Edward's Point of view

Why after all these years would Carlisle and Esme keep something like this from me?

After I tucked my daughter into bed, I bolted up the stairs to Carlisle's office. Only when I reached the heavy wooden door did I realize I was still tightly clutching the pages from Renesmee's book. Carlisle and the others had gone to hunt, I had planned on waiting for him in his office but as I turned the doorknob to go inside I realized I could still read his mind.

"Edward we need to talk, please let me explain."

That is when I let myself in.

"Fine Carlisle, talk" I said tersely.

"Edward, calm down and let me explain"

"Explain then, tell me why my entire existence has been a lie!" I shouted at as I slapped

The book pages on the desk.

Then the next thing I knew, I was holding my father by his lapels.

"Edward, unhand me now." Carlisle hissed at me.

Then I found myself being shoved into a nearby chair.

A few seconds passed, somehow I had managed to calm myself enough to speak.

"Why, Carlisle? Why did you and Esme lie to me, why didn't you want me?" I asked in a

Quivering voice.

"Edward, of course we wanted you how could you ever doubt that?"

I wasn't sure how to answer that, so I ignored him and kept talking.

"I suppose I could understand if you didn't want to raise another man's child, but… why Esme?, Why did she give me up?"

"Son, you really don't understand, Esme went through great lengths to keep you alive! She

went through pure hell!, And I did stick around for you, I loved you even then. We raised

you for seventeen years, Edward so why would you question how much we loved and wanted you."

"Carlisle, what are you talking about, you didn't raise me I was raised by Elizabeth Mason."

"No son.. You were not, when you were changed you couldn't remember anything, you kept shouting for a woman named Elizabeth Mason, she was your mother's friend you two were very close, she was all you could remember about your human life. It nearly killed Esme when you couldn't remember her."

I sat stone still in my chair. My mind was whirling with questions but only one passed my lips. "What do I say to Esme?"

"Edward, I'll talk to her about this later don't worry."

As I turned to leave Carlisle stopped me.

"Take these, read them it might help you understand."

He then handed me the torn pages from atop the desk.

Later that night I sat in my old bedroom shrouded in darkness. The only sound I heard was Renesmee's gentle snores. I sat there holding the crumpled pages I don't know how long I sat there before I started to read.

Carlisle's point of view

Why would Esme protect the man who rapped her? Why wouldn't she want him to feel the pain he had inflicted on her. There had to be an underline reason for all of this. Not an hour ago she told me that her child was conceived the night Charles raped her, however the timing didn't make sense. She'd said she kept the rape a secret for six months there was no way this could be true, she was only about four months along. So why would Esme lie to me? I was determined to get an honest answer to this question, and many more. Esme would have revenge weather she wanted it or not.

"Esme, why did you lie to me?" I asked quietly.

Esme point of view

How could he even insinuate that I would lie to him? I've told him everything and he still

Thinks that I would lie. I'll admit my story is almost too sad and pathetic too believe but all I said was true, why couldn't he just believe me?

"I want the truth Esme," Carlisle said quietly.

"You want the truth about what! You already know everything!" I screamed at him as I

Turned around and started toward the exit. Then I felt Carlisle's stone cold hand wrap around my wrist.

"If I were you my dear, I'd choose my battles wisely, Charles is up in your room Stay with me, or…" Carlisle's words trailed off , I knew the alternative

I didn't know if Carlisle was telling me the truth or not, but I wasn't about to take the chance. "What more do you want to know" I asked curtly.

"Don't you play games with me, I know you've lied to me there's no way you got pregnant that night with Charles!

You told me that you kept that night a secret for six months. Why didn't you refuse him Esme , why did you lie to me Don't I deserve the

Truth?" Carlisle shouted.

"I've never lied to you, I told you I kept the secret for six weeks! That's what I said if you weren't so hell bent on getting revenge for me you would know that! Moreover, I didn't get

Pregnant that night Charles raped and beat me! No, I got pregnant the night after! Was this worth refusing him?" I screamed as I wretched the laces on the side of my dress apart to reveal a very large purplish bruise on my left side.

"Hell no! It wasn't." I answered.

Carlisle's point of view

She was right, she hadn't lied I was the one who'd misunderstood. Look at what I'd done to her in just a few short moments. I turned her stark raving mad!

