Chapter 1:
Maybe You Should…

Normal POV

"Hey Ed?" Winry glanced up while she was repairing Edward's arm, which had broken from its abuse in battle.

"Hmm?" Edward glanced at the mechanic as he sipped tea on her couch.

"Have you taken a vacation from finding the Philosopher's Stone?" Winry asked out of the blue.

Edward raised an eyebrow in confusion. Usually when he got his arm repaired, Winry and her grandma would ask him how he and Al were doing, if anything worth mentioning happened (like how he broke his arm), or as him how life was in general. The room was completely silent except for the sound of Winry's hand working on Edward's steel arm. Edward thought for a couple moments before he answered.

"Well, no. Why?" He wondered.

"You and Al have been working so hard to find the stone and you're getting yourself beat up at least three times a week. Maybe you should take a little vacation and relax," Winry suggested. She saw a strange look in Edward's golden eyes, and prepared for another angry lecture about how he wanted to get his brother's body back and everything else.

"Winry, how can we take a vacation when we're in the middle of trying to find something that pretty much every Alchemist wants?' Edward began as he stood up. "I want to get Al's body and my body back as soon as possible, so we can go back living a normal life. We're-"

"Winry's got a point, Ed," Al walked in through the back door with Den trotting in behind him. "You've been getting beat up all the time and stressing yourself out with research everytime we find a library. A little vacation wouldn't hurt," He explained.

"But don't you want to get your body back as soon as possible?" Edward asked his brother.

"I do, but I'm just saying Winry has a point," Al raised his huge, steel hands defensively.

Edward thought to himself again. Winry struggled to read the expression on her childhood friend's face, but it changed at least every five seconds. Winry wanted a vacation herself too, after all she was a teenage girl and a trip to the beach every now and then wouldn't hurt. Plus, there was a small village near the beach that they could hang out at for a week. Winry prayed inside her head that Al's words would mean something to him, only because he was his younger brother.

"Maybe you're right, we've been through a lot lately, not to mention my arm broke AGAIN, maybe it wouldn't hurt," Edward thought out loud, putting ephisis on again.

Winry almost squealed with delight. A vacation with just her, Edward, and Al! It would be just like old times when they were little kids. Just thinking of it made her feel jumpy. Despite her disdain of all things girly, she did enjoy going to the beach. Winry didn't notice she was bouncing on her tiptoes until Edward was staring at her as if she were doing the funky chicken the middle of a haunted house. Winry collected herself as Edward cleared his throat and Al faked a cough.

"But before we do anything, let's get this back on," Winry decided, picking up Edward's newly repaired arm.

The next morning, Winry was sitting on her front porch while she scratched Den behind the ears, just the way he liked it. Her suitcase sat beside her, filled with clothes, a few swimsuits, sunscreen and other beach essentials, and a pair of sunglasses. She was dressed in her normal white tank top and skirt with sandals, which was perfect for a cute outfit for a walk on the beach, with Edward hopefully. Edward and Al walked out, Edward wearing his normal clothes and a suitcase in hand.

Winry frowned. "Ed, we're going to a beach and you're wearing a coat? Don't come crying to me when you get heatstroke," She muttered.

"What's wrong with this?" Edward pointed to his red jacket. "I like it,"

"You're gonna overheat," Winry replied.

"Fine, I'll take it off if it makes you happy…mom," Edward grumbled as he took off the coat and tied it around his waist. Winry stuck her tongue out at him, as did Edward.

Oh, brother… Al thought as Pinako walked outside. Den jumped up and sat beside the old woman.

"Well, have fun Winry. And don't you worry, I've got everything under control here!" She waved good-bye as the three began walking towards the train station.

"Bye, Granny!" Winry waved back. "Oh, and something burning," She added, noticing the flowingo ut of the open window in the kitchen.

With that, Pinako ran inside with Den trailing behind her. Winry snikered to herself as she and her old childhood friends continued to walk to the station. The sun was lazily climbing over the horizen, casting a bright light over everything. Winry smiled to herself as she though of the many things she could do during her vacation. Edward had grown as excited as Winry overnight, and looked forward to relaxing in the sun. Maybe he could get a tan or even get Winry some cool seashells. Did Winry even like seashells? Who knows.

Author: YAY! My first Fullmetal Alchemist fanfiction! I swear that series is additive! I'll continue this, but now I gotta go read more FMA. Hope you like it! *grabs manga and burries her nose in it for hours on end*