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Third person point of view

"Come on Jake hurry up" said Renesme, she was very impatient, more so when it came to Jake. Nessie really needed to hunt and Jake had insisted on coming with her, he still didn't like her going alone even after five years. ''I'm coming I'm coming" Jake called "chill out" "Well hurry up then it's like an inferno in my throat". Nessie growled at him, tapping her foot impatiently. Jake was standing behind a very wide oak tree taking his clothes off so he could phase faster. Then suddenly the very large russet colored wolf jumped out from behind the tree tackling Renesme to the ground. "Real smooth klutz" she teased him while still pinned to the ground, by Jakes' oversized paws. Suddenly she felt something hot and wet against her face. "That's gross Jake" She said playfully as he barked a wolfishly evil laugh. Come on I'm still thirsty she complained loudly. Suddenly she picked up the scent of a herd of deer approaching." Are you ready?" She called to Jake, as they rose from the ground, and with a nod of his head they both shot off. Now usually the smell of deer wouldn't be as appealing as it was today she would normally hold out for something meat-eating, like a bear. But she hadn't been hunting in almost three weeks, and was at risk of attacking Charlie. Then they spotted the largest buck in the herd it was a four pointer, then as if he could read her mind Jake pounced on the large buck while signaling her to take down the next largest doe. After they drained there kill they raced towards the river to clean up, just as they were about to jump in Jacob saw something small floating in the water. "Ness no"! Jake shouted to stop her from executing a graceful swan dive into the water while retrieving the small wet object out of the rapidly churning waters. "What is it" Renesme asked curiously taking the soggy object gently in her hands." I'm not sure but it looks like a journal of some kind." "Look at the spine" Renesme instructed, gesturing toward the worn book. "What about it he asked "don't you see the letters". She asked him."So what about them? He asked puzzled. But she had moved on to examining the letters" E, A, P, E, C" she read aloud."I think I know these from somewhere" Renesme said. "I think this belongs to my nana" she said urgently."What are you talking about? Jacob asked. "Do you mean the journal? "Yeah" Renesme said as a note of finality. "I think we should read it" she said suddenly excited. "No" Jacob said. "Why" Renesme asked shocked. "Don't you want to know want to know what makes Esme tick"? "No" Jacob lied.