"Es, I'm sorry you were right, you didn't lie." I said as I pulled her hands away from her disheveled garments. Suddenly she pulled herself away from me and high tailed it into the bathroom and slammed the door.

Now, granted, I thought Esme was just being childish at first. However after a few tense minutes I grew concerned. "Esme, I really am, sorry please just come out of there and talk to me" I called through the crack in the door. I waited for a few minutes, then I just grew tired of waiting on her to come out. "Esme, I'm coming in there."

A few seconds later, the locks clicked. I wasn't entirely sure if she was letting me in or keeping me out but when I turned the handle it moved effortlessly beneath my hand. Although I probably used a little too much force, because the door fell right off it's hinges. I stood in the doorway after a few awkward minutes, I watched her as she knelt in front of the toilet and

Became violently sick. I crossed the room and gathered her soft caramel curls in my hands. I didn't care if she was still upset with me, although I really hoped she wasn't because honestly, I had no idea how to react.

I didn't want to risk losing my temper again. It seemed like everything I did somehow, some way, reminded her of that terrible man, I vowed right then that I would never say his name, I would try to help Esme forget about everything that sorry excuse for a man, had put her through. The two of us would start a new life together and when the time came for our child to be born I would be there through it all. We would be a proper family then. But,

I knew that as long as Charles was still breathing, Esme and I would never get to start our new lives together. Esme's future with him would ultimately end in her untimely demise.

As I sat on the stone floor of the bathroom behind Esme, holding her hair, my eyes traveled down to the torn strings on her dress, and the patch of blackened skin on her side.

Charles had done this, I knew he had hurt her before but now that I knew how bad it had gotten I couldn't let her be hurt again I wouldn't let this coward ruin our chance at a life together. No matter what. This had to end and I was going to end it!

I could feel a plan forming together in my mind ,like a serpent, twisting and contorting. It would be carried out, but when? When would we finally be free? Soon, very soon.

Esme's point of view

I could feel Carlisle sitting behind me with his hands in my hair. While I was busy with my head hovering over the toilet. I hated him seeing me like that. Though I wasn't sure why. He was always there for me, and I knew he loved me. I hoped after everything that was said tonight, that he still did. I knew no matter what happened between us, I would always love him.

Finally ,after what seemed like an eternity I was able to lift my head. Carlisle was still behind me with his hands in my hair. I hoped that fact accounted for something.

"I'm sorry, I really am." He said.

"I know, I heard you apologizing through the door, I just wasn't able to answer" I said, eying the broken door frame.

"I don't think the baby likes it when we fight." He said, quickly changing the subject.

"Apparently not, I don't think Edward likes Charles either every time he comes within ten feet of me, I start to feel sick. Maybe that's his way of protecting me."

"Let's just try not to put him through that anymore, alright I don't like fighting with you. I don't like seeing you hurt."

"I don't want to fight with you either." I said.

And with that, he kissed my cheek and then, my stomach I knew things were alright between us. We sat there for awhile, simply wrapped in the others embrace. I let my mind wander I thought about what and who, I wanted in my life. I didn't want to marry Charles, but if something didn't change soon, it would be my only option. I wanted to spend the rest of my life entangled in Carlisle's arms. I wanted things to stay like this forever. I felt my eyelids grow heavy and I let them close. Before I could fall into a heavy slumber Carlisle whispered in my ear, "Es, let's go upstairs, you need clothes. Charles is still up there I'll go with you."

Carlisle's point of view

My plan was coming along perfectly, Esme would be completely free by sun rise.

However, I didn't know how I could pull this off without ending in disaster. If something went wrong I would go to prison. I would escape the second they closed the cell doors, but that would entail going on the run and always being afraid of being caught. I could never settle. I could never see Esme again. Of course she and the baby could always come with me, but I knew that's not what the kind of life they would want. I had to plan for their future, I had to make sure that whatever happened my family would be kept safe but I knew if I didn't carry out this plan I would never have a family at all. This was my only chance.

I thought about what I had to do as I lifted Esme off the floor and wrapped my hand around her waist I felt her warm breath blow in my ear as she leaned her head on my shoulder. When we reached the mirror I felt her pulse quicken. Although if she was afraid, she didn't show it in her eyes.

