As if the two things were a plug and a socket, they were now linked as one.

The being smiled at Leia and Sidious as she walked around, looking at the two.

"Who are you?" Leai wondered with both fear and fascination.

"I am the Borg," the being said.

"Funny, you don't look like the rest of them," Leai responded.

"That's because I am unique," the being said. "I am the Borg Queen."

"The queen?" Sidious was curious. "Sounds like some sort of insect hive."

The Borg Queen looked at Sidious with fascination. "We are much more than that. We've assimilated thousands of species from thousands of worlds. We have learned about the different species we've encountered and have brought order from chaos into their lives. They are no longer flawed, weak, and organic. They are now one with the Borg. We have brought all species we've encountered closer to perfection, we we're still in the process of achieving that perfection."

Bringing order from chaos? Bringing people to perfection by assimilating different species and making them become Borg? Leai couldn't believe what she was hearing. This all sounded similar to what Sidious and the rest of the Empire was trying to do. However, unlike the Empire, these Borg seemed much more of a threat than the Empire could ever be.

The queen began to speak again. "And I want to bring you two closer to perfection. I am very curious as to where you two come from as well as the two ships we have tracked that have gone into a nearby nebula. I doubt you're from the planet known as Earth."

And with that, the Borg Queen's assimilation tubes came out of her right hand and into Leai's neck, followed by Sidious's neck. Both gawked as the tubes exited from their skin. They could feel they were being changed in some way. They could hear billions of other voices now instead of their own. Their own thoughts of who they are, their friends, allies, enemies, and what all they have accomplished in their lifetime were now being slipped away.

The Borg Queen looked at the two as their skin began to turn gray and mechanical objects and wires began to come out of their skin. She smiled in delight of the information these two new drones were providing her and the rest of the collective. We've got work to do, the Borg Queen communicated to the rest of the Borg on the ship. Proceed to the vessels designated Millennium Falcon and Tydirium and prepare for assimilation.