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"Let us see her," Marsha said sadly. Her 16-year-old daughter just had a little girl. According to the doctor the baby died.

"Oh you don't want to see her," the doctor flushed.

"Of course we do," Dwight said, "this is our grandchild"

"But she's dead," the doctor pointed out.

And I'm Queen Victoria, Marsha thought to herself.

"No she's not," she said aloud, "If she were you wouldn't be hesitating to let us see her. You are obviously trying to hide something. I will tell you one more time to let us see our grand-daughter."

"Mrs. Ellison you shouldn't be so rude," the doctor said annoyed

"SHE'S being rude," Dwight asked with a raised eyebrow, "That's not how I see it"

"She doesn't understand-"

"Well that makes two of us," Dwight replied, "Because I don't understand either"


"Let me explain to you how this is going to go. You bring us our grand-daughter and we won't turn this into a waking nightmare for you. Do I make myself clear?"

"Look," the doctor said trying a different tactic, "You don't want to be bogged down by a baby-"

"I thought you just said she was dead," Marsha challenged.

The doctor stammered.

"I'll go get your grand-baby," he said quietly.

"I thought so," Marsha said.

The doctor slinked off in shame.

Two years later Trudy went to BERKLY… and she brought Molly with her.

((After Trudy's First Date With Adrian))

"I love you," he told her

"Well then we're both in trouble," she teased, "I love you too. But Adrian, there's something I need to tell you. I have a daughter. She's 2-years-old and her name is Molly"

Adrian looked up.

"I would love to meet her," he said, "I love her already"

"You do?"

"Of course I do," he told her, "She's a part of you"