I was ready for a fight. Esme's bruised flesh under my hand made venom drip from my teeth.

I had to free her.

We crossed the threshold hand in hand

Charles was standing right in front of us, apparently he had been looking in the mirror just before we came through. He met my eyes for just a second before turning his cold stare on Esme.

"What are you doing back here, you little whore?" He asked coldly. His comment angered me beyond words. It took every ounce of control I possessed not to take his body beneath my hands and crush it!

"Charles, I think the question is what are you doing here?" I addressed him coldly while taking Esme possessively by the waist. Seeing Charles standing there while he insulted her, made tears well in Esme's eyes I couldn't stop her as she ran into the bathroom

For the second time that night, then a low growl escaped my lips. How could he just stand there and treat her like that? I stood there in front of him, looking for places on his body that would cause him the most pain when I ended his life. I wanted to make him suffer but hearing Esme crying in the bathroom just a few feet away, brought me back down to earth. If only for a few moments, I walked into the bathroom to find her in a heap on the floor. I hated seeing her like this, I knew this wasn't who she really was. Charles had done this, he had hurt her he belittled her and had eventually broken her.

"Esme I need you to listen to me" I said as I held her face in my hands.

"Whatever happens, I need you to go away from here, I have a house in London go there and raise our baby there. I have money hidden everywhere. You and the baby can live a nice comfortable life there."

Esme's point of view

"Carlisle what are you talking about? You're talking nonsense." What did he mean by whatever happens? It was almost like he was saying goodbye, he wasn't leaving was he? When I let his words sink in, I understood exactly what he was saying.

"Carlisle, no! I can't let you do this, you can't do this! Don't throw your life away!" I begged.

Carlisle's point of view

"Esme, I'm not throwing my life away, I won't let you be hurt anymore. How could I live knowing you were doomed to this life with this man while I just let it happen?"

I needed her to see things my way, I needed to make her safe. I could tell she needed time to think so I kissed her cheek and left her alone with her thoughts. As I left the room and closed the door behind me, I heard a sicking sound of steel on stone. I felt

the sword graze my shoulder. Esme's blood chilling scream, rang in my ears. How dare he attack me with Esme around! Before I could react, the door opened and Elizabeth walked in, eying Charles and the sword in his hand, to me and back again. "Where's Esme?" She asked, still eying Charles.

"She's in the bathroom." I answered.

Elizabeth didn't say anything as she walked past me and into the bathroom, she walked out and had Esme by the arm.

"Elizabeth, could you take Esme downstairs, so Charles and I can finish this like men?"

Elizabeth's point of view

I took Esme by the arm and tried to perused her to come downstairs with me, telling her that is what Carlisle wanted after all. I knew he was going to kill Charles and he didn't want Esme to see it.

She pleaded with me not to take her down there. I told her I knew more about Carlisle than she did. As we walked through the mirror, I saw her take a look back at Carlisle , she was silently pleading with him to come back to her. He answered with only a nod of his head.

When we came to the end of the staircase, Esme ambushed me. "What's going on up there, why did Carlisle make you come down here with me?" She all but screamed.

"Esme, listen to me." I said while leading her to the piano bench and sitting next to her. "Carlisle is trying to protect you, nobody was there to do that for him. Do you understand?"

She looked very confused, so I continued.


"You see Esme, I found Carlisle after he had been changed, his father was a clergyman and believed that witches and vampires were evil. His father grew to old to carry out the hunt for such creatures. So he chose his eldest son to be his replacement. While hunting for such beasts, Carlisle was attacked.

Carlisle's point of view

I had Charles pinned against a wall, his throat in my gloved hand. I could feel his pulse beating beneath my hand. His collar bone shattered under my grip, I grinned wickedly as the coward screamed out in pain. I then dropped him and he landed in a wounded heap.

I allowed my predator instinct to take over my body. His bleary eyes met mine as he went to stand. As he stood I felt his fist connect with my face. Our eyes met as I proceeded to stalk in front of him until he was against the wall again. "Do you know why I'm doing this?" I hissed as I pressed hard on the wall of his chest, causing him to gasp for breath. "Esme" he choked out in a ragged breath.

