Hey all!

Two things:

1: I got picked up by an Agent! I'm super excited. We will be working on cleaning up my current manuscript and hopefully by October/November get a contract for my two book series. So, I will keep ya'll posted on the status of this.

2: I've been trying to decide on what kind of story I should write for FanFiction. I've been up in the air and thought about maybe to do something attached to The Tudors.

I'm honestly at a loss and don't know if I should do Twilight again, or do something more obscure. I would love to write a story for fun on FanFiction, but need to hear from my fans what you want to read. ;-)

Well, just either "REVIEW" this with what you are looking for (which is easier for me to compile), or email me. Either way, I look forward to writing on FanFiction again.