Dear readers,

I'm sorry to say this but I'm possibly leaving , if not permanently then I'll be on hiatus for a while. I haven't had any interest in writing any of my stories for quite sometime now, and I've also moved on to writing original stuff.I can hardly look at Guardian Angel anymore without thinking how out of character I've made some of the characters act.

When I first joined fanfiction, I wanted to improve my writing; and I did. Writing fanfiction gave me a base to develop off of, so I could create my own style while trying to keep the cannon characters in character, which obviously failed sometimes. If you look back to the first story I published here, Ansem's Revenge, and look at my newest story, Repentance, you'll see a huge growth. That was exactly what I wanted, and I got it thanks to you guys; the readers.

Your reviews gave me the constructive criticism I needed and always brightened my day. Thanks to you guys I can now develop my own story, which I'll post on either deviantart or Live Journal, if I get one. Either way I'll keep you guys posted.

I'll keep all of my stories up, because I've seen how happy it made some of you and it would be sad to take them down. But I will finish up, Guardian Angel II and Do you Remember? because I'm almost done with them anyway. Sorry to leave you hanging on my stories like this, but I don't have the motivation to write fanfiction anymore. If you guys would like to continue my stories, in your own words, just send me a message and it'll go straight to my e-mail.

Sorry to say, but I most likely looks like I'm leaving. I might come back, but if I don't, thanks for everything guys.