"You took something from her, something that didn't belong to you!" I continued. Softly. When he didn't speak, pressed on, I wanted him to admit to his crimes. "You raped and beat her, didn't you?" I snarled. Again, Charles didn't respond so I kept going. "DIDN'T YOU!" I shouted, unable to contain my rage any longer.

Elizabeth's pint of view

Esme's eyes grew wide and started to tear up, so I kept talking.

"He was left for dead in the streets of London. Carlisle arose and had enough strength to crawl into a neighboring potato patch for three days. After he realized what he had become, he despised himself He knew he couldn't go home, his father would have surly killed him. So he sold himself to a traveling fair as punishment.. He sent what money he earned to his family.

Carlisle has never tasted human blood, he's hunted only animals."

Carlisle's point of view

Charles's breaths grew shorter as my hold on him grew tighter. I waited to hear him admit to his crimes, I wouldn't kill him until he admitted it.

"Yes, I did and it felt so damn good too." Charles whispered slyly.

That did it Everything around me turned red, I covered his mouth and nose with my hand and waited to feel his breath give out before I released him. "Save a place for me in hell!" I whispered before stomping hard on his chest with my foot.

Elizabeth's point of view

I saw Esme's face turn ghostly white as she listened to all that I had said. Then suddenly her body went limp as she passed out and landed on the floor.

Carlisle's point of view

It was done, Charles was dead and Esme was finally free, with all this in mind I pulled a necktie out of the closet and hung Charles inside the closet. Afterwords I forged a simple suicide note stating that I couldn't live anymore knowing what I had done.

Then I headed down the stairs to see Esme. I found her laying on the floor in front of the piano. Elizabeth was kneeling over her. "What happened?" I practically shouted.

"She's exhausted." Elizabeth answered, perfectly calm. I didn't understand how she could be so reasonable. I was no doctor but I knew that pregnant women didn't just pass out for no reason.

"Is she okay?" I asked , hardly able to contain the urgency in my voice.

"She's fine, just let her sleep." Elizabeth said before heading towards the exit.

I knew Esme would feel more comfortable laying on t he bed so I picked her up and carried her there.

Moments later she stirred and I heard here utter my name.

"I'm here honey your free." I answered.

"What happened?" Esme asked, disoriented.

"Esme listen to me, Charles is dead. Your free now."

"What do you mean, he's dead? How would you know that? Carlisle you didn't..."

Esme's eyes grew wide "Esme listen to me, you said he was going to take you away. I had to do something. Esme I would never, ever hurt you or Edward.. You have to believe that."

"Carlisle, I believe you can we just go outside?

Esme then stood up and started toward the exit I grabbed her hand to stop her, I knew of an easier and more fun way to get where we wanted to be. " Come on Esme I know a short cut."

I took her by the hand and led her to the broken window, I saw Esme's eyes widen as I clear the glass fragments away with my bare hand. After all the glass was cleared I jumped out the window.

It was less than a three foot jump. Esme leaned out the window and called my name asking if I was okay.

"Esme just sit on the ledge and wait for me.

I could risk her falling and being hurt, even from the slight distance.

I walked back to where she was waiting for me, her caramel curls were gleaming in the moonlight. As she sat there I noticed the slight but still developing bump between her hips and I knew the whole window scene could only be a one time thing.

I took her waist in my hands and lifted her off the ledge I then kissed her lips before setting her on her feet. I could tell that she was still upset so I started singing.

"No more talk of darkness, forget these wide eyed fears. I'm here nothing can harm you my words will warm and calm you. Let me be your freedom let daylight dry your tears. I'm here with you beside you to guard you and to guide you.

Then Esme's voice joined mine,

"Say you love me every waking moment, turn my head with talk of summertime. ... Say you need me with you now and always... promise me that all you say is true..that's all I ask of you.

"Let me be your shelter, let me be your light your safe, no one will find you, your fears are far behind you.

"All I want is freedom, a world with no more night, and you always beside me to hold me and to hide me.

"Then say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime let me lead you from your solitude. Say you need me with you here beside you anywhere you go let me go too... Esme that's all I ask of you"

"Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime, say the word and I will follow you..."

"Share each day with me, each night, each morning"

"Say you love me"

"You know I do..."

"Love me, that's all I ask of you,anywhere you go let me go too. Love me that's all I ask of